Stock Market Predictions for March 2022 by Astro Shree

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Stock Market Predictions for March 2022 by Astro Shree

The Stock Market astrology predictions are widely based on planetary positions and movements. They give us valuable and detailed insight into the world of stocks and shares. Check out the stock market predictions for March 2022 and find out what you can expect from this month. 

Most people are familiar with stocks and shares in the modern world. If you want to invest in the Stock Market, the first thing that you should do is get to know a little about the Stock Market. 

Stock or equity is a security that represents the ownership of a portion of a company or corporation. The enterprises issue stock to raise capital and are bought by investors to acquire a fraction of the company. Trading of the stocks is done in the Stock Market, which is listed on the Stock Exchange. A company has to go through many procedures to be listed in the Stock Market. This is done to ensure no fraud is committed and the precious money of the investor or trader is safeguarded.

Often, the Stock Market is seen as a shortcut to lucrative money-making prospects. Although in the Share Market, an investor or trader must be cautious as there are not only excellent and sudden financial gains but also chances of sudden losses. So, you must be a learned investor, i.e., you must have some knowledge of the stocks and Stock Market. You should be able to analyze a company's vision and mission. Moreover, you should also check the company's name and get to know a little about the organization to get some perspective. This will safeguard you from fraud. If you are planning to invest in the stock market, but are afraid, then worry not! This is quite normal. Most people are fearful of investing in stock markets, as they are worried that they will lose money. This is where stock market predictions, BSE predictions, Nifty predictions, share market predictions, etc., can offer massive help. 

How Can Astrology Help with the Stock Market?

Astrology is a divination tool that uses the positions and movements of planets to predict or forecast the events in our lives. Planets can impact every aspect of our lives and everything present around us. This is why astrology can predict or foretell the Share Market trends. Astrological elements are one of the primary factors that directly impact the happenings and the occurrences in the Stock Market. The Sun and Moon are the main planets that directly influence the Stock Market, but other astrological elements can also influence the Share Market. 

But, one of the critical questions is why only some investors make money when returns are available to all? The answer to this pertinent question is that it could be due to the different birth charts of the various individuals. Fortunate people with favorable planetary transits and good Dashas in their birth charts will acquire gains, whereas those with unfortunate Dashas are more susceptible to incur losses. Therefore, it is best recommended that you must get your charts checked and analyzed by an expert astrologer before investing in the market. 

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Stock Market Predictions for March 2022: Find Out Here!

In this article, some secretive sutras of astrology have been used to predict the Share Market. These share market predictions are purely based on the astrological factors and positions of the planets transiting in March 2022.

March 2022 is expected to have a downward trend. Sensex is likely to go below the expectations of the investors, so there are chances of losses for the people who are investing. The planetary positions required for the Sensex to have a Bullish trend are not there in March 2022. However, a little balance can still be seen at the end of the month, and things during that time will finally move away from a downward trend. Let's get to know more about this. 

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Stock Market Predictions for March 2022 for Different Zodiac Signs

Below are the stock market astrology predictions for March 2022. To make the stock market forecasts or predictions more easily understandable, they are divided into three parts. The first part is for the initial ten days. Then, the middle part forecasts the ten days in the middle, and the last portion is for the remaining eleven days. This will make the predictions more coherent. 

Stock Market Predictions for Aries Natives 

The planetary position is average for you this month. The first ten days are good for you if you make calculated decisions. Do enquire about the stocks and do the fundamental analysis before trading. This duration is good for you. The middle duration of this month is also expected to be good for you. Although, in this duration, it is advisable to hold on to the stocks you have with you. The last part of the month is for designing a new portfolio or adding something to your existing portfolio, which is expected to reward you in the future. However, stay away from speculation and bad stocks. (Aries Horoscope Today)

Remedy - Make sure to donate medicines on Saturday. 

Stock Market Predictions for Taurus Natives 

This month is expected to be good for you in terms of the Stock Market if trading is done after taking thorough precautions. The first part of March is not for you, so stay away from the Stock Market and don't get embroiled in buying or selling. The middle of March is good for you if decisions are taken correctly at the right time. This is expected to be a positive time for you. The last part will also be good for you. Just think and take the blessings of an investment Guru or some guide who has excellent knowledge about the stock market. This duration will be good for you; just remember to be wise and cautious. You can make good returns if you act wisely during this time. (Taurus Horoscope Today)

Remedy - Listen or read the complete Vishnu Sahasranamam daily.

Stock Market Predictions for Gemini Natives 

This month is going to be very average for you in terms of the Stock Market. The initial portion of March seems to be average for you. You have been waiting for a long time for a favorable time, but you have to wait a little longer for the right time to get benefits. This is not the right time for you, but you could utilize the time for analysis, whether fundamental or technical analysis, as you could use it in the future for investment. The middle part also indicates that you should prepare yourself with knowledge for future investment. This is not a good time for trading for you. The last part of the month will be lucrative for you, as a result of which you might want to invest, but it would be safe not to invest. Even if you are trading, refrain from repeating past mistakes. Also, you must not buy stocks on Venus Hora. (Gemini Horoscope Today)

Remedy - Chant the Hanuman Chalisa every day. 

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Stock Market Predictions for Cancer Natives 

This month will be average for Cancerians. Cancerians are emotional people, but they must use their minds where money matters are involved; otherwise, there will be some losses. The planet Ketu is transiting in your fifth house, so think a thousand times before investing. The first part of the month starts with many emotional upheavals clouding your mind. Avoid your emotions; instead, you should use your head for investing. You can try some new stocks, but only after analyzing them properly. The ten days in the middle will be below average for you, so just stay away from any trading. You must utilize this time to re-energize yourself. It shows that you are somewhat exhausted, so it is advisable to indulge in meditation to regain your energy. The last part of the month will be good for you. If the decisions are taken wisely, you can gain a lot during this time. However, avoid Mercury Hora for trading. (Cancer Horoscope Today

Remedy - Make it a point to read the Maha Lakshmi Ashtakam thrice a day.

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Stock Market Predictions for Leo Natives 

This month is not for Leo natives, so it is advisable to do your homework and gain more investment knowledge instead. You should not do any trading or do only very little of it, but it will be best if you stay away from it. The first part of March is expected to give you losses, so avoid trading in the first ten days. The middle part of the month indicates that some hostile forces are ruling your head, so it might give you a lot of stress, leading you to make wrong decisions, so avoid trading during this time. The last part of the month will be average. It is advisable to retain your goodness and innocence deep within you. This part won't help you with trading, but it can urge you to self-evaluate. During the self-evaluation, you can also re-evaluate your profile. Stick to good inventory or stocks and release bad ones. No trading is advisable during this time. Also, avoid trading in Moon Hora.

Remedy - Listen or read the Vishnu Sahasranamam. 

Stock Market Predictions for Virgo Natives 

This month is good for you. If you work carefully, you will get excellent returns but avoid greed, as it can cause losses. The first part of this month indicates that you may be stressed due to the stocks. This part of the month is for building the portfolio. You should have the patience to build a profile in such a way as to get good returns in the future. The middle part of the month is again showing good prospects for you. You must wait patiently to reap the fruits from what you had sown earlier. In trading, it is advisable to listen to your inner voice. In the last part of March, you must carefully hold on to the stocks. It is advisable to check and evaluate all of them precisely. Do not work as per others' advice as they want you to incur losses; losses are expected if you listen to others. Also, avoid Sun Hora for trading. 

Remedy - Make it a point to do the Rudrashtadhyayi Path to get great earnings. 

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Stock Market Predictions for Libra Natives 

This month will be average for you. The first part of the month is advising you to be alert, aware, and conscious. Trading can be done, but only after proper analysis. The middle part of March will be such that you may feel a little low in energy. Some negative thoughts might impact you during this time. But remember that even in the lowest part of your life, you can emerge as your best self. Avoid trading in this duration. Instead, you can use this time to better your future, so do a comprehensive study of stocks you want to invest in. The last part of the month will again not be suitable for you in terms of trading, so avoid any trading during this time. You must slow down and accept things as they are. This will give you more relief and patience. Also, avoid Mercury Hora for investing. 

Remedy - Read the Aditya Hridaya Stotra every day.

Stock Market Predictions for Scorpio Natives 

This month will be average for you. The first portion of March is asking you to be more grounded. This part of the month is giving you a warning, so you must pay heed to it and stay away from any trading. This is because you might make some wrong decisions leading to significant losses. The middle part of the month suggests you not be emotional about the Stock Market or finances. Learn from your past mistakes and do not repeat them in the present or the future. So, make a note of the stocks that have given you losses in the past and do not invest in them. The last part of March will be good for avoiding all the past bad experiences. Do not trade in the last portion of the month, as there could be losses. Also, avoid Venus Hora for trading. 

Remedy - Give fresh and green fodder to cows daily, especially on Wednesdays.

Stock Market Predictions for Sagittarius Natives

This month will be average for you. The first part of March suggests you to be wiser and look for the best possibilities. Once you have sorted that out, only then go for trading, which is expected to give major returns. The middle part of the month is for exploring some new stocks for investment or trading. You may have to make some tough decisions for better returns in the future. Also, the chances of getting rid of some bad stocks will be wiser for you. In the last portion of the month, you will feel conscious about your position. This indicates that your strength lies in the stocks you are trading or holding right now, which is expected to give good returns in the future, but it might take some time. So, have patience if you want to earn profits. Also, avoid Mars Hora for trading. 

Remedy - Chant Shri Suktam daily morning and evening in front of the divine Goddess Lakshmi and a ghee-filled Diya. 

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Stock Market Predictions for Capricorn Natives 

March will be average for you in terms of trading. The first part of March shows that you might incur losses in this duration. The trend you are expecting will not be there, making you feel low. So avoid trading in this duration. Even though no trading is being done, you should do fundamental and technical analysis for better trading prospects. The middle portion of this month is when you may compare yourself with others and their portfolio, but this comparison should be made in a positive way. Learn from others and feel motivated; do not feel jealous or dejected. This time is expected to be suitable for trading. The last portion of this month suggests that you might be indecisive between two decisions, and both options are not suitable for you. So, opt for some other option which is good for you. Also, avoid trading in the Jupiter Hora. 

Remedy - Chant the Hanuman Chalisa every day. 

Stock Market Predictions for Aquarius Natives 

This month will be average for you. The first portion of March indicates that you may come under the influence of some negative people, which may cause you losses, so it is advisable not to trade during this time. It is best recommended to accept and embrace new things. The middle part of March will be good for trading. After making calculative decisions, explore new and good stocks. The last part of March hints that you might incur losses. It is advisable to approach trading in a simple and easy way to get better results. More cunningness will only cause you more losses. 

Remedy - Read Vishnu Sahasranamam every day. 

Stock Market Predictions for Pisces Natives 

This month will be below average for you in terms of trading. The first part of March indicates your confusion related to trading. This is not a great time for you in terms of trading, so avoid trading during this time. However, you must utilize this time to find some new and better-earning stocks that you should invest in at the right time. The middle portion of this month will be good for you in terms of trading only if the right decisions are taken at the right time. Try to do trading fairly. The last part of March won't be good for you, so avoid trading. This duration is asking you to have the patience to reap the fruits of profit in the future.

Remedy - Make it a point to light a mustard oil-filled lamp in the evening and read Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra every day. 

Note: When it comes to the forecasts or predictions, you should know that these are generalized predictions, so they may or may not prove to be accurate for each individual. Thus, in such a situation, it is best to get your chart checked and analyzed before investing to know the correct time for the investment and which investment can be fruitful.

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