Monthly Tarot Forecast for April 2017 by astroYogi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast for April 2017 by astroYogi

Celebrity astrologer Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot Readings for the month of April 2017. Read what your sign has in store for you this month. Enjoy your reading.

Time to be super vigilant. Is something amiss? Are all documents in place? Are you being 100% honest with yourself? Do you feel someone is not telling you the whole truth? Keep your radars on at all times. Temptations may come and go but the cards urge you not to give into your impulses. At work, it may be wise to think about how things are done and to keep up the standards. Avoid short cuts and procrastination. If involved in a relationship, the dissatisfaction may grow and you may start wondering if the other person is really worth your energy and affection. A good month for reappraising situations. Listen to your gut, you already know where you need to make the necessary changes.

Don’t be afraid to take a leap into a new direction. A new chapter is unfolding in your life and it's about risks. Feel the fear, face it and do what you need to. You may be bubbling with some good ideas but keeping them to yourself isn’t going to help the team. Speak out, be a little more assertive and soon you could get the recognition you so deserve. A stressful situation can be tackled by detaching yourself or taking the advice of someone neutral. Financially a good month, and people may want you to lend some money. Lend only if you are ready to not get it back. Healthwise, a nagging pain or ailment could come back so do try to keep your stress levels in check and eat right. A great month for taking up a new hobby or fitness regime.

Time to learn to let go. If you think you’ve learnt the lesson, then why are you still getting stressed by the same old things. Go inwards and find out which relationship, expectation or habit you may be holding on to and let it go. In work matters, learn to be a little flexible with payments. Impatience is not going to help you in the least. An old friend may get in touch after years and you may discover some strange coincidences have occurred in both your lives. Family matters go smoothly as long as you learn to let go of unnecessary expectations. A great month for planning your holiday or investing in a long term option. Think things through and don’t let your impulsiveness get in the way.

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If something’s not working, it's pointless to keep on trying. Let go and try something totally different. A new route, a new approach is the way forward. Job seekers may find opportunities in new industries. Or a new job role opens up to you within the organization itself. The cards urge you to experiment and open your mind, things will pay off in the long run. Interpersonally you may have to be more assertive with a man of influence. Asking for what you want, or stating what you feel clearly and concisely will get the desired results instead of waiting. A month of action, a month of choices, prepare yourself for busy days ahead.

Moderation is the key to success and now is the time to bring some balance in your life, dear Leo. If you’ve been working too hard, take out time to play. If you’ve been eating out too often or neglecting your health, you may need to pay heed to the warnings your body is giving you. Sleep patterns may be disturbed. Too much familiarity with someone could breed resentment. Make space for yourself, to reconnect with your inner needs. Pull back a little if a relationship gets a little too demanding. Temporary delays in money and work matters could get you irritable, things will eventually sort themselves out, but for now, you have to be patient.

With your sharp mind and memory, you’ll find yourself focusing on communication, completing old projects, making contact with those in positions of power and dealing with more and more people this month. Your ambitions are heightened as you progress on your goals. Associations with powerful people will be instrumental in your long term success. Just make sure to research thoroughly and be prepared for unexpected questions. It's all about how much you know and who you know. In the personal arena, plans may get delayed or canceled and you will find yourself working longer hours rather than socializing. Do reach out to a trusted friend or family member when you need them. Things will happen in your favour and your hard work will pay off.
You aren’t listening to what others have advised you about. And you aren’t noticing what is obvious to them. Keep an open mind to opinions that may differ with yours. And pay attention to your critics. Change can only happen from within and when you’re ready. Minor delays and obstacles have been placed in front of you for a reason. Figure out why and then you will understand. Single Librans may mingle with some magnetic souls and may find a special someone in the weeks ahead. Healthwise, a good month as you begin to see progress.
Are you getting too focused on material gain and forgetting the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life? Has it all been about money and work lately and little or no time for rest and recreation? Family members may need your presence. And if you’ve been ignoring your health of late, this is the month to start bringing a holistic view of your life be it in your relationships, your nutrition or exercise. Opportunities may come your way and it may be time for you to trust your intuition. Pay attention to your gut about someone or something, if it feels right, do it, if it doesn’t, step away. A good month for businesses and partnerships, negotiations will proceed smoothly.
After a phase of stress and disappointments, relief comes at last. Positive energy surrounds you and the minute you tap into it, you begin to feel a sense of optimism once again. Rightly so, because things are becoming better, bit by bit, day by day. If something was worrying you, acceptance of the situation will bring peace. Work and family matters run quite smoothly and you will find yourself detaching more and more from other people's drama. Your health improves and you may start looking at ways to keep yourself productive. Taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill would be a wonderful thing to take up in this phase. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Not everyone is you and that is your power. However, sometimes, it's also your weakness as you stress over the lack of ethics or dishonesty displayed by someone else. You’ve learnt your lesson, never judge a book by its cover. People may let you down and the only way to get over it is to forgive but not forget. Team efforts may slow down but that doesn’t mean progress isn’t happening. Those of you in a relationship may see someone’s true colours. It will be up to you whether you would continue or break away. Financial matters look promising but once again, double check the details.
Whatever you fear is not coming true. Don’t run away with your imagination. And make it a point to connect with some source of positive energy in your life every day. In business, a new idea will slowly begin to take shape and you may feel motivated to make a difference again. You’re no ordinary soul and do not allow others to put you down, obviously or subtly. Young people will bring a sense of renewed joy into your life. And you may feel like taking a risk or two, trust your heart and do it.
Your home becomes the hub of much activity in the coming weeks. Either it's visitors or you may decide to start working from home. Expect a busy period full of phone calls, messages and meetings. And if that’s not all, look forward to a family celebration or reunion promising fun and laughter. You will be in a romantic or flirtatious mood and life is going to offer you plenty of opportunities for romance, but before you steal their hearts ask yourself if you really want a relationship or just a little fun. Success will come from maintaining a sense of personal integrity and ethic in all your dealings.