Monthly Tarot Forecast for January, 2016 by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast for January, 2016 by Mita Bhan

Celebrity astrologer Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot Readings for the month of January, 2016. Let's see what the cards reveal for your sun sign: 

A major decision gets made in the week ahead. You may need to evaluate various choices and choose a course of action that suits your higher interests. Don’t doubt yourself now, because things are going to get bigger and better in front of your eyes. Self-employed people may consider partnerships. Singles may choose to settle down during this period. Time for some big changes, don’t be afraid, go forth and seize the day. A favorable period for travel and higher learning, whatever you do now will assure you success in the long run.

Don’t let other people’s behavior drag you down. There may be a lot of tension around you but you need to stay detached under any cost. Even on the personal side, someone’s constant complaining and bickering may make you feel like running away. Take time out for yourself, recharge your batteries and vow to keep a distance from all forms of negative influences. Minor delays surround your plans. And if you were expecting an answer or some kind of payment you may need to wait a little longer. Be patient, this phase will pass.

Something you’ve been trying to bury in the closet may return. It could be a bad habit, a secret or an addictive side to your personality. Instead of pretending it doesn’t exist, how about confronting your own dark side and working your way through the negative blocks. A minor crisis at the workplace may make things clearer in your view. And if you’ve been taking too many people for granted, you may be taught a lesson. Wake up, roll up your sleeves and don’t delay any important work.

You’ve got some great ideas and plans, but no one seems to be listening to them. At work, you may feel frustrated by your boss’s behavior. Or you may begin to reconsider this job altogether. Something in you tells you that you’re not living up to your true potential. A little counselling or healing may put you back on track. Even in your relationships you may feel like people have changed too much for your liking. Instead of pointing out the differences, how about making an effort to bring back the harmony by changing from within?

Success will finally come to you after shedding a little blood, sweat and tears. Something works out in the end. And you may feel a little worn out by the pressure in the recent days but also relieved that it’s over. A blow up with a friend could end warmly. An argument will be resolved. The cards urge you to be patient and realize that at the end of every storm there is peace. Watch out for reckless spending and acting impulsive on things you really don’t need.

A competitor arrives and unnerves you with their confidence. A co-worker grabs an opportunity or a promotion that was meant to be yours. Instead of panicking or feeling useless, remember your past achievements and work from that level. Speak up for what is yours, and don’t let adversaries get an upper hand. Now is not the time to be timid or meek. You may feel a little restricted by your mate or spouse’s possessiveness. Instead of doing what they say to keep the peace, it’s time to set clear boundaries.

You’ve had enough of socializing and may choose to retreat to your private space this week. Switch off the phone and just chill, you deserve this quiet time to potter and plan. One of your dreams may come true by way of an unexpected phone call. Make sure your plans are in order though. A good time to do some meditation or learn some form of alternative healing. Peace is around the corner, all you need is to close your eyes and go within.

Stop worrying about going broke. Just because you’ve spent a lot lately doesn’t meant you won’t make up for it again. A recurring health issue may require medical attention but it will be healed if you go soon enough. The future is not a scary place if you don’t let it be that way. Focus on the present moment, focus on being productive and most of all insist on seeing the positive side to everything. Things are never that bad as they seem to be.

Unexpected delays may cause a little bit of a panic at the workplace. Your team may not deliver on time. Or a valuable team member may fall sick. Roll up your sleeves and expect to work a little more than usual in the days ahead. In the personal front, someone you may not have seen in eons may want to meet with you. An old flame could send you a message. Remember, why you broke up in the first place before you jump at the opportunity to meet with them.

Harmony reigns again. Your good mood is picked up by others and you may feel like going out and party. Someone seeks you out for advice and someone expresses their feelings for you. If single, expect to meet someone much older who may show you a side of life which you never thought existed. A lucky week for money and property matters. You may discover something you invested in has appreciated manifold. 
You’re bored and you can’t hide it any longer. Maybe it’s the work you do, or the same old faces you meet everyday. Even at home there’s a side of you that may screaming out for change. Do what needs to be done. Start networking again. And keep a lookout for interesting jobs in the market. You may choose to spend time apart from your better half and discover you prefer your own company to theirs. Change is in your hands. Take a look around you and see what needs to be changed, and don’t hold back.

If someone’s hurt you or let you down don’t keep it inside. Repressed emotions may get the better of you or worse still affect your mood and your health. Talk about what’s bothering you and if that’s not possible find a way to express your feelings. Pay attention to your dreams, your intuition may be heightened in this period. Listen to your inner voice. And don’t dismiss it as an imagination.