Sun in Capricorn on 15th January 2020- It's astrological impact on your Destiny

The presence of Sun in Capricorn from 15th January 2020 will make you see growth in various spheres of your life and especially in your personal life. It makes you set high goals for yourself. As a person, you may be persistent and patient but remember your common sense governs all your decisions. Some of you might not be spontaneous and tend to take life rather seriously. After this transit, once you achieve success you never look back. Indeed, a good time to raise your social status! 

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Let's have a look at how this planetary transit will impact each Zodiac sign:



During this sun transit, your leadership skills will help you handle tough situations at work much better. Teamwork will help you complete your projects on time.



For you, this is a good month in terms of the loan. You will find all obstacles disappearing and find numerous potential buyers if you are planning to sell a property.



This will be a month full of motivation and introspection, as you consider your priorities once again. Love keeps all your senses occupied as you are likely to be blinded by the charm of your partner.



This month might keep you engrossed negotiating about your career prospects. Planning will help you achieve your goals.



The influence of Saturn makes you hardworking, determined and ambitious. You are quite impressive at work and your seniors will surely take notice.



This month, there are chances that you will be considered for that much-awaited promotion. You will feel quite lucky about the opportunities that you get.



This month, foreign transactions and major government contracts will bring you good monetary gains.



A better lifestyle will be on top of your mind this month. Exercise and increased outdoor activities are indicated to increase your fitness levels.



The placement of Sun in Capricorn will bring your way many opportunities to meet that someone special.



This month avoid mismanaging your finances at all costs. You need to take some steps to ensure better management of your finances.



Travelling is on the cards for some of you who live away from your family. A reunion will surely lift your spirits and make the month ahead enjoyable.



Your zest for life this month would enable you to enjoy a carefree life. During this time you will make progress at work through sheer determination and team member support.




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