Sun Transit in Capricorn - The Auspicious Time For Celebration Begins Now

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Sun Transit in Capricorn on 14th January 2022 - The Auspicious Time For Celebration Begins Now

Planet Sun will transit into Capricorn sign on 14th January 2022 and bring with itself a good time. Read what all it has in store for you.

Sun is considered the king of planets and it indicates life, focus, exposure, and vitality. It also represents the government, soul, and father figure in one's chart.

Planet Sun in astrology indicates the goals set by oneself in  life by analyzing the Sun's position in the horoscope. Planet Sun usually stays for one month (30 days approximately) in one sign, and after that, it moves to the next sign, and that day is called Sakrant. When Sun enters into Capricorn sign, a big festival for Hindus called Makar Sankranti is observed. It is known by different names throughout the country like,Sankranti, Khichdi, Pongal, Bihu etc.

Sun will change its sign on 14th Jan 2022, at 14.30 as per IST (Indian Standard Time), in Capricorn sign, a sign ruled by planet Saturn. During this time, our focus will be on being more practical and we will all show workaholic tendencies, as Capricorn is the sign of restrictions, lacks emotions, and binds the person with responsibilities. 

In this month of Pausha (as per Hindu calendar), the Sun goes through Uttarayan, which is the northward movement of the Sun. It enters into the Capricorn sign which has a special relevance for Hindus, and has a great significance in astrology.

Many rituals are associated with this transit, like Ganga Snaan(bath), daan, Punya, and offering help to needy ones. Certain cuisines are made today, like khichdi in north India, Gur, til gajak, til chikki, tamarind puliyogare, sabudana vada, and others. In the southern parts of India, famous Pongal or Huggi, like veg Pongal and sweet Pongal and much more are made.

People fly kites on the day of this transit in the north regions of India, like Punjab and the west part of India, which is Gujarat and Rajasthan.

All the above points tell us the importance of this transit and our beliefs and rituals performed during this time. 

Now let us see the astrological impact of Sun transit on the 12 signs. 

Planet Saturn is already transiting into the Capricorn sign. It will conjunct the Sun when it reaches near Saturn by a +/- 6-degree gap, and this would be the situation when we all will feel more dominated by external circumstances and experience a  restrictive lifestyle.

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The Sun will be transiting here until 12th Feb 2022, and you may need to adopt rational thinking. Ensure to avoid any clashes, and mainly avoid breaking any rules related to the government.

How Sun will affect other signs, let us see-

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on ARIES

Planet Sun will transit in your 10th house. You may be over-focused in your professional life, and somehow your work life will take priority during these times. Sun will make a square aspect here with your natal Moon, as per astrology, which means you may face more challenges in your personal life. (Read Aries Horoscope 2022)

Remedy- Serve fried food to employees on Saturdays. It will be good for your profession.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on TAURUS

Planet Sun will transit in your 9th house. This is a good time for starting or learning new things. You may also go on a journey you have been planning for a long time. Sun is making a trine with your natal Moon, which means time is favorable for starting anything new and will benefit you.(Read Taurus horoscope 2022

Remedy –Donate books to poor children along with stationery items.

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Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on GEMINI

Sun will transit in your 8th house. There are high chances of losing a considerable sum of money in the share market. So avoid investing a huge amount right now. Planet Sun is making an in-conjunction aspect with the natal Moon, hence, there would be an imbalance in your financial situation, and you have to adjust even for meeting your essential needs. (Read Gemini Horoscope 2022)

Remedy- In a copper vessel, mix red Chandan and offer it to the Sun.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on CANCER

Sun will transit in your 7th house. You may face conflicts with your partner as the natal Moon will have an opposition aspect with the Sun. During this transit, you might struggle to understand the needs of each other and will find it tough to understand the views of your partner. (Read Cancer horoscope 2022)

Remedy- Donate sweets to the poor. You can also donate winter clothes to the needy.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on LEO

Sun will transit in your 6th house. During this period, you might face pressure in your working area, and you may also experience an outburst of emotions due to the politics in your professional life. Sun is making an inconjunct aspect with your natal Moon; you must therefore, take care of your health during this period. (Read Leo horoscope 2022

Remedy – Offer Bajra mixed with Kaali urad dal to the birds.

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Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on VIRGO

Sun will transit in your 5th house. You may desire love and a relationship at this time. You will also want to spare time for your hobbies. Sun here will make a trine aspect with your natal Moon. You may feel good, comfortable, and happy after a long period.(Read Virgo horoscope 2022 )

Remedy- You must have Gudd (jaggery) in the morning before starting your day.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on LIBRA

Sun will transit in your 4th house. You may have clashes at home for not giving proper attention to your family. Personal life would be a challenge in this period. Sun will make a square aspect, and you must be cautious of the opposite sex in this period. (Read Libra horoscope 2022)

Remedy- Add black sesame with honey into unboiled milk with water and offer it to the Shivling.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on SCORPIO

Sun will transit in your 3rd house. You may desire a commanding voice, and you may also get a position that requires leadership qualities. Sun will be sextile to the natal Moon, and your ideas or planning strategies can be adopted in your working area. (Read Scorpio horoscope 2022)

Remedy -Feed urad dal with green sarso to the cows.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on SAGITTARIUS

Sun will transit in your 2nd house. You will desire an additional income source for your unexpected expenses during this period. Unfortunately, the Sun will have an inconjunct aspect with the natal Moon and thus you should avoid giving money to anyone. (Read Sagittarius horoscope 2022)

Remedy- Donate white sesame (safed til) chikki in a temple and children.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on CAPRICORN

Sun will transit in your 1st house. It will give you a decisive view of your profession, and you will want to explore yourself and your desires at this time. Sun is making conjunction with your natal Moon, and this is when you will be more rigid by nature. Read Capricorn horoscope 2022 

Remedy- Donate urad dal khichdi to older people.

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Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on AQUARIUS

Sun will transit in your 12th house. This transit will make you bound to situations. Your visa-related proceedings may be stopped, and it might delay your journey abroad if you are working on this professionally. Sun is making conjunction with your natal Moon. This aspect makes you stressed and gives you sleepless nights.Read Aquarius horoscope 2022  

Remedy- Donate a blanket (not black) to the needy.

Impact of Sun Transit in Capricorn 2021 on PISCES 

Sun will transit in your 11th house. You may enjoy leisure time with a group of friends, but some will judge you, which will make you upset. As Sun makes a sextile to your natal Moon, you can be hit by an idea for your professional life. (Read Pisces horoscope 2022)

Remedy- Donate some kali til (black sesame) into the temple with some kali urad.


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