Can you believe it! Marriage Issues can be resolved with the help of astrology!

Mon, May 11, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, May 11, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Can you believe it! Marriage Issues can be resolved with the help of astrology!

Issues & problems!!!!!! We really cannot pluck them out of our lives! Also, we cannot even let them merrily decay the peace and harmony too! The question is how to deal with them? Either to let them be or actually do something about it. So, if you have gone through all kinds of trials and ways to resolve issues in life and have failed then trust me this last try will not disappoint you!  

To get a personalized analysis of your marriage, consult our expert astrologers.


On one hand, marriage is considered to be the key to happiness and love, on the other if there is a problem, it also becomes the biggest cause of misery and sadness. If we talk about marriage, it includes both pre and post marriage issues. So to begin with  


Let us talk about pre-marriage issues.

 Like people who are in love and want to get married but finding a lot of problems on the way. They are looking for a way to find a love marriage problem solution and be with the one they love. Talking about the present year, according to the study love marriage problem solution 2020 is one of the most searched keywords and also the biggest problem people are facing.


Which clearly proves there are issues lurking in almost all relationships.

 When we talk about post-marriage issues then the increasing problems between couples takes away the tranquillity of the relationship. Some who seek marital advice and solution while others, unfortunately, due to circumstances, decide to give up for good.

In both cases, people yearn for solutions related to love and marriage which can be resolved with the help of astrology.

This might not sound convincing but as you read further you will know what I am talking about and eventually, you will understand.


Solution for love marriage issues

To fall in love is one of the most pious feelings one can experience. But when this feeling is haunted by issues, problems and misunderstanding then it can turn into a nightmare. Some people resolve these issues on their own but there are some who need assistance and guidance. It takes a lot of analysis and observation to find the right one to hand over your life decisions and follow their suggestions.


So before you give the reins of your life in the hands of someone, make sure you make the right choice.

When we consider married people most of us have seen that the first few days of marriage usually turn out great but it Is with the passage of time some experience trouble in maintaining compatibility, loyalty, trust and above all love and compassion for each other. The reason can be some outside air you let in your house or can be some issues generated between you two. Some are lucky enough to overcome these times or even not face them at all in the first place but there are a few who find it difficult to deal with it on their own. They crave to save their relationship but are unable to do so.

It is a hard truth that the universe that surrounds us in the form of planets can be the reason for all such problems! Find out why!


Are planets behind all problems in life?

According to the Vedic astrology, there are 9 planets which govern life on earth. Each planet has a distinct feature, behaviour and pace. They keep travelling from one zodiac to the other and change their behaviour according to the equation with the zodiac they keep residing in. All these things together affect the love relationship and other aspects of life in both a good and bad way.

The planets when in motion can be favourable and unfavourable. Such a movement is responsible for the good and bad phase in the life of a person.


Astrology & astrologer to fight love issues 

When you ask an astrologer about your life, he will first look at your birth chart and then make predictions accordingly. A lot of you might not know that your birth chart is the roadmap of your life. It shows the position and behaviour of planets on all the houses of life along with its impact on various spheres of life.

If your love house is affected by a planet which is in its unfavourable state then there are high chances of facing difficulty in love, marriage and also maintaining it for a long period.

The astrologer will examine your birth chart which is also called Kundli and foretell all about your life to provide you with better guidance to attain clarity and improve your decision-making ability.


If we talk about love issues and problems the astrologer will open all the cards about your life in front of you which includes personality, traits, choices, feelings and potential opportunities. Once you are aware of these factors of life, they will then guide you towards a path which will help you absorb the blessings of the planets in the benefic state.

He would also provide remedies for planets in the malefic state to pacify them in order to reduce their negative impact on life.


So before you lose your mind due to love problems and issues, here is where you need to knock.


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