Rose Day - The First Day of the Valentine Week

It’s the month of Valentines and 14th February is the Valentine’s Day. Just as marriage celebrations  start off almost a week before the D-Day, so does the ‘wooing’ for the valentine. The lucky ones who sport a bank balance, need not fret about the cost of a pretty bunch of roses and those who are not yet working, can start saving on their pocket money in order to put their love into expression in different ways; the whole week. Do remember, a single red rose may do the same trick as a whole bunch of them. So, you don’t have to go overboard.

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The significance of the red rose being a symbol of passion, goes back in history to Greek and Roman iconography, which depicted Aphrodite or Venus, the Goddess of Love with a red rose.

The Valentine week starts with the Rose Day on 7th February. Needless to say, those in love give red roses to their loved ones on this day. Red colour denotes love, romantic ‘thoughts’, passion and desire and when someone gives you a red rose, he/she is expressing his thoughts about you to you. If you accept the rose, you are a party to the same feelings. It’s why it is said that the world looks ‘rosy’ to people in love! 

Those who want to tell the person they love that they are still waiting for them, give pink roses to them in the hope that the ‘other’ gets the right message and gives in by reciprocating in the affirmative.

Yellow roses are more to do with friendships and sending a general well-being wish. It’s usually sent along with get well cards. Sometimes, it also conveys a message of being jealous.

While the pure white rose symbolises a new beginning(While taking marriage vows) or a farewell(On someone’s death), they are more formal in nature and is more to do with respect.

So, different colour roses are used to express the different phases of love. Do be careful about the colour of roses you present to your loved one, so that you don't send a wrong message across.

A beautiful quote about roses are-

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”-Emma Goldman

And so, a beautiful bouquet of red roses may have the same effect as a trip to the Bahamas with your beloved and that too, at a very minuscule expense.

Then again, if you have been in a sulk mode with your loved one, nothing like the Rose Day to make up with just a simple token and gesture of love… a red rose! 

Quoting Letitia-

“If you really screw up, send roses”-Letitia Baldrige.

While we hope that most of you can be open about expressing your love, there may be many who would want to silently express it for some or the other reason. We, at Astroyogi, wish that no love remains unfulfilled and if you want to check about your relationship moving in the right direction, you can consult any astrologer or tarot reader on our panel.

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Rose Day.

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