Mercury Transit in Gemini- The Best Time to Improve Your Intellectual Skills

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

As an astrological planet, Mercury shows our reasoning, ability, mind, and the way we communicate. On 7th July 2021, it is going to transit into the Gemini sign. Here, Mercury supports excellent vocabulary; we enjoy learning and can communicate easily, with confidence, and in a well-mannered way.

Key points that the transit will affect are personal feelings, make you talkative, charming, and keep you updated with knowledge in everyday affairs.

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How Mercury Works in Different Signs-

Aries- Mercury will transit in the 3rd house; you will be noticed for more intelligence with sound reasoning and communications powers. You can make quick decisions as you start thinking accurately about the situation, most of the time.  Read today's horoscope for Aries.


Taurus- Mercury will transit in the 2nd house, you may feel more practical, and may you have a practical approach regarding investments. Your communication skills are excellent. Read today's horoscope for Taurus.

Gemini- Mercury is going to transit in your Lagna. You may feel more curious, adaptable, restless. Moreover, this time, you may feel nervous, with solid intellectual power and quick decision power. Read today's horoscope for Gemini.

Cancer- Mercury will transit in the 12th house, you may feel more receptive to others problems, or you will be noticed as more secretive. You may also feel less confident while making any decision. Read today's horoscope for Cancer.

Leo- Mercury will transit in the 11th house; you may feel active and excited and would like to spend time with friends. Now you feel comfortable sharing important things and work ideas with friends and execute them. Read today's horoscope for Leo.

Virgo- Mercury will transit in the 10th house, you may feel, career is important to you, and make new plans for expanding your business. Read today's horoscope for Virgo.

Libra- Mercury will transit in the 9th house; you may make plans for doing higher education. You may also start taking an interest in philosophy and other cultures. You may also begin to learn any new language. Read today's horoscope for Libra.


Scorpio- Mercury will transit in the 8th house; you may feel attracted to cults and start learning. You will be approached for financial matters and noticed for handling the financial and possession issues. Read today's horoscope for Scorpio.


Sagittarius- Mercury will transit in the 7th house; you may get approached for marriage and get a partner younger than you. You may get new relations, and it might be good for your profession as well. You will be approached for counseling, psychological sessions, and understanding the law. Read today's horoscope for Sagittarius.


Capricorn- Mercury will transit in the 6th house; you may feel more practical, reserved, systematic, and for mental work. You may feel that you are becoming more hygienic and want to improve your health. Read today's horoscope for Capricorn.


Aquarius- Mercury will transit in the 5th house; you may feel creative and want to do something for your interest. You want to spend time with your children during this period. Read today's horoscope for Aquarius.


Pisces- Mercury will transit in the 4th house; you may start liking antiques, books, stamps, and coins. You may also start a profession like real estate, agriculture, ecology, or any profession related to communication and telecom.Read today's horoscope for Pisces.

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