Mercury Re-Entering Taurus - Time to Revisit Previous Events.

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Mercury Re-Entering Taurus - Time to Revisit Previous Events.

Mercury would be turning retrograde on 3rd June 2021 and re-enter Taurus owned by Venus. When a planet turns retrograde, then it turns erratic, and the planet displays varying results. Also, we need to understand that Mercury would enter a fallen state as it is falling back from Gemini to Taurus, and a fallen planet delivers moderate results.

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Only when Mercury turns direct on 22nd June 2021, then good results can be expected. Until then, Mercury would be making a revisit to the events it caused while it was placed in Taurus. These events can be good/bad based upon their placement as per the Moon sign. Mercury signifies intellect, intelligence, knowledge, maternal uncle/aunts, negotiation skills, speech, recall ability, commercial activity, trading, green color, mantra recitation, etc., and these attributes are likely to get influenced. 

The Moon zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are likely to revisit some good results. On the other hand, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius are likely to revisit some odd results. These results are likely to be as follows.


Mercury would be placed in the 2nd house. Your speech can deliver magic if you weigh your words properly and synthesize them. It would be wise to document your efforts in the form of Emails as it can create a launchpad for your future growth. Certain projects/activities that were unfinished during the last transit can be triggered now, so you should finish them off now. Avoid debates and heated arguments; otherwise, you may get into odd situations. Know more about Aries


Mercury would be placed in the Lagna/First House. Your intelligence would be at a high, and try to utilize it in the right direction. Likewise, your intuitive tendencies would also be on a high. The family would occupy central importance, and you should spend maximum time with them. It may also be a good time to learn new things at work, and it can deliver an addition to your overall skill set. Avoid making capital expenditures. Know more about Taurus


Mercury would be placed in the 12th house. Some mental troubles can haunt you, and there is a need to be logical during this time. Seeking help from elders and well-wishers would be a good choice. You may be acting a bit aloof but treat it normal. The family environment may be silent so let it remain like that. Your maternal relations may try to provoke you on certain affairs, and you need to maintain a “No Reaction” policy to bypass this time. Know more about Gemini


Mercury would be placed in the 11th house. A watchful and planned travel can benefit you, especially if it relates to work. Your intelligence will not fail you, and avoid pulling others down in this regard. Your versatility would be high, and it can be a good time to present yourself in front of your seniors. Foreign clientele/connections can benefit a lot. Monetary flow is likely to be smooth. You can expect some help from your maternal side, and such help can be professional and personal in nature. Know more about Cancer 


Mercury would be placed in the 10th house. Your professional life may brighten up, and there may be temporary opportunities to gain the limelight. Grab on to such opportunities as they can make up for some lost opportunities in the past. Your personal savings can get influenced positively. There can be occasions of good balance in your professional and personal life. There can also be some opportunities to solve any ongoing family problem/feud. Know more about Leo


Mercury would be placed in the 9th house. Your overall luck factor and opportunities to perform would improve. Staying spiritual would drive you out of the worst of the problems. Try to spend some quality time with your Father as it can yield improved bonding and probable solution to any current set of problems. It can also be a good time to practice introspection and gather your rights/wrongs in life. Avoid any shortcuts to success. Know more about Virgo


Mercury would be placed in the 8th house, and it is likely to deliver erratic results. Your luck may not favor you, and you should curb risk-taking tendencies. Stay away from trading and speculative tendencies as they can deliver potential losses. Keep a watch on your speech to deliver disturbances with others and rather speak only when required. It can be a good time to enter spiritualism, and you need to avoid concealing tendencies to achieve that.  Know more about Libra


Mercury would be placed in the 7th house. Avoid anger and harsh language while dealing with your spouse. Likewise, it would be wise to deal in routine business with your clientele and avoid risky transactions. Your mental alertness may not act to the fullest so avoid impulsive behavior. It can somehow be a better time to attract new clientele, so try to focus your energy on that. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat well during this time. Know more about Scorpio


Mercury would be placed in the 6th house. Your enemies might try to harm your image so stay very alert. Home and work may appear like a battlefield to you, but you need to have the utmost patience while dealing with such situations. Work would be competitive, and it can be rewarding if you maintain logic and patience. Health may be a cause of concern, so take care of your sleep and eating habits. Try to have optimism during this time. Know more about Sagittarius

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Mercury would be placed in the 5th house. There can be new learning coming your way that can pave the way for future growth. Interest in mantra recitation, hawan, pooja can be very rewarding. There can be Godly assistance coming your way in odd situations. A holistic approach to life can be very fulfilling. Income level can improve, and some outstanding/pending payments can get released. Some enemy may be eyeing you to cause damage, so better watch your back.  Know more about Capricorn


Mercury would be placed in the 4th house. Your learning ability, as well as overall academic life, would brighten up. Your intellectual tendencies would also bear good results. There would be support from your family, and professional life would also be stable. Your children would demand your attention, so stay close to them. It can be a good time to appear for competitive exams and score well. There can be occasions for family get together. Know more about Aquarius


Mercury would be placed in the 3rd house. Your action orientation would be very active, and you would be able to drive the results in your favor. You would also be acting very bold, and it can be a favorable time to seek new responsibilities at work and gain desired growth. Love relationships may not be acting in your favor, and you should try to indulge only in work. The spouse may invite uninvited and uncalled for problems, so handle them with logic and patience.  Know more about Pisces


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