Monthly Tarot Reading for September 2021: Tarot Mansi

Mon, Aug 30, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Aug 30, 2021
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Monthly Tarot Reading for September 2021: Tarot Mansi

It is the month of serious changes in relationships. You might enjoy a good time regarding commitments, patch-ups and reunions. It is the month of harmony in life. You will enjoy romance, peace, concord and prosperity.

Monetary success is foreseen this month. There are high chances of purchasing a property. Your mood will elevate if you spend time with friends and family in a favourite place.

Travel is suggested this month. One will feel spiritually awakened and enlightened. 

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ARIES Tarot September 2021

It is the month that will showcase stability, peace and harmony. It is the month of growth in relationships and an emotionally well balanced month. New opportunities will come and balance the past problems. This is the month for investments, collaborations and gains on the work front. In September, you will be more enthusiastic, energetic and straightforward.

  • All people on the professional front will have growth in position and power. The main focus is on your ambitions. 

  • All wise decisions will be taken for any goal-oriented position.   

  • Romantically it is a beautiful month in which you might enjoy love, passion, affinity, union, sympathy and harmony. 

  • This time is also indicated for marriage or deeper commitment.


TAURUS Tarot September 2021

This is the month of responsibilities you buck up. You might be surrounded by tension and pressure during this time. You will have to work hard to reduce your burden. Sharing responsibilities will help you complete your task.

  • Expect to meet someone who will guide you and help you attain spiritual and physical well being.

  • You will make great efforts to overcome your past experiences. In turn, you will be able to help others do the same.

  • Spiritual success is foreseen.

  • This is the month where you need to be spontaneous. There is a focus on hope and trust regarding all aspects of life. 

  • This is the time for a journey of self-discovery and healing. 

  • You will enjoy freedom and space in the relationship.

  • You should work towards happiness and trust your inner wisdom.

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GEMINI Tarot September 2021

This is the month for positive rewards, encouraging proper planning. Well balanced, well being and self-confidence for success in work and finances. Business decisions emerging from negotiations are likely to be successful.

  • Professionally, focus on your goals and also, you can prioritize things. 

  • It would help if you thought about prospects, make use of time in your hands. 

  • You may undergo stress, and you need to recoup your strength.

  • In this month, you will become more responsible for your spiritual growth. 

  • Commitment and strengthening of relationships are highlighted.

  • Relationships will become stronger. Your partner might experience problems putting best towards the growth of the relationship, as they feel the pressure of each other's expectations.


CANCER Tarot September 2021

This is the month when you will enjoy stability in terms of relationships, money and emotions. In this month, you may not see much upliftment in the work and professional front. Stability, also it is advisable to hold on to what you have without even thinking of any movement.

  • You may have been facing difficulties, but still, all your anxieties have gone away. 

  • Your struggles seem to have finished, and you will enjoy progress in all spheres of life.

  • Your childhood friend or well-wisher might help you in a new job or employment. 

  • Favourable time to move forward with fresh hope. 

  • Success is likely to be seen in the business venture.

  • MATERIAL success and chances of promotion are foreseen. You will feel energetic. You might begin with a new project and feel optimistic and geared up for action.

  • Romantically very beautiful month. All couples will enjoy their relationship with depth. 

  • This is the month of commitment in work and relationships. Especially on the work front, you will find proposals which would be fruitful for you.

LEO Tarot September 2021

This is the month when you would see the result of your efforts and energies which are put in to accomplish the desired goal. In addition to that, a job promotion or a confident approach to life, in general, will make things easier for you. Fortunately, gains and victory are on the cards. Past efforts will bring rewards. Luckily, you may also receive acknowledgement publicly for your work.

  • The current time of your life is stable and secure; maintain it that way. 

  • You can rethink your priorities this month. 

  • You can pursue further study, go on a holiday, or even settle into another line of work. 

  • The well thought decisions made by you now would enhance your future. 

  • There are high chances of receiving promising news and assistance. 

  • Favours done in the past are likely to be returned.


VIRGO Tarot September 2021

The focus is on the need to make important decisions. Some good changes happen either in your residence or job. It is also the month for emigration or a new relationship. Also, it indicates a relationship formed while travelling.

  • All people in the private job sector will progress; this is the time to decide wisely whether to act or wait. 

  • You may experience strong emotions of excitement and fun. 

  • A mix of emotions and love would bring a sense of harmony within you and lead you to inner peace.

  • You should be patient and use self-control as and when required.

  • Also, it's time for both learning and teaching.

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LIBRA Tarot September 2021

This is the month for you to enjoy good relationships and stability in life. A good month for harmony and unity in life. THE TWO OF CUPS predicts love, affinity, passion, sympathy, union and harmony.

  • All those who are in a relationship may turn into marriage or a deeper commitment.

  • It's a perfect month for the planning of new projects, businesses and new ventures. 

  • There will be a focus on hard work and recognition of talent. 

  • Time to lay down solid foundations for rewards long-term. 

  • Make sure you sort out your problems and avoid delays.

  • This is the month of growth so take care of your health. 

  • The Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot reading represents fortune, luck and change. 

  • A drastic change is foreseen. You would see new things and a different environment which would be in favour of you. 

  • Fate shall play its role, and it would be in your favour. 

  • Optimism should be high on your list. Whatever is down on life's wheel never remains constant and is bound to move.


SCORPIO Tarot September 2021

All Scorpions will tend to plan towards desired goals this month. You will be innovative and logical in your work or professional life.

  • Travel is indicated for work or professional life.

  • It would help if you focused on aspirations and ambitions. There are high chances to meet someone who would be great as an advisor related to business and work matters.

  • You would see lots of growth in money, peace and harmony. 

  • As you accomplish goals, you can reap the rewards of your efforts. A good investment would grant you great financial rewards. Good fortune will go hand in hand. Expansion of a project through hard work.

  • The most promising situation in life. Contentment, healing, growth, love, purpose.


SAGITTARIUS Tarot September 2021

This is the month of your spiritual growth. You need to seek a new alternative to get things done to achieve inner fulfilment. You are likely to be innovative, but you need to be logical about your ideas simultaneously. This month highlights consolidating plans and taking firm steps towards attaining goals.

  • Indeed, a good time to start a new business or project; will be like a good harvest. 

  • World or society will be friendly, chaste, loving and honourable, and successful in business and material gains. 

  • If you are working into anything to do with property or security is well favoured. 

  • All these new beginnings are likely to give peace and harmony. Your purpose is clear, so you can focus on what you desire.

  • Fortunately, it is going to be a good month for relationships, commitment, passion and love. Love will be in the air.

  • Eventually, emotional and financial growth.


CAPRICORN Tarot September 2021

This is the time of joy, sharing or celebration. This is the month of perfection, merriment, victory, healing and happiness. A successful reunion is indicated. This is the month for spontaneity; the focus is on trust and hope. You will see a journey of self-discovery with confidence, fun and optimism.

  • Love relationships will become strong, and you might be committed to the present relationship this month. 

  • You are expected to make decisions based on your inner feelings instead of logic.

  • This month you will see material stability and security. It represents the completion of a project. 

  • You will focus on congenial family relations. It is the month of gain, riches and wealth. Financial security is seen in the family situation.


AQUARIUS Tarot September 2021

A good partnership or bond is suggested for harmony and unity. This is the time for Aquarius.

This is the month for practical beginnings. Fortunately, you will have enough money to fulfil your desired goals. Success is likely to be seen in the business venture. You are likely to work hard and succeed. Hard work and planning to make your venture successful, a creative talent could turn into a profitable project. 

You are required to come to terms with any emotional issue before making a decision. All rifts would be resolved with proper focus, leading to earning love and respect. It also signifies a decision between two opportunities for a successful relationship.

  • Good health, those who were suffering from a prolonged illness will be better. More emphasis on family gatherings and weddings.

  • Travel is also indicated either for work or personal reasons. Overall a well balanced month.

  • Growth in love, passion, friendship, affinity, union, sympathy and harmony. 


PISCES Tarot September 2021

This is the month when you will complete all the projects.

Your talent and hard work will be recognized. You may be assigned a project which would benefit you in the long run.

This is a beautiful month for a relationship; romance is in the air.

Financial gains in this month. Overall stability is seen. You will see growth in money, investments and profit gains.

This is the time to rethink your priorities, like further studies, a holiday, or even set another line of work.

There are high chances of receiving encouraging news and assistance. In addition to that, favours done in the past are likely to be returned.


Tarot Mansi

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