Planet Conjunction: Four Major Planet in LEO

Monday, August 26, 2019

There would be an unusual planetary formation happening on 27th August 2019 wherein four planets would be clustering in Leo zodiac. These four planets would be Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Such a concentration is not very common and it tends to have far-reaching implications on human lives.


This formation would turn more acute on 30 August 2019 when Moon would join this concentration and it would continue till 31 August 2019. In such a case the presence of five planets in Leo and impact by these planets to Aquarius would be causing some disturbances. Not to forget that Saturn is already residing in Aquarius since January 2016.

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There would be one more phenomenon that would be happening at the same point in time. Sun would be combusting the rest of the four planets thereby negating the heightened level of influence due to this formation. So there would a difference between the perceived and actual influence.


This conjunction is not likely to be favorable for natives born under Capricorn Moon sign, Virgo Moon sign, Aquarius Moon Sign and Pisces Moon sign. 


Disturbances like emotional breakdown, dilemma, confusion, being outrageous, uncalled breakthrough, misunderstandings leading to fights/war, etc are very likely to happen. It would be strictly advised not to take up fresh activities and projects during this time and exercise patience.


The same time appears important from India’s point of view at the macro level, as the country would be fully prepared to take action and secure its National interests whether they emerge from within or outside the country.

There has been a flurry of events happening in India since July 2019 and they are likely to continue till the month-end. It appears that there would be a positive influence on our country due to this conjunction.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.


Aacharya Aaditya



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