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Monday, August 30, 2021

September signifies the 9th planet, which is Mars. It signifies energy and self-respect. Signs which are governed by this planet always stick to their decisions and commitments. Those who are affected by Mars are short-tempered by nature. They mostly get success in the army line, police line etc. 

They love challenges and always accept them. The work they select to do, people governed by this planet make sure to complete it. They are stubborn by nature. With their impatient behaviour and anger, they lose good accolades which they deserve. They don't disclose their views, ideas, and plans to anyone until they are sure about it. 

They are dominant by nature, and because of that, they have limited people in their life. When they opt for tasks that involve challenges, they get more success. They have confident personalities and always be ready to face all the ups and downs. They can't handle failure. Instead of a job when they have their own business, they get more success.  They have amazing management skills. They always take firm decisions and exhibit their work fearlessly in front of everyone. They are open about everything they do, and they never hide things from anyone. They are fearless. 

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NUMBER:- 1 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

Those who have root number 1 will face unnecessary delays in their work and have to handle things patiently. You might face a lot of anger and frustration in this period; try to avoid unnecessary fights and arguments. Try to accept your failures and keep your work stable. If you are in a job, then don't opt for any changes. Stability is the key to success at work this month. 

  • REMEDY:-  Do Kesar tilak on your tongue and early morning sit in the Sun.


NUMBER:- 2 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

For root number 2, this month, you should pay attention to your health. You might face a lot of stress and mental pressure this month. Please stay connected with your family because they will turn out to be a great stress buster for you. Try to add some exercises to your daily life, eat healthy food and never skip your meals. This period will be fine for your work; stay focused.

  • REMEDY:-  Take a 2/2 inch piece of silver metal in square shape and keep it in your wallet, don't let any leakage in your home.


NUMBER:- 3 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

Those who are born with root number 3 are very creative and sharp-minded people. This month will be an amazing month for you. You will get good opportunities and time to spend with your family. Those who are into a job might get an increment this month. Those who want to begin a new business start-up this month can definitely do it to lead to success.

  • REMEDY :- Give presents to your guru or your mentor.


NUMBER:- 4 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

For root number 4, this month will be full of challenges. You can also face problems at your workplace. Please do not make any decisions in a hurry, because you might regret them later. Do not start a love relationship this month; it will not be favourable for you. Also, those in a relationship should maintain a good understanding with their partner; otherwise, you might face a breakup.

  • REMEDY:- Don't sleep during the daytime. Chant rahu beej mantra.


NUMBER:- 5 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

For root number 5, this month will be super favourable. This month will be amazing for love relationships. For those who want to start a new business, this month will be in your favour. Students who are trying for good colleges will get favourable results. Take care of your health and start doing physical activities to stay healthy. 

  • REMEDY:- Water green plants and grow them.

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NUMBER:- 6 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

 For root number 6, this month will be neutral. This month will give you results according to your hard work. Try to spend more time with your family; otherwise, your family members might get angry with your busy schedule. Do not get in any love relationship this month; it will not be favourable for you. Do not get distracted during this period.

  • REMEDY:- Gift fragrances or sweets whenever you want.


NUMBER:- 7 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

For root number 7, this period will be a great period for self-improvement. You can work on what you want, and you will get success in this period. Please do not get involved in unnecessary arguments because it will not be good for your mental health.  Stay focused on your work. Those who are doing business this period will be good for them.

  • REMEDY:- do yellow Chandan tilak on your forehead.


NUMBER:- 8 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

For root number 8, this month will bring a lot of challenges for you. Ups and downs are part of life, and you will be able to face all the challenges. This month will give you results according to your hard work. Don't get frustrated easily because things can be a little bad for you in this period. Those who are in the creative field will get good results.

  • REMEDY:- Do Shani darshan and light up Diya on a peepal tree.


NUMBER:- 9 | Numerology Prediction for September 2021:-

For root number 9, this month will work according to them. They will get success in whatever work they want. This month will shower a lot of love in your relationship. For those who are in a relationship, their marriage might get fixed in this period. Be aware of negative people; they can harm your feelings.

  • REMEDY:- chant Hanuman Chalisa daily and apply red tilak on your forehead.


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