Mars transit in Libra on 10th November 2019

Friday, November 8, 2019

Mars commander-in-chief of the planetary cabinet is going to enter in Libra sign on 10th November 2019 at IST 14:49 and it will stay there till 25th December 2019. Mars will join Sun and Mercury in Libra sign and this will be known as the conjunction of three planets. 

Mars and Venus will transit into each other's houses. Mars is the lord of Scorpio sign and Venus is already placed here. Libra the sign of Venus, Mars will transit to it. This exchange of houses by their lords is considered auspicious if it appears in angular and trine houses.

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Aggressive Mars will make you active, courageous and bold but be careful in your communications. The harsh words can create conflict in family or business. This transit also signifies legal conflicts and lawsuits. It can be used creatively by staying conscious about actions to keep the relationship smooth or getting a new partner. 


Mars is going to transit from debt, disease and enmity house. This is the time to work hard to get things done. You need to keep your ego aside to work in a team. There will be expenses on the medical and travel front. Keep up a program of rigorous physical activity and avoid any situation that is not good for health. Hidden enemies will obstruct your work. 


Mars is going to bless you with love, affection, relationships and creativity. Your relationship will get strengthen in this period or you will enter into a new relationship. Your innovative ideas will be appreciated and can inspire others to work on them. This is a good time to win any competition. Health recovery is also indicated.


Mars is an auspicious planet for Cancer sign. It is going to enrich positive energies in your relationship, business or profession. New opportunities in career will arrive. This is also a good time to join a new job. It is a favourable period to get name fame and recognition. Property related work can also be sorted. 


Your mental level is high and you can work longer than usual in intellectual tasks. It is a good time to sell your ideas to others if you are in the marketing profession. You identify very strongly with your ideas and opinions at this time and you are rather inclined to be argumentative. If someone disagrees with you it seems like a personal affront. Pay attention to health too. 


Unexpected financial gains and expenses will keep you overwhelmed. Keep patience and ignore petty matters to keep harmony in the relationship. There can be a dispute with siblings related to property. Keep government documents updated to avoid any kind of issues. Financial issues will give mental stress to the businessman. 

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Your physical energy level is quite high and you will do a lot of work during this transit. You will become dominant in family, which others may not like. Straight, bold and courageous answers can create disharmony in the family. You can be entangled in office politics too. Balancing energy and communication is required. 


 Be attentive towards your communication and actions. The negative period can be transformed into a positive by keeping persistence. It is a favourable period for business travels. Signing a new project or opportunities from a foreign country can appear. Mars is going to favour in your relationship but aggressive behaviour can create conflict with the partner. 


This is a time to formulate your goals and actively pursue them. You will be tempted for pitfall money. This is a time to work in a team but Mars energies work as an individual. You need to coordinate your needs with others to work as a team. There can be an auspicious ceremony at home. A new relationship can make you feel happy. 



Mars is going to transit from Karma (action) house. Be conscious about what you do to take responsibilities of its effects. Try to align your interest with authority figures like parents or seniors. There can be expenses on legal or government-related issues. Do not disclose documents till the matter is accomplished. 


Dharma Karmadhipati yoga is going to give you positive results. The auspicious exchange of lords of luck house and career house will give good opportunities. It is a supportive period to purchase a property. Admission to university abroad, foreign travel is also indicated. Love and relationship will prosper. Addition of family member can also bring auspicious ceremony at home. 


Mars is the lord of Luck house is going to transit from obstacles house. There will be a delay in work. Unexpected medical expenses and minor surgery can appear. Money can go in paying tax as a penalty. Think twice before taking any action is an astrological remedy. The difference of views in the relationship can give chance to others to create misunderstandings.

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