Mercury Transit to Pisces and Its Impacts on Your Moon Sign

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Mercury Transit in Pisces and Its Impacts on Your Moon Sign

Mercury transits from Aquarius to Pisces on the 7th April 2020, and will prolong its transit in the sign till 25th of April 2020. Being the significator of education, business, and communication the transit of mercury has a great impact on people’s lives. Mercury would debilitate at 15 degrees in Pisces, and this deblitation can have  malicious impact on your career and education front mainly. 

Astroyogi experts astrologer explain the impact of this major planetary transit on your moon sign:



As far as Aries sign is concerned, Mercury will move into the 12th.The debilitation of Mercury can cause some extra expenses for you and you may have to go for frequent work related errands during this tenure. However, the strong aspect of Jupiter would help you in the career and education front. You will get recognized for your efforts during this tenure.



Mercury moves into the 11th house for Taurus. This would be a very favorable time and you might feel confident to take a big step in your life, like purchasing a new home or starting your new business. There are chances of a promotion or a good incentive amount to be credited to your account during this tenure. There are chances of slight conflicts and friction in personal life and relationships which should be handled wisely.



With Mercury positioned in the 10th house for the Gemini, there would be some good news for people whose parents are suffering from some ailments. The period would be very pleasant time for couples as they would appreciate and recognize each other’s importance and contribution. However, there are chances of arguments and friction in your workplace, which can be avoided if you can keep your temperament low.



The positioning of Mercury in the 9th house would lead you to focus more on to the passions and hobbies which were neglected or sidetracked due to your busy schedule. You might go for a long trip which you were planning for long. There are chances of a well spent time or a long conversation with someone who was very close to you but resides far away now. You will be enjoying life to the fullest but might have to make slight compromises in your career front for the quality time spent.



With Mercury positioned on the 8th house from your moon sign. This might prove to be a bittersweet period for you. As far as your finances are concerned it is advised that you don’t go for big investments during this tenure as there are chances of severe losses. Stock traders are advised to be very cautious and if possible try to keep safe by doing minimal trading during this tenure till 27th. There are also chances of instances or conversations which can hurt your ego or self-esteem. However the time is good for family bonding, and you can expect guests and relatives dropping into your place for a short stay during this time period.

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The positioning of Mercury in your 7th house would enhance your communication abilities. If you are a performing artist or occupied in a creative domain you will showcase your best performance or output during this tenure. Ideas will flow freely to you and you just need to capitalize on those. On the personal front, this boon in communication would help you a lot as you would be able to put your deep felt emotions in words and this would instead bring back the spark in your relationship.



Libra would experience some hindrances in achieving their goals during this tenure as Mercury is positioned in their 6th house. Things would need a minimum threshold of effort to be accomplished, and it will not be a cake walk for you anymore. However, aspirants would pursue their ambitions if they put in their best efforts during the time span. There are also probabilities of ill health and ailments, you would also be concerned about the health of your spouse or near relatives.



This is an auspicious time for students and couples. Students would excel in academics and there is a high probability of couples to tie the note during this time period. Mercury the significator of education and communication will be positioned in the 5th house for the moon sign. This could also induce false pride in you and it is advised that you keep your ego low as there are chances of slight arguments which can arise due to this egoistic attitude.



With mercury in the 4th house, Sagittarius would spend some quality family time. Those who are staying far from their parents have the chances of meeting them and spending time with them. Your spouse will be very supportive during this tenure and you would appreciate their contribution and support. There are chances of unexpected expenses during this time period.



It can be discerned that Mercury will move into your 3rd house during this transit. There are chances of you switching your career to a profession which is more relevant to your hobbies and preferences. You would also be appreciated in your social circle for the talent you possess or for showcasing your passion. There are also chances of mild disagreements and arguments with your business partners or colleagues due to your difference in approach.



Mercury in the 2nd  house would imply better communication ability as the planet is the significator of this trait. Artists and singers would find this time period very rewarding and will receive many accolades and appreciation for their wonderful performance. There are also chances of increased income and better financial gain for both the salaried and the business class.



Having Mercury which is a planet of your own sign in the first house would definitely bring in some good news. As the positioning is very comfortable for the planet and would make your domestic life harmonious. The period is not just beneficial for you but also for your spouse who can expect some good news on the career front. There are chances of marriages or child births in your family during this time.

Our expert astrologers have generalized the predictions and mentioned the broad impacts of the mercury transit for each moon sign. However, for a detailed analysis, our expert astrologers would consider your birth chart and the Vargas, which would provide more insights into your destiny.