Numerology Predictions January 2021 By Tarot Pooja

Wed, Dec 30, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Dec 30, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Numerology Predictions January 2021 By Tarot Pooja

With the Positivity & Excitement of getting into a Fantastic New Year 2021 for which we shared our Annual Numerological Predictions last week already, we are now Super Delighted to Focus & Share the January - First month of the New Year 2021 Predictions for all of our Global Astroyogi Family. Family that’s with us for last 21 years from every part of the World on the Calls & now even on Chat, Family that Cherishes our Articles in the Blogs & Loves to Watch our Electrifying Videos on our YouTube Channels of multiple languages - though you can find my Videos on Hindi & English Channels.

January is going to give a Great Start to a Wonderful Year as 2021 is the Mercury Year adding up to Number 5. Mercury is a fast moving Planet & hence this year will bring in a lot of Excitement,Vibrancy & Colors. For more details you can refer back to my last week’s 2021 Annual Forecast.

January being Number 1 is the Sun Number & Sun is like a Father. Mercury is a like a pampered Prince.Hence when the prince visits his father then the father Bestows him with lots of Abundance,Love & Blessings. So such will be the Start of January 2021. Time for Healing & Recovering from the negativity & pain of the last year. Further lets talk about all of you Individually as per Numerology. You can use your Birth Date to arrive at the Number & in case there is no Birth details available then you may treat the one being used in your Official IDs 

This month the Special Remedies shared for every Number is a Simple, User Friendly yet Extremely Powerful Holistic Healing Technique either Made from scratch or Improvised by Tarot Pooja herself as her own Personal Experiences of her Self Transformational & Spiritual Journey. She shares her very own Developed Techniques ( with no copyrights or patents at all ) for the first time Freely, Openly & with Lots of Love with the only Intent of Helping & Healing as many people as possible so that they can also taste the Bliss & Nectar that  she got Blessed with. We encourage you to share these Healing Techniques with as many people as possible so that we bring in more & more Joy, Health & Abundance in our own lives as well as become Catalyst to other people’s Growth also

These are generalised Predictions for the masses and you are Welcome to Connect for your Exclusive, More In Depth & Personal Consultations along with Life Transforming Remedies with me @Tarot Pooja

Number 1 -  Number of Sun (If you were born on 1, 10, 19, 28 of any month)

Number 1s, January will be a very good month for you all. Divine grace will be on you with abundance & positivity. However, you have to be receptive enough to receive it, or else the Energy goes waste. We recommend that you work hard both at work and in your personal life and give your 100% to everything you do. Try to be a Giver and see how you will receive financial gains in the next few months. So focus on your Karma and Universe will Bless you. Your health will be good and digestion will be smooth. Spend time with yourself and your family and be Happy.

Remedy - Take Surya Snan every day for 30 minutes. Sun Bathing is an Ancient Holistic Healing technique in which you sit in the early morning Rising Sun to soak in its Urja (Energy) & transform your Life.


Number 2 - Number of Moon (If you were born on 2, 11, 20, 29 of any month)

Number 2s, do not compare yourself with anyone else this month. You are Unique with your own Potential, Capabilities and Challenges. Comparison with others will make you sad and feel inferior, leading to stress and emotional issues for you this month. Following a Positive outlook & lifestyle will make you a winner as you will be coming across multiple situations this month where your Decision Making will make or break the deal. This will be applicable both at the professional as well as personal front. Once you change your attitude, you will have a wonderful reason to celebrate this month at home. We see some good news coming home.

Remedy -  Do Laughter Yoga every day for 20 minutes. All you have to do is either stand in front of the mirror if doing it Solo or face the other person if doing it with a partner and then start making faces & noises and laugh. You may begin with artificial Laughter & soon, it will grow into a Smooth Natural Laughter on its own. So like they always say - fake it till you Make It!!!!


Number 3 - Number of Jupiter (If you were born on 3, 12, 21, 30 of any month)

Number 3s Jupiter wants to make you much Stronger this month & that is why you will be given tough situations to Resolve. Lots of day to day life problems will keep emerging and they will be practical in nature, so if you keep your Calm, Patience & use your Wise Judgement then not only you will be able to resolve your conflicts but also Learn, Grow & Evolve in the process. That is the whole idea of Jupiter for you this month. So clear your tests that life throws at you & fly out as a Winner & Super Hero !!!

Remedy - Meeting Your Inner Self for 30 minutes every day. As per your convenience, either morning or before bed, lie down on your back with eyes closed like in a Shavasana (Corpse pose). Begin from the feet, going up the legs, stomach, chest, throat, face, head mentally scan & visit your body toe to head one by one and spend some time at every point just feeling the Sensations there. You do not have to do anything; just watch internally with eyes closed. If the mind goes elsewhere, as soon as you realize, bring the focus back on the Kriya. If you fall off to sleep doing this, then it is good; you will be more relaxed.

These are generalised Predictions for the masses and you are Welcome to Connect for your Exclusive, More In Depth & Personal Consultations along with Life Transforming Remedies with me @Tarot Pooja


Number 4 - Number of Rahu (If you were born on 4, 13, 22, 31 of any month)

Number 4s health issues & emotional issues might come up, so we recommend that you take care of yourself and make yourself your priority in life. Trust us; everything else can wait in life. No one is going anywhere, and people will wait. Just look after yourself this month. You should be the Most Important person for yourself this month. Self Love, Self Acceptance, Self Worth - This is your Success Mantra this month.

Remedy -  I LOVE YOU Technique every day for 10 minutes in front of the mirror first thing in the morning as the Subconscious Mind is most active then. Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself nicely from head to toe. Focus on your face, look into your beautiful eyes, your lovely cheeks, soft lips, smile and then say to yourself loudly, “I LOVE YOU'' 21 times, looking into your eyes in the mirror. Hug yourself by crossing your hands around your chest. Close your eyes for 2 minutes and then receive the Grace of the Technique.


Number 5 - Number of Mercury ( If you were born on 5, 14, 23 of any month)

Number 5s, your Golden period begins now. Year of Number 5 being Mercury's year, so extra beneficial for its own Number. You will get Creative ideas to manage your tasks and life. Financial gains, Joy, Abundance, everything comes in your life on Angel’s Wings. Just be open enough & Receptive to receive it when it arrives. Go out, travel or plan and make bookings for future travel, see if you want to relocate or change your home. Upgrade everything in your life and replace old with new. Lifestyle changes are visible for good.

Remedy - Donate 10% of your monthly income. You may begin with 2% & gradually increase it as per your intent, comfort & situations. This can go to different places each time as per your judgment as long as the funds get appropriately used and reach the intended people. Some examples can be Orphanage, Kinnars, Old age homes, blind schools, slums, etc. 


Number 6 - Number of Venus (If you were born on 6, 15, 24 of any month)

Number 6s your development area this month should be Focus & Clarity of Mind. Do what needs to be done daily, do not make a very long Agenda as it might not get implemented, leading to building up of frustration & self cursing. So even if you have a Big Goal, you might want to break it into multiple smaller goals with closer timelines so that the Execution & hence Success becomes easier for you. You can focus on one step at a time instead of failing to look at the entire tall mountain. So take baby steps this month & trust us, everything will work out well. This applies everywhere - Office, Home, Friends as it's about you and your Energy that you carry wherever you go, so the location does not matter. It is what you have within that is the Real Thing & the Only Thing that matters !!!

Remedy - Practice the 7 Chakra Breathing Technique - Sit in a cross-legged position with eyes closed & spine comfortably erect. Start from the Root Chakra - Sacral - Solar Plexus - Heart Chakra - Throat - Third Eye - Crown Chakra, take your focus on each Chakra one by one and take seven long Breaths at each Chakra. This will be a Complete & Long Inhalation followed by a Full Exhale & Relaxation. Once you complete seven breaths on one Chakra, mentally move to the next Chakra & Repeat till you cover all 7 Chakras. Doing this every day will take about 15 minutes only & give you the much needed Focus & Clarity in Life.

These are generalised Predictions for the masses and you are Welcome to Connect for your Exclusive, More In Depth & Personal Consultations along with Life Transforming Remedies with me @Tarot Pooja


Number 7  - Number of Ketu (If you were born on 7, 16, 25 of any month)

Number 7s, strong Networking on the cards shown for you this month. You will be Interacting & meeting a lot of people, some new, some old. This is good in a way as only when we meet then can we explore various possibilities. However, we advise that you also use your intuition, common sense and balanced decision making before making any important decisions and not get carried away with emotions or mirage of short term greed. This may backfire in the long run. No haste, impulsion and random decisions.

Remedy - Cover Naval before decision making & communication. In this technique, place your prominent hand left or right whatever you use on your Belly Button and cover it completely so that there is no Energy Leakage and then make a decision and, more importantly, Communicate. This technique will plug in Energy losses & hence reduce the chances of wrong decision making & keep you in Protection


Number 8 - Number of Saturn (If you were born on 8, 17, 26 of any month)

Number 8s, your Health needs to be your focus area in January. Especially blood-related ailments. Do not remain too much indoors, connect with people, go out for walks, yes with the mask on!!! The idea is you need to meet people in real and interact and not remain within your shell as this might trigger health issues in the long run. So when you Include others in your Life, Healing will Flow in your life. Start a daily workout routine as per your choice - Yoga, Cardio, Jumbo, Dancing whatever your Heart enjoys while doing it.

Remedy -  Dance Therapy - Sole hurts, but Soul Finds Joy. 30 minutes of dancing every day to your favorite music. Lock yourself up in a room and just be yourself. People have found Enlightenment while dancing!!!! This therapy has the potential to take you into a Trance.


Number 9 - Number of Mars (If you were born on 9, 18, 27 of any month)

Number 9s, your attention areas for the month will be - Watch out that no one breaks your trust and remain Centered & Grounded and always try to be in Here & Now. Someone might try to manipulate, cheat, may play a financial trick as well, so be cautious, and that is all. Also, stop visiting your past as you can not change it. Yes, take out the Learnings and Lessons from it and use them in your Present for your Growth. No need to visit Future; it's beyond your control and only exists in fantasy. So your only Reality is Into this moment. This way, you will remain Centered & not go crazy, or else craziness has no limits!!!

Remedy - Heart Chakra Healing Technique - for 10 minutes every day, close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position keeping both palms on your heart. Visualize a Beautiful pink color filling inside your entire chest area & let it expand as much as it can. Once you feel Complete in your heart, open your eyes. Doing this technique will give you the necessary Balance & Judgement not to get taken for a ride.

These are generalised Predictions for the masses and you are Welcome to Connect for your Exclusive, More In Depth & Personal Consultations along with Life Transforming Remedies with me @Tarot Pooja

Have a Super Positive & Highly Vibrational January 2021 & Continue being a part of our Astroyogi Family & Introducing your Loved ones too so that the Family continues Growing Bigger & Stronger!


With All My Love & Blessings 

Tarot Pooja

( Tarot,Numerology,Vastu,Reiki Grand Master ) 


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