Rose Day 2022: Find Out All About It

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Rose Day 2022: Find Out All About It

The much-awaited Rose Day is just around the corner! Are you eager to learn the significance of this day and why people wait for it? If yes, then all you are required to do is read here. 

Valentine's week is here! Everyone knows that the day of love- Valentine's Day, is celebrated on 14th February every year. However, the celebration of love starts almost a week prior to Valentine's Day, so does the ‘wooing’ of the love. As lovebirds set forth to celebrate their romance and love by making their significant other feel special, the celebrations begin with Rose Day. 

Let's get to know more about Rose Day. 

Rose Day 2022 Date: Find Out Here!

Celebrated on 7th February every year, Rose Day kick-starts the love week. The Rose Day date 2022 is 7th February 2022, which is a Monday. 

Getting to Know All About Rose Day And The Significance of Rose

The first day of Valentine's Week is all about roses. Rose Day heralds the week ahead filled with love, romance, and happiness. As you might have guessed from the name itself, Rose Day is all about presenting roses to your loved ones, especially your significant other, as a token of love and a symbol of affection. Nothing represents love as a stunning and elegant rose when it comes to professing love to your significant other.

Roses are beautiful flowers that stand for fragrance, romance, and everlasting love. A rosebud symbolizes purity and beauty. It is believed that the Victorians began exchanging and gifting roses with their beloved to communicate unspoken feelings.

The importance of the red rose as a symbol of passion can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman iconography, which depicted Aphrodite or Venus, the Goddess of Love, with a red rose. For the Romans, roses portrayed purity and love. Therefore, roses have become instrumental in professing love, romance, and passion. Roses have always played a pivotal role in depicting love and romance in art and literature. 

Roses have also been an important part of Indian culture. According to the Indian mythological legend, once the divine Hindu Gods, Lord Brahma, the god of creation, and Lord Vishnu, the god of protection, were discussing which flower was more beautiful, the lotus or the rose. While Lord Brahma preferred the lotus, Lord Vishnu chose the rose. When Lord Brahma asked why Lord Vishnu chose the rose, Lord Vishnu showed him the gorgeous roses in his garden. After looking at the stunning roses and experiencing the fragrance of the roses, Lord Brahma agreed that roses are indeed supreme. 

On Rose Day, lovers express their heartfelt and innermost feelings to their partners, beloved, or even their crush. So, make the most of this day by telling your beloved how special they are to you. You can make this day special by giving them a single red rose or a whole bunch of them. The critical thing to remember is to make this day memorable for the special person in your life. 

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What Does The Rose Signify on Rose Day?

Rose Day begins the much-awaited Valentine's week. On this day, people present their near and dear ones with red, yellow, white, orange, or pink roses based on their feelings for them. The different colors of Valentine's roses represent different meanings. 

Are you wondering how you would choose the right color of the rose? Well, worry not! Below is the essence of which color of the rose stands for what and what they signify. 

Red Roses

Traditionally, red roses symbolize love and romance. Red roses are also the most popular. If you are in love and want to let your beloved know about your feelings, it is an excellent idea to gift them red roses. The color red stands for romance, love, passion, and desire. Therefore, giving a red rose is the best way to express your love for them. Giving a red rose to your significant other is the most beautiful way of depicting your feelings and love for your beloved. The red roses represent feelings such as "I love you," "be mine," or "I like you," so take a deep breath and gift your beloved a red rose to express your feelings.   

Pink Roses

Pink roses stand for grace, admiration, joy, and gratitude. The pink roses are suitable for expressing your admiration, affection, and appreciation for a particular person. If you are more than friends but not a lover, give your special companion a pink rose. If you are still waiting for a 'yes' from your partner, gift them pink roses to signify that you still love them. On the other hand, if you want to appreciate someone for what they have done for you, giving a pink rose is a good idea. These beautiful pink blooms are perfect for celebrating important people in your life. 

White Roses 

The white rose symbolizes innocence, reverence, silence, purity, and spirituality. They also mark a new beginning or marriage, which is why they are best suited for newly-wedded couples. So, if you want to propose marriage to your beloved, gift them white roses as then, it will be an indication for wedding bells. White rosebuds also stand for girlhood. This is another reason why brides use white roses. White roses are more formal and have more to do with respect.

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Yellow Roses

Yellow roses represent friendship, positivity, joy, and care. If you cherish a friendship, you can give a yellow rose to your friend to show your appreciation and love for them. A yellow rose is the best way of telling your friend that you are grateful for their presence in your life. Giving a yellow rose to someone is an excellent way to express purely platonic emotions. 

Orange Roses

Orange roses stand for passion, fascination, desire, and enthusiasm. If you have an intense desire for someone special, orange roses are the perfect gift for them. They also go very well if you want to deliver a passionate message to someone you have intense feelings for in your life. Additionally, orange roses are ideal if you're going to give them to someone you are proud of. 

Different colored roses are used to express the different phases and types of love. Be careful while choosing the color of the roses you present to your loved one so that you don't send them an incorrect message. Now that you know which color stands for what, make sure to profess your true feelings to your loved ones with a rose in hand this Rose Day 2022, and don't forget to wish them- "Happy Rose Day!"

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Summing Up

Traditionally, among all the flowers, roses have been associated with romance and love. Whether in films or books, roses have always been used to showcase love in pop culture. It is, therefore, apt that the love week begins with Rose Day.

Rose Day is the perfect day to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and celebrate this day with exuberance. If you have one-sided love for someone and want to express your true romantic feelings and desires to them, then Rose Day is the right day to do so by giving them a pretty rose. If you and your beloved are having conflicts, Rose Day 2022 would be the best time to make up with a simple token of love, i.e., a red rose. This is also an excellent day to get over enmity and mend your relationship with people. 

However, there is one thing that you have to remember on this day. Always ensure that the rose you choose should depict your real feelings for that particular person. This is where choosing the correct color of the rose becomes essential, as picking the wrong color might send a wrong message to someone and make things complicated for you. Overall, this day is all about having your love fulfilled and expressing yourself truthfully to your beloved. 

If you want to check whether your relationship is moving in the right direction, or if you want to make the most of Rose Day 2022, feel free to consult any of our love astrologers or tarot readers.

Astroyogi wishes everyone a Happy Rose Day!

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