Mercury turns retrograde, July 14

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Mercury turns retrograde, July 14

Have you been living your life in the fast lane? It's time to slow down a bit, folks. With Mercury turning retrograde on July 14 at 12 degrees of Leo, you may see some upheavals in your life. It will then resume to its direct motion at 1 degree of Leo on August 7.

During this phase, things may not move at the pace you would have wanted; your projects may get delayed and you may face initial hiccups while starting a new project.

But hold on! You think your life will move at a snail's pace with everything slowing down? Well, not really. Generally, we assume that Mercury going retrograde is a bad phase but it is not always so. We may blame it for all the miscommunications, tussles, problems in our personal and professional life. But if you realise, this period has something really good to offer. This phase is more like a warning signal alarming you to have a reality check.

This is a good time to review, reassess and do some evaluation and work on to bring some changes in your mundane routines. If you are not happy with what has been happening, break free from it; de-stress yourself. This phase, in actual, breathes life into your monotonous life. What went wrong; why it went wrong; what can you do to better things; how did you come so far? This is the best time to analyze yourself and seek answers to all such questions.

All this while, you may have been running errands, performing your duties and responsibilities, pleasing others but this phase actually lets you have some time for yourself. The light will focus on you and only you.

During Mercury's retro phase, you tend to see some unforeseen changes and blockages. Your inability to change along with the change may leave you frustrated. So, you need to be extremely focused on yourself and your actions. Things that had eluded you earlier will become crystal clear during this period.

Since Mercury represents the principles of communication, reasoning, mentality, adaptability and variability, this phase will test your mental strength, your adaptability and agility. You will be inclined towards spiritualism and attaining peace.

This can be a painful and frustrating period but if you do not succumb to this testing time and excel through it, then you are ready for any challenges that life may throw upon you. So, just relax and get prepared for it!