Monthly Numerology Tarot Readings By Certified International Expert Tarot Pooja

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Monthly Numerology Tarot Readings By Certified International Expert Tarot Pooja

We offer you a Unique,Exclusive & Insightful Reading for the 1st time here on Astroyogi which is so Comprehensive that cannot be easily matched. It combines the Science of Numbers ( Numerology ) as well as Tarot along with Science of Planets ( Astrology )


We will be giving you crisp yet an In depth picture of how your May 2020 will look like so that you not only know how to welcome it but also how to embrace it with necessary Divine Advice & your corresponding Actions


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We will use your Prime Numbers as per Numerology using your Date Of Birth and then with its combination with the Month & Year will Calculate your Monthly Prediction Number


This Monthly Prediction Number will be used to draw a Tarot Card from the card deck and then the Overall Reading for the said Month will be comprehended


As an example , if your Date Of Birth is 23- March – 1980, we will take only 23, that is the Date.


Now we will combine this with the Month & Year as follows -


23 + 5 ( May ) + 4 ( 2020 )


5+9 = 14 = 5


Hence in this example Monthly Prediction Number is 5 . Hence you will look for Number 5 Prediction for your May 2020 Reading


Also keep in mind that month May is number 5 which is for Mercury which is the fastest planet or Planet of Travel hence its qualities will also get added up in your Monthly Predictions. This is overall very good for us because of the present global challenge as the challenge will go away from its existence soon & hence by the end of the month we will be almost free from it and looking at the consolidation phase by the start of June as per my Predictions


Similarly Year 2020 adds up to Number 4 which is the number for Rahu or Uranus. Thus more & more technology driven society will come up this year, more of Work From Home culture,new apps & platforms will get designed & introduced,New systems of doing things will be introduced that we would have never thought of before


Another interesting fact for the upcoming month is that Month & Year add up to number 9 which is for planet Mars which is the planet of Energy & governed by Sun. Remember lighting diyas @9 pm for 9 minutes by Prime Minister Modi’s suggestion & so many viral videos then explaining how that will eradicate the virus soon due to Mars planet effect of number 9.Again this gives us a refreshing hope that our global problem & this pandemic will get healed to a large extend in the coming month


Also adding number 9 to your Monthly Prediction number gives you back your Prime number only that you started with. So month of Completion & Positivity


Now please add up your birthday digits to come to your Prime Number and accordingly the Monthly Prediction number & refer to the Readings below -


Monthly Prediction Number 1 -

1 + May + 2020

1 + 5 + 4 = 10 = 1   


Tarot Card – The Hierophant


Reading -

Number 1 is associated with Sun. Sun will give you lot of Energy this month but remember to remain down to earth and not become egoistic or fly in the air. You will be very Creative and must use your ideas within the set boundaries only. You will be in a position to give great advice to people hence a very good Mentor. Good time to start those mentorship programs,online coaching which will not only help people specially in this time of stress but also can be an added revenue source for you. You  will be working very hard this month. Father will be a reason of happiness & give you blessings


Lucky Color – Orange

Lucky Crystal – Citrine


Monthly Prediction Number 2 -

2 + May + 2020

2 + 5 + 4 = 11 = 2 


Tarot Card – Death


Reading -

Number 2 is associated with Moon & can make you over emotional and indecisive. May is the month for you to move on for good. Break up , divorce,job loss, just don’t be stuck in the past. Cut your cords permanently from those unhealthy people & situations and begin from a clean slate. Embrace new people & new events in your life. It's high time you need to add some fun & excitement in your life. Cook a new recipe,do gardening,start dating,watch your favorite movies whatever connects with you and gives you immense Joy


Lucky Color – Golden

Lucky Crystal – Opalite


Monthly Prediction Number 3 -

3 + May + 2020

3 + 5 + 4 = 12 = 3  


Tarot Card – The Lovers


Reading -

Number 3 is associated with Jupiter. Keep yourself physically fit and invest time & effort in getting ready everyday. Self Love is the Mantra for the month. You will be so attractive & charming that opposite gender will have all eyes for you. If you are single you might get few proposals and if in a relationship then your partner will adore you and have eyes only for you. You will do well in business also along with Romance this month. You can organize or Plan some future events or vacations this month


Lucky Color –  Red

Lucky Crystal – Red Aventurian


Monthly Prediction Number 4 -

4 + May + 2020

4 + 5 + 4 = 13 = 4 


Tarot Card – The Hanged Man

Reading -

Number 4 is for Rahu or Uranus. This month you need to focus on work & must work hard and keep a track of your performance. Do not indulge in comfort & luxury only and try to keep a balance. Also watch out that you are not getting stingy. Avoid arguments and unhealthy exchanges with anyone


Lucky Color –  Yellow

Lucky Crystal –  White Quartz


Monthly Prediction Number 5 -

5 + May + 2020

5 + 5 + 4 = 14 = 5   

Tarot Card – Temperance


Reading -

Number 5 represents Mercury and hence such people like variety or change. They get bored with set pattern. However the guidance clearly says that you need a lot of patience this month. You have no other option but to get used to the routine & boring life if you want the favorable results right now. If you do not exhibit patience then even after having a great potential you will not succeed


Lucky Color –  Blue

Lucky Crystal – Lapis Lazuli


Monthly Prediction Number 6 -

6 + May + 2020

6 + 5 + 4 = 15 = 6  


Tarot Card – The Sun


Reading -

Venus is for number 6 & usually gives Luxury & Harmony. This month number 6 people be open & generous to the needy & anybody who is weaker to you in any context. Do as much charity & donation you can. Share whatever resources you have with those who need it around you. You will receive double back in future. Do not be touchy this month and learn to take things with a pinch of a salt. You also need some rest this month as fatigue or burnout might happen


Lucky Color –  White

Lucky Crystal –  Tree Agate


Monthly Prediction Number 7 -

7 + May + 2020

7 + 5 + 4 = 16 = 7   


Tarot Card – The High Priestess

Reading -


Number 7 is the number of Ketu or Neptune. Use your Intuition & Spiritual Wisdom this month to heal as many as possible. Be a Mentor,teach Yoga,Meditation,etc. For Self also be in a Meditative state. This month is the period for your Spiritual Growth. Try to be flexible this month as you might need to make some changes that you might not enjoy


Lucky Color –  Indigo

Lucky Crystal – Turquoise


Monthly Prediction Number 8 -

8 + May + 2020

8 + 5 + 4 = 17 = 8  


Tarot Card – The Fool


Reading -

Number 8 is for Saturn. Saturn gives will power & determination but also delay in results as its the slowest planet. It first tests you then awards you. This month just be yourself. Do not give in to any peer pressure or thoughts like what will people say. You have unique talents &  are very Innocent at the same time. All you need to do is keep your ears & eyes open so that no one can manipulate you or you are not a scapegoat in any office politics


Lucky Color –  Green

Lucky Crystal –  Black Tourmaline


Monthly Prediction Number 9 -

9 + May + 2020

9 + 5 + 4 = 18 = 9   


Tarot Card – The Magician


Reading -

Number 9 represents Mars. This month has Success in store for you for sure. You will receive bundle of Energy so make sure you lower down your aggression so that do not offend people,specially your seniors at work. Use your extra energy constructively as its a limited time offer so enjoy till it last. Mix this extra energy with your hard work and potential for sure shot Success



Lucky Color –  Pink

Lucky Crystal –  Rose Quartz


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