Race 3 Astro analysis

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Race 3 Astro analysis

The third instalment of Race film series; Race 3 is slated for release on Eid, June 15, 2018. An action thriller, Race 3, boasts of superstars Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor. Jacqueline Fernandez is Salman’s love interest in the film and this is the second film in which they pair together. The film garnered a lot of attention, right from the announcement of its cast because Salman and Jacqueline had made a hit pair in their earlier film,’Kick’ (2007). The groovy song, ‘Heeriye’, which has Salman and Jacqueline swaying to its beats, has already broken records on U-tube and has more viewership than the trailer of the movie.

Anil Kapoor has been surpassing himself in comic roles and his role as the funny cop, Robert D’Costa, in the Race series, is one of the highlights of the films.

Both Salman Khan and veteran actor, Anil Kapoor, are Capricorns, the former being born on 27 December and the later on 24 December. 2018 for Capricorn’s presents limitless opportunities in their career. Both, Salman and Anil, are driven by the determination of the ‘Goat’ and nothing ever stops their drive or slows their ambition.

 Saturn retrograde in April, put Salman behind bars in the Black buck hunting case, but he kept his composure; confident the verdict would be in his favour and continued concentrating on his career. Mars transit to Capricorn in May should bring good tidings for Salman. He kept himself busy with the promotion of his movie, Race 3 and by the time Mars will retrograde in the close of the second quarter, Salman should be celebrating the success of the film.

For Anil Kapoor too, the second half of 2018 spells success in his career and the rest of the year could bring him accolades in his profession; provided he remains steadfast.

The Sri Lankan actress, Jacqueline Fernandez, is a Leo, born on 11 August. The Mars transit to Capricorn on May 2, will bring in a lot of fortune for the Leo’s and Jacqueline will see a wave of success in her life. The release of Race 3 could give a big push to her career and she may get lots of offer for movies. The third quarter of the year may also be lucky for her love life, all thanks to the fame she will acquire from the film, Race 3.

Remo D’’Souza, who directed the film is an Aries, born on 2 April.June promises good tidings in career to the Ram. Remo has very smartly kept the ending of the film, a suspense for everyone. He shot multiple endings for the movie and has incorporated one of his own choice of endings, while giving the finishing touches to the movie. This has created a ‘one of its own kind’ of heightened interest in the movie. Also, since the speculation that Salman may be seen in a negative role in Race 3, is keeping his fans pulse racing. ..Although, Salman has made it clear that he will never play any negative role in any film.

Be prepared for the rush of adrenaline as you watch ‘bhai’s’ moves.

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