Mercury Transit in Pisces ON 17th December 2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Mercury would transit to Pisces on 17th December 2020. It also becomes debilitated in this sign and thereby generates some mixed influences. It will get conjunct with the Sun in Pisces, and it would also be aspected by Saturn in Capricorn. 


Mercury signifies intelligence, data interpretation ability, competitiveness, skills, education, commercial activities, trading, textiles, banking, taxation, maternal relations, etc., in Astrology. It is likely to influence natives on the attributes mentioned above.

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Let us try to understand the potential influences of this transit to various Moon signs.


Mercury would transit to the 12th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. It would be best to prioritize your work to gain the desired results. Otherwise, your effort is likely to go to waste. Your younger siblings may need you, so ensure you are available at the time of need. Take good care of your overall physical health as there are chances of falling ill. Work-life would be moderate, stick to your routine job. Let experience prevail over intelligence. There may be trouble from/to your maternal uncle/aunt, so stay alert.


Mercury would transit to the 11th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. There can be potential gains at work if you can anticipate the area and level of performance expected by your superiors at work. It would be best if you relied on your past experience to understand this. Income flow is likely to be even, and it may be that you may develop an additional source of income. You may learn new skills, and some literary work may deliver appreciation. Work-related travel can be very rewarding. Go slow and steady. Domestic life would also be comfortable.


Mercury would transit to the 10th house, and it is likely to deliver favorable results. Work-life would be very progressive, and your mental faculty would be very bright. Your ability to express yourself and negotiate for the right thing would be at its best so utilize this time to the fullest. You would be able to create a positive influence among your superiors, and in due course, it would enable you to demand choice things at work. Accept new projects and responsibilities, and your understanding would not let you down. Spend some quality time with your family to make the best out of this time. 


Mercury would transit to the 9th house, and it is likely to deliver positive results. Work-related travel would be very rewarding. Your overall luck factor would be very bright, and there would be little gaps in your actions and desired results. Your productivity level at work would improve drastically. A long-distance pilgrimage is on the cards, so make the best of this opportunity to balance your body and soul. You may develop an increased interest in spiritual sciences. Spend some quality time with your Father. Your maternal relatives may bring some happiness to your life.


Mercury would transit to the 8th house, and it is likely to deliver negative results. Think twice before speaking harshly with anyone; otherwise, there can be severe repercussions. Your intelligence might fail you, so kindly avoid hasty and impulsive decisions. Avoid incurring capital expenditure during this time period. Stick to the routine job at work and try to maintain a low profile. Totally avoid speculative and trading activities and also avoid activities that yield windfall gains. 


Mercury would transit to the 7th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your mental faculties would be very bright but avoid acting in a commanding manner. Work would be rewarding, and your overall clientele would be very profitable. Your social network is also likely to expand during this time. Try to interact politely with your spouse; otherwise, there can be unwanted discord. The family environment may not be very favorable, but your maturity and patience level can do the trick for you.


Mercury would transit to the 6th house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Keep a very good track of your overall health as there can be chances of falling ill. Do not mess around with your enemies else; there can be unwanted problems. Your luck may not favor you, and there can be redundancy that may lead to frustration. It can be an excellent time to gain better results in competitive exams/activities, and there can be some desired results. Weigh your risk appetite and judgment before helping anyone in need.


Mercury would transit to the 5th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Your literary pursuits can win accolades. Your overall learning pattern would improve, and there would be occasions for imbibing fresh knowledge at work. The income level would be very consistent. There can be a change in place of work, so stay alert. Stay close to your children as they demand your attention. You may develop an interest in the occult but better to keep a check on its depth. Your maternal relations may flourish at this time. 


Mercury would transit to the 4th house, and it is likely to deliver good results. Personal life is expected to be very favorable, and there can be occasions of family get-togethers. Academic and educational pursuits are likely to be very smooth. Work-life would be under control, and it is also likely to be rewarding in nature. Stay interactive with your superiors, and there can be occasions of acknowledgment for your participation and effort in your work. You may find solace in spiritual activities so avail any opportunity that comes your way.


Mercury would transit to 3rd house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Avoid deterrent behavior; otherwise, there can be problems. Restrict your movement to places and events that actually demand your presence. At the same point in time, a well-planned business travel plan can lead to some very good results. Work may be competitive, but it would be rewarding in nature. Your skillset and versatility at work would be acknowledged and appreciated by everyone.   


Mercury would transit to the 2nd house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Avoid harshness in voice and instead, work on improvement in the quality of speech. Maintain a time schedule and stick to activities to gain good results. Maintain good personal hygiene and take good care of your body. Work may not deliver the desired results, so maintain patience. Avoid being fickle-minded and stick to one activity at a single point in time. It would be wise to review your investment portfolio and book some profits.


Mercury would transit to Lagna/First house, and it is likely to deliver mixed results. Maintain a calm temperament, and then you are likely to have a good time. Your communication abilities would be at their best, so it can be an excellent time to present in front of your superiors. Maintain a “Let Go” attitude, and you would be able to avoid hefty situations. You may develop a temporary intuition ability, and it is likely to be good for you, so use it wisely. 


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