Shahid, Priyanka and their Kahani

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Shahid, Priyanka and their Kahani -

There was a time when Piggy Chops (Priyanka Chopra) and Shaks (ShahidKapoor) were rumoured to be in a relationship. But they have both never admitted to seeing each other. Whatever their personal kahani may be, it's not stopping these two from having a good time while promoting their upcoming movie Teri Meri Kahani together. The ex-lovers were seen in each other's company, holding hands and laughing. They share a very interesting chemistry off screen and the same is visible even on screen.

They have worked in many movies together and some even think that they are lucky for each other. Shahid and Priyanka came close while working in Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminey. Both were romantically involved in the film. Earlier, Shahid was involved with Kareena Kapoor for more than 3 years, but unfortunately, things didn't work out between them. On the other side, Priyanka Chopra's name was linked with Harman Baweja, though she never admitted her relationship publicly. Now both are single and things seem to be going great for both these stars. Let's see what's stopping these two from dating each other. Will they make a good couple? Find out.

Water attracts Water and both are Water signs. Shahid Kapoor is a Pisces whereas Priyanka Chopra is a Cancer. Pisces is the best sun sign for Cancer. Both of them are very sensitive, emotional and intuitive, so both should suit each other ideally. They will teach each other a great deal about the ways of lovemaking...and enjoy guiding one another to sensual heights.

One is the King of water and other is the Aqua queen and the new moons always open doors, although at a total eclipse of the Sun, Priyanka may be asked to create space for that new meeting or opportunity. This is how the year 2012 will be for them in terms of love!

Predictions for Priyanka: Priyanka's feelings will be torn and she will not be ready to commit for anything long term even though she may be head-over-heels in love with this person.

Predictions for Shahid: Shahid needs to communicate with his partner what he exactly wants from the relationship. He shares a harmonious relationship with the love of his life due to the positive influence of Jupiter and Sun. Towards the middle of the year Shahid is most likely to meet someone. This relationship may turn serious due to the influence of Venus and Mercury.

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