Monthly Tarot Forecast For October By Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast For October By Mita Bhan

Celebrity astrologer Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot Readings for the month of October 2015. Let's see what the cards reveal for your sun sign:  


Celebrations, social outings, good news, expect a lot of it in the weeks ahead. If you haven’t been socializing much of late, October brings you into the limelight, so make sure you’re at your best. Something you’ve been working on for a while finally bears fruit. Singles decide to commit, and there may be an engagement or marriage in the offing for many Arians. Health- wise, don’t overdo things, overindulgence in the good stuff may take its toll on your health. Everything is good, but in moderation.


A new chapter begins in your life. It could be a new attitude, a new job, a new home or a new relationship. Whatever it is, you realize that the past is over and it is now time to reinvent your life and think afresh. A chance encounter could lead to a short and sweet romance.  Commitments deepen and couples get closer under this influence. Financially, it is a great month to consider new sources of income or even think about starting your own consultancy or business. Your creative instincts are at their best; if you can dream it, you can do it.


This is the time to showcase your skills, dear Gemini and show them what you’re made of. At the workplace, you’ll be at your dazzling best and if you’re wondering if your superiors are noticing, they soon will be. If you’re planning to woo someone special, just be your best self and allow them to fall for the kind of person you are. Watch your health mid month and make sure you’re eating your supplements on time. It is a good month to make holiday plans; pamper yourself.


Your patience will be tested this month, so don’t say the cards didn’t warn you. Expect delays and minor disappointments in both, your professional and personal lives. Someone may turn out to be highly unreliable and you may discover someone’s true colours. Better to be hurt a little now than be devastated later, the cards warn. Not everyone shares your enthusiasm and not everyone has the same heart as yours.  Stop comparing and stop expecting. Good things come to those who wait.


You could find yourself in a bit of a deadlock this month. And the uncertainty could make you feel tensed and out of sorts. Don’t procrastinate, take a stand and stick to your decision.  Relationship-wise, the cards urge you to bring down the barriers between you and your loved ones and risk appearing vulnerable. Shutting down emotionally could lead to unnecessary confusion and pain. Meditation and deep breathing will allow you to regain your control and find clarity. Professionally, this could be a frustrating month if you’re not open-minded or willing to go with the flow. Choose the middle path.


When you let go of micromanaging everything and expecting things to go according to plan, that is when good things happen. The cards indicate stubbornness and obsessiveness in you which could lead to problems. Relax, let go, and learn to trust your instincts and other people. Your determination to succeed could bring you accolades. And on the personal front, a reunion or reconciliation with a loved one is on the horizon. Remember to listen to everyone’s point of view, even if it’s contrary to yours. Surrender your ego to the highest good.


Don’t get carried away by the glitter and the bling. Read the small print of contracts and agreements and look beneath the surface of every offer. Many opportunities may come your way and the cards urge you to not be impulsive. Don’t make any decisions until you’re very sure about what you really want. A special person may leave you confused about what to do and a choice may need to be taken. One tip, trust your heart always. At work, don’t sign any document until you’re absolutely clear about the offer, and the individuals involved. If too confused, take the advice of a trusted counsel.


Work may increase at a breakneck pace; expect to be inundated with demands on your time and energy. Set firm boundaries beforehand about how much you can and should do for others. Do not hesitate in saying no to those who take too much from you without acknowledging your efforts or thanking you. Family matters may reach a stalemate and you may be left wondering about where you stand in terms of your personal relationships. Watch out for malicious gossip. Financially, it is a month of gain and if you’re lucky, a promotion or a pay hike is in the offing. Hard work and honesty does pay.


Domestic matters come to the forefront and you could find yourself busy with renovations at home, relocation or buying your dream home.  Do budget your expenses as you could go overboard. An impulse purchase in this period could lead to regret later on. A colleague or employee may disturb your peace of mind and you are advised to rise above their pettiness. Do not allow another person’s jealousy to undermine your self-belief. You are worth much more than you think.


Be extra vigilant with your ideas, your possessions and your documents. Dishonesty surrounds you and someone may try to deceive you in the subtlest manner possible. Before you trust someone blindly, pause and listen to your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.  A loved one may test your trust and you may feel let down by someone who promised much more than they delivered.  Be realistic in your dealings and expectations with people and you won’t be brokenhearted.


The card of travel and learning reveals exciting times ahead. Your mind will be opened by new ideas and experiences. A chance encounter with a stranger could change your views about something forever. A young person takes centre stage in your life and you could find yourself thinking about furthering your education or taking a weekend workshop to upgrade your skills. Your health is good and your energy levels high. Remember to share your optimism with others and make someone’s day by spreading your happiness and enthusiasm. You are being blessed for all your kindness and good deeds.


Good luck, abundance and contentment come your way in October. One of your dreams is coming true. Watch out for laziness and overindulgence though and don’t get too complacent.  All the hard work and energy you’ve put into achieving your goals slowly begins to bear fruit. You and your significant other begin to reach a new, deeper level of commitment and passion. And if you were planning to get married, it may happen sooner than you think. A good month for all the good things in life, just remember not to overindulge in the rich and the fattening stuff!