Rahu Transit In Cancer And Its Impact On Your Sign

Wed, Jan 02, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Jan 02, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Rahu Transit  In Cancer And Its Impact On Your Sign

The most villainous and malicious of all planets considered in Vedic astrology- Rahu would be transiting into Cancer along with the moon on 18th August 2017 by 5.53 am. Rahu transit can bring about a lot of changes in your life. astroYogi’s expert astrologers analyze the impact of this transit on the 12 zodiac sign:

Please note that these predictions are based on Moon sign.

Rahu transit can bring about some difficulties in your life, but there are Vedic astrology remedies to overcome these malicious effects. Consult best Vedic astrologers on astroYogi.com for more guidance.

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Aries- The transit will place Rahu in your 4th house which is the house of your comfort and luxuries. This can affect the comfort and convenience which you are enjoying in life. You may have to face more hardships and hurdles in life. Ketu was positioned in your 11th house and was giving good support to your luck and fortune. But Ketu would also transit to your 10th house along with the Rahu transit. This means that you should rely only on your hard work and efforts and should not expect much from luck. However, you will be able to achieve your goals if you are able to focus and work hard.

Taurus- Rahu will make its way into your third house after the transit. The third house of your birth chart is known as the ‘Parakram Bhava’ in Vedic astrology. It pertains to your energy and vigor. The transit would bestow you with confidence and enhance your skill sets and abilities. You would be able to achieve goals which you thought were unachievable because you didn't have the competency to achieve them. Ketu would also transit into your ninth house along with the Rahu transit. This ensures that you would have good support of luck and you will enjoy this time period. 

Gemini- After the transit, Rahu will be positioned in your second house and Ketu in your eighth house. Since Rahu is positioned in your ‘Dhan Bhava’ it would increase your stress levels and worries. Ketu in your eighth house may increase the effort which you need to put, you might have to work very hard for achieving very little. You should stay safe from intoxicating substances and any kind of adulteration or poisoning. Ketu might also affect your relationships and peace at home.

Cancer- Cancerians would have to welcome Rahu into their own Moon sign after the transit which may affect their overall peace of mind and induce physical ailments or injuries. Rahu may also cause a lot of dilemmas, and you may find it hard to take decisions. You may be bothered or troubled by a strange arbitrary fear during this time period. Same time Ketu would be positioned in your seventh house which may increase stomach related ailments and troubles. You may also come across some friction or arguments with your better half during this time period, but things should be dealt with a calm and composed mind.

Leo- The transit will bring Rahu to your twelfth house. If you have been suffering from some injury or ailment for long, this transit will assuage these difficulties. But since the Karmic planet is in your twelfth house your expenses may shoot up and you might be very much troubled and concerned about this. Ketu would be positioned in your sixth house which can help your enemies and competition. You will come to know about your hidden and disguised enemies during this time period. Ketu can also bring about a foreign trip during this time period, but it may not be very fruitful as you would expect it to be.

Virgo- The transit is happening in the ‘Labh Ghar’ for Virgo natives which is a good news for them. If you have been struggling with some work related problems and money has been shying away from you for long, luck will finally be in your favor during this time period. You may purchase a new home, car or even venture into a new business during this time period. You would fulfill some of your long term goals or dreams during this time period. Ketu would be positioned in your fifth house which implies that couples who have been trying for a baby would have to wait for some more time. However, this positioning will bring about financial gains and profit. 

Libra- The transit will bring Rahu into your 10th house. You might come across some fresh challenges in your work place. If you have been enjoying your luck with the minimum of efforts, things are going to change for you after the transit. You would need to put in more of your efforts to sustain the success and respect which you have been enjoying. Your luck is going to take the back seat and it’s time to put your skill sets and capabilities to test. There are chances for an argument with your father or you may be worried about his health during this time period. You might get some financial benefits from an ancestral property or investment during this time period.

Scorpio- The transit would position Rahu in your ninth house which is also the house which principally pertains to your luck and fortune. You might be too stressed to work at some point in time during this tenure, but you need to understand that when pressure and stress are mounting up you should deviate your attention and find ways to ventilate the stress. You should be ready to adapt to any changes in circumstances. Please keep in mind that it is not the strongest of the creatures which stood the test of time, but the ones which adapted well to changing conditions. A normal and peaceful family life is indicated so you can probably channelise all of your energy into luck during this time period.

Sagittarius- Rahu will be positioned in your eighth house after the transit. This makes the chances for a lot of traveling which would not be fruitful or productive. You might also burn a chunk of your hard earned money. You might also have negative thoughts and provocations during this time period, you should filter them as they can bring about huge damages. Since Ketu is positioned in your Dhan Bhava there are chances of an unexpected financial gain. You may also suffer from eye or head related ailments during this time period.

Capricorn- Since Rahu would be positioned in your seventh house there are probabilities for friction and arguments with your better half. You might also be worried about your health related aspects during this time period. If you have just found romance, you will enjoy it the most during this time period, and these memories would become the strong base for your relationship. Ketu is positioned in your own sign and that is good news! If you have been putting in the best efforts consistently Ketu will take care of the rest of it. You will get what you want. You should keep safe from skin related diseases and infections during this time period.

Aquarius- Rahu will be transiting into your sixth house which is the house which pertains to your enemies and diseases. This implies that your enemies are going to have a tough time and you would be feeling very healthy and free from diseases during this tenure. You might have to go for long distance journeys during this time period and the journey would be fruitful and productive. You would harness respect and appreciation in work place and even your enemies might appreciate your work. Ketu would be positioned in your 12th house which would bring in peace and tranquility in your life.

Pisces- The transit is happening in your fifth house, which might make you a bit concerned about matters related to children, relationships or education. You should not go for big investments or risky games in business during this time period because financial gains are not indicated during this time period. Since Ketu is positioned in your eleventh house you might feel stressed about your loans and debts. You might have to encounter some sudden expenses during this time period.

Experiencing some sudden changes in life? The Rahu transit might be the reason. Consult expert Vedic Astrologers on astroYogi.com to get expert guidance and remedies.

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