Some Unknown Aspects of Tarot Cards

While Tarot cards are known to be used commonly as a tool of divinity to foretell the future, it is also widely used as a tool for spiritual healing. The imagery of the Tarot cards and the mysticism associated with it, is a great medium for meditation, when used correctly.

Tarot card readers use the various decks on the basis of how the images relate to their conscious. The Tarot deck consists of two types of cards, The Major Arcana(Consisting of 22 cards) and The Minor Arcana(Consisting of 56 cards). Some use only the Major Arcana cards while doing a reading, while some use the whole deck.

Major Arcana cards are also used for learning spiritual events as the apocryphal illustrations on them help one in exploring the soul. The imagery can be used to bring about some positive changes in our life, as we tap into our inner wisdom to help us reach a single, specific goal. Those in quest for spiritual growth, ignore the Minor Arcana cards as they represent physical events that take place in our life which are not set in stone. But yet, there are many, who use images from both the types of cards for meditation. 

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Some cards on which we can meditate to improve our life are:

Meditate on 6 of Wands to attract success and happiness in life.

Meditate on Ace of Cups to strengthen intuition and creativity.

Meditate on 2 of Cups for encouraging harmony and cooperation.

Meditate on 6 of Cups to increase happiness and harmony in your life.

Meditate on 9 of Cups to improve your luck.

Meditate on Ace of Pentacles to become more grounded.

Meditate on 3 of Pentacles to bring your dreams to fruition.

Meditate on 4 of Pentacles to improve your self-esteem.

Meditate on 7 of Pentacles to become more patient.

Meditate on 10 of Pentacles to increase your self-worth and inner security.

Meditate on The Empress to stimulate creativity, inspiration, and emotional balance.

Meditate on The Hierophant to learnt the purpose of a challenge.

Meditate on Strength to defeat your enemies outside your ‘self’ and from within(which includes your flaws).

Meditate on The Hanged Man to help you sacrifice something, for the purpose of attaining a greater goal.

Meditate on Temperance to reduce stress and restore harmony.

Meditate on The Devil to understand the psychological conditions that are making you unhappy or to release attachments to unhealthy factors in your life.

Meditate on TheTower to help your through a stressful transformation.

Meditate on The Star to improve your confidence when you feel discouraged or are experiencing challenges in your life.

Meditate on Moon to connect with your inner side or spark your imagination.

Meditate on Sun to improve your self-esteem or gain clarity about an issue.

Meditate on Judgment to help you determine which path to take.

Meditate on The World to help you break a habit or change a character trait.

One should not expect a change in your basic self overnight as changing from the person you are to a person you would like to be, will depend on the effort you put in.


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