Kanya Pujan - Significance and Vidhi of Kanya Puja

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Kanya Pujan  - Significance and Vidhi of Navratri Kanya Puja

As per Hindu mythology, Kanya Puja has great importance. Although Hinduism says that God resides in every child but young girls are specially believed to be a form of Goddess Durga. As Navratri reaches its 8th and 9th day, there is a ritual to worship young girls who are 3 to 9 years of age. This ritual is known as ‘Kanya Pujan’. People usually worship nine young girls representing the nine forms of Goddess Durga. Thus, these young girls are the symbol of most auspicious, most jagrat, and the most clear minded and clear souled individual.

As per Hindu beliefs, inviting and worshipping different number of girls will give you different blessings,

1. Worshipping one girl child gives you good fortune,

2. Worshipping two girls gives you perception and salvation,

3. Worshipping three girls will give you merit

4. Worshipping four girls will bless you with authority

5. Worshipping five will bless you with knowledge

6. Worshipping six girls will give you six types of Siddhis or fulfillments

7. Worshipping seven girls will bless you with power and kingdom

8. Worshipping eight girls gives you wealth

9. Worshipping nine girls will bless you with supremacy


Now, let’s have a look at the puja procedure:

First and foremost, feet of all the girls you have invited are washed and then are made to sit on pedestals. Then Moli (red and yellow holy thread) is tied on the right wrist and tilak is applied on the forehead of all girls. Traditional Ashtami Prasad – Puri, Chana and Halwa, is first offered to Goddess Durga first and then served to all the girls. Girls are also given some presents in form of money, Red dupatta and bangles. The puja ends with taking blessings from these girls in form of a pat on the back while touching their feet.

The ritual of Kanya Puja celebrates the Hindu philosophy which believes in the universal creative forces to be feminine gender. The very original force is Mahamaya whose inspiration created the Gods and the rest of the cosmos. Goddess Durga and all her forms are believed to be the manifestations of the same inspiration Mahamaya. 


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