Spiritual meaning behind numbers

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Spiritual meaning behind numbers

Numerology like we know is the study of numbers in an occult manner reflecting certain aptitudes and different character tendencies of every individual. And, this is not just limited to the sum of the numbers in your birth date, letters in a name too have numeric values that provide an interrelation of cosmic vibrations. This is numerology at its basic but there is a lot more potential.

The science of number is quite popular as numerologists use these numbers to determine what will and what will not work for you. Numbers are not just mere numbers, if you think of it they have a special connection or relationship with all things in nature. Thus, making numerology a powerful means of symbolic expression. The mysterious meaning of numbers can unveil the codes in our life experiences. We provide you a simple and easy guide behind the spiritual meaning of numbers. However, this is just in general and the world of numbers deserves to be explored a lot more for your own clarity.

One: The Sun- Being the first number, One reflects new beginnings and hopes. It deals with positive, pure energy and strong will. One also represents both physical and mental action. This combined with new beginnings can help exert our natural forces to take control of our lives and start something new.

Two:  The Moon- Two reflects balance, tact, equality and kindness. It emphasizes on the power of judgment and the importance of planning. Two indicates us to make choices to bring us out of our indecisiveness and call for us to unite with like-minds with similar ideals. Two urges us to exert our natural flow of judgment to decide what is best for enriching our souls.

Three: Mars: Three is believed to be a time identifier representing Past, Present and Future. Spiritually, the number Three deals with creativity, expression, magic, intuition and creativity. This number helps you express yourself creatively and even guide you in the direction to past events or future goals. Three also symbolizes reward and success.

Four: Mercury- Four invokes the grounded nature of everything representing stability. Consider the four elements of life or the four seasons all of these amazing and powerful essence wrapped up in one whole package. It signifies the need to make yourself centered and get back to your roots. Number Four also represents home, calmness and solidity with a need for persistence and endurance.

Five: Jupiter- The spiritual meaning of the number Five deals with anything in motion like adventure and travel. With the highs also comes certain attributes like instability, unpredictability and major changes in life. But number Five beckons us to appreciate the wild vibrations around us that can be both simple and unpredictable. When it continues to thrive in your life you need to be prepared for some action and number Five is all about that.

Six: Venus- Six ruled by Venus denotes love, harmony, balance, honesty and the truth. It invokes the need for delicate diplomacy especially when dealing with sensitive matters. Spiritually, number Six also deals with enlightenment especially to enlighten our path seeking spiritual and mental balance. It directs you to be compassionate and be forgiving in nature.

Seven: Saturn- Spiritually, Seven is very much similar to number Three representing magical forces. It deals with mystery and focus on the search for obscure meanings in life. Since it is ruled by Saturn it can be drawn towards impractical dreaming as well. However, with a deeper understanding regarding the various aspects of number Seven, you can always utilize the magical vibrations of this number to your advantage.

Eight: Uranus- Eight represents cycles, continuation or repetition. Such elements are seen in areas where one can be successful because of persistent determination repeatedly. This is the reason why symbolically number Eight deals with success and wealth. It represents the kind of momentum when success continues to roll it only gets bigger and bigger like a cycle.

Nine: Neptune- The spiritual meaning ofthe number Nine deals with inventiveness and intellectual power. It implores us to recognize our own attributes and help extend these abilities to make a positive influence in our lives. Nine also represents satisfaction, accomplishment, fulfillment, success in our undertakings and a good control over situations and things.

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