Mercury transits from Aries to Taurus on June 3rd

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
By Team Astroyogi

Mercury is considered to be the lord of Gemini and Virgo amongst the 12 zodiac signs. Mercury is also the key significator of language and communication aspects of human life and any changes in the transit of this planet is believed to bring about significant changes in our lives. Mercury will transit into Taurus on the 3rd of June at 8.01 PM. Read on to learn about the impact of this transit on your zodiac sign.


The transit will happen in the 2nd of your zodiac sign. You will be financially strong and stable during the time period. You will also be appreciated for your contributions in the work place. But since Mercury is the lord of your 6th house, you take care of your health and be precautious of your enemies.


The transit will happen in the 1st of your zodiac sign, so this transit is going to bring about a lot of changes in your life. You will be very convincing, polite and an absolute master of communication during this time period. You will be getting financial gains and this transit is also beneficial for your career. You will be assuaged from longing concerns. Students have high chances of cracking competitive examinations.


The transit will happen in the 12th house of your zodiac sign. You will see your expenses burgeoning during this time period. You are advised not to borrow money during this time period and if you are going for a significant investment then you should be careful and should not leave any stone unturned for doing your groundwork. You may be concerned about your health during this time period and you may also see an increase in workload at your workplace. Since the planet is the lord of your 4th house, you may spend some quality time with your mother and make her happy.


Mercury will be transiting into your 11th house which is very lucky and auspicious for you. This would resolve any concerns and issues which you were struggling with for a long time. There are high chances of significant financial gain during this time period. Entrepreneurs and businessmen will reap great profit during this time period. However, you are advised to save a portion of whatever you are making during this time period.


The 10th is where the transit will be happening for you. Unemployed Leos have a high chance of getting a new job. Those who are into business will have a lucky time, as you have chances of reaping profit from all aspects of your business because of this transit. You are advised to take care of your relationships and be diplomatic. You should also be keeping a track of how you are spending your hard earned money.


The transit will be happening in your 9th house which indicates a favorable time period for you. Since luck is in your favor you can indulge into some risky endeavors which can bring in financial gain. You may have to take up more responsibilities at the work place and it would also be an opportunity to showcase your skillsets and abilities. You will also be relieved from long-term ailments or injuries.


The Mercury transit will happen in your 8th house. Due to the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in the same house, you may be furious and show a lot of aggression during this time period. You should stay safe from fire and heat. You are advised to take care of your health and body during this time period, a careless attitude towards your these aspects would take a toll on your body in the long run.


For the Scorpios, the transit will happen in their 7th house. Your married life will see a lot of twists and turns during this time period. This is not a favorable time for unmarried couples too. You may also be concerned about your health related aspects during this time period. You may get some good news on the work front.


With reference to Sagittarius, the transit is happening in the 6th house. This can slow down the pace of success which you are enjoying now. Your enemies may create obstacles for you. You may miss out on things which you were about to accomplish. You may also face some arbitrary delays, but you are advised to stay strong and persistent. This is just a passing phase and it’s just a matter of time.


Your 5th house is the house which pertains to your education, relationships, and offsprings. The Mercury transit into your fifth house is favorable for all these aspects. You will be able to survive all test of time with your intelligence and abilities during this tenure and luck will be supporting you. You may have to leave for a long journey during this time period.


The transit will happen in your 4th house, which is the house of luxuries, possessions and your relationship with your mother. You will reap the fruits of your persistent hard work during this tenure. You will earn respect and adoration from your family and relatives. You should be cautious while traveling and driving since Mercury is the lord of your eighth house.


The transit will happen in your 3rd house. The transit will bring focus and direction in your life. You have high chances of earning promotions and financial gains from your work front. Since Mercury is the lord of your 7th house, your relationship with better half will be smooth and lovely. If you are having any disagreements with your partner then this is the right time to sort things out and convince them.

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