March Birthstone - The Serene Aquamarine and The Vivid Bloodstone

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March Birthstone: The Serene Aquamarine and The Vivid Bloodstone

The month of March brings with it two dazzling gemstones with awe-inspiring beauty - the gorgeous aquamarine and the dusky bloodstone. Both the birthstones are class apart and can lure every single person on earth with their charm and beauty. But which of these March birthstones is appropriate for you?

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The moment we hear the word aquamarine, the bright color of the sky or the hazy hue of the sea immediately pops up into our mind and colors our imagination with a rich pastel shade that can take one’s breath away. The term ‘aquamarine’ was formed by the amalgamation of two Latin words namely ‘aqua’ that refers to ‘water’ and ‘marina’ that refers to the ‘sea.’ Brazil is the highest producer of aquamarine followed by Madagascar, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, and Zambia.

The birthstone is available in a variety of colors that range from pale green to a deep blue. The intensity of the blue color varies in accordance with the presence of iron in the stone and increases its value because the vivid blue shades make this March birthstone a beauty to the eyes. Since time immemorial the captivating beauty of aquamarine has established it as an emblem of hope, fidelity, and youth. Because of its soothing shades that represent the boundless sky and the cavernous water, this March birthstone is said to symbolize the eternity of life. Also, it forms the ideal gift for celebrating the 19th anniversary of a couple.

Bloodstone is another unique gemstone that is worn by those who have their birthdays in March. This birthstone comes in a shade of dark and deep green with some red flecks on its surface that are caused due to the presence of iron oxide. These birthstones are present in riverbeds and rocks and can be found in Brazil, Australia, and India. There are two types of bloodstone -  a heliotrope ( a term of Greek origin that literally translates as ‘turning towards the sun’) that is a translucent stone with reddish spots and plasma that has an opaque appearance without any red flecks. 

The ancient people believed that if bloodstone was thrown in water then the sun would change its color to a violent red. As the legend has it, a jasper was washed off with the blood of Christ after crucifixion and therefore, this stone is known as “Blood Jasper” or the “Martyr’s stone.”

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How to Wear the March Birthstones: 

Aquamarine is a solid stone that can be used to cut and form big and bold carat pieces that can be easily molded into high-class jewelry. It has been a prompt choice for the royalty and the aquamarine jewels they wear includes ring and bracelet sets, tiara, pendant sets, necklaces, solitaires, and earrings. Bloodstone was considered to be a lucky charm and therefore, this gem can be made into signet rings, pendant sets and can also be used in the making of small cups or unforgettable statues.

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Effects of Wearing Aquamarine and Bloodstone:

Both of the March birthstones have some similar effects on the wearer. These birthstones are said to protect and boost the health of the individual. During the medieval era, it was believed that wearing aquamarine could neutralize any kind of poison. The Roman people had a notion that if a frog is engraved upon the surface of an aquamarine then that would result in the elimination of enmity and initiation of an everlasting friendship. On the other hand, wearing a bloodstone can help one in getting success in lawsuits and it is also said that this birthstone has an immense impact on the weather and climate of a place. It is believed that by wearing this birthstone one may get blessed with the gift of divination and fortune-telling.

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Healing Properties:

The passive hues of aquamarine are said to pacify the feelings of discontentment among married couples and therefore, the stone is often regarded as a perfect anniversary gift. Also, it is said that aquamarine strengthens the bond between partners and binds them into an eternal bond of love. According to the ancient legends, aquamarine was carried by the sailors for a safe journey and healthy return. It was also used as a medicinal powder that was used to cure eye diseases and different types of infections. Bloodstone is another powerful gem that is known for healing every disorder that is related to blood. It was often regarded as a magical stone by the ancients who believed that it had the power to defeat enemies in a battle as it increased the strength of the soldiers and made them invisible. It was also used in healing the injuries incurred during wars and therefore, every warrior wore it before entering the battlefield.

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