Ravi Pushya Yoga on 17th March, 2019

The association of Sunday and Pushya nakshatra leads to the formation of Ravi Pushya Yoga. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious yogas in Astrology. Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be the supreme of all the nakshatra and Sun is treated as the king among the nine planets and the association of these two aspects is known to create a very positive energy flow.

This yoga is believed to be favorable for initiating new activities, fresh projects, investing your time in gaining knowledge of higher order learning, to being a treatment of an ailment that has been causing you problems for a long time, marriage related talks and functions, buying a new property, buying a new vehicle etc. It is also considered very auspicious for worshipping Sun and treating the afflictions related to it in the birth horoscope.

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The unusual part in the formation of this yoga on 17-03-19 is the fact that it would fall under the period of Holashtak (eight days prior to Holi) when all auspicious activities are put to a halt until Holi is over. This day can be treated as an exception to the inauspicious Holashtak time to undertake the above-mentioned activities.

Also, it is worth noting that Sun would be entering Pisces on 15-03-19 and it would come under the direct aspect of Jupiter in Scorpio for one complete month. Jupiter’s aspect on Sun is considered graceful and it would further brighten the prospects of good results on this day.

Anyone who would be under any kind of compulsion to undertake any auspicious activity during the Holashtak can perform it on this day and enjoy the uninterrupted flow of favorable results in the time ahead.

It would be wise to undertake the following worship/remedies on this day

  • Offer argha to Surya by mixing lal chandan, rice grains and kala til/black sesame. It is known to deliver sound health and focussed mind. It also delivers cordial relationship with one’ Father also.
  • For early marriage and settling ongoing marital discord, one should offer Argha by mixing turmeric/haldi.
  • Recitation of Shri Aditya Hridaya Stotra is known to annihilate enemies.
  • Recitation of Shri Suryashtak delivers disease free body, good employment, eradicates planetary afflictions and begets children
  • Recitation of Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam is known to deliver complete peace of mind, clear ongoing problems, pacify Pitra Dosha, deliver sound physical and mental health, begets progeny, sound financial stability, a sound relationship with superiors at work, improves the relationship with Father and many more.

Best of Luck

Acharya Aaditya


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