Love Horoscope 2015 by Alka Vijh

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Love Horoscope 2015 by Alka Vijh

Astrological forces work on our psyches much like the moon works on the tide. When planetary bodies travel through your sun-signs love zone, the energies they bring with them affect the energetic forces within our own being, and within our collective consciousness. This does not mean we live in a deterministic world rules only by external forces; how we respond to these energies can determine the outcome, so our forecasts aim to help you to overcome the challenges ahead by making you aware of possible disarray. They also point you to potential new love, and help guide you through the coming year in your relationship.

Without further ado, here are the love horoscopes 2015 sun-sign predictions:

Aries Love Horoscope 2015
Aries, the year 2015 is a mixed bag of emotions when it comes to your love life. On one hand you can expect new opportunities and the strengthening of old bonds, while on the other hand you may encounter significant strain on your relationships, especially later on in the year; when Venus retrogrades in your love sector in August, and Mercury retrogrades in September. For those months especially you will need strength and understanding to conquer tension in your relationships. Be careful to keep that temper of yours under check Aries!
Saturn is coming to the end of its journey through your intimacy sector, and will make one final swoop between June and September; by then you will be glad to know that your current intimacy issues should be fully solved. The planets will also encourage new love for any single Aries; Jupiter remains in your love sector until August 2015, which helps you to keep an open heart and embrace love, and the powerful driving force of Mars also enters your love sector in August and September. Together these forces could bring about huge positive changes to your love life- to find out how, get a personalized love horoscope reading by Alka Vijh now!
A calm start to the year, with a combination of energies meeting later on to bring new beginnings, rocky roads, and old love.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2015
Taurus, the year to come will bring you a deeper understanding of what love means to you, and will help you to deepen connections between those who you are involved with. Saturn makes its final sweep through your love sector from June until September. For singles the end of this influence could bring a new commitment, and for those already in a relationship this serves to deepen your understanding with your current partner.
With connection issues resolved, you will then focus on intimacy issues that have long been left unresolved, and from September onwards Taurus you can expect life to be hotting up in the bedroom too! More astrological events also add great power to your developing love, with Jupiter and Mars adding love and power to your influence from August onwards, and a solar eclipse in your love sector in September marking a great time for Taurus to fall in love, or for couples to fall in love all over again. To find out more about the year ahead, get a personalized love horoscope reading by Alka Vijh now!
Taurus, this year helps you to resolve and strengthen current relationships and to commit to new ones. Commitment is a key word and you should not shy away from it. You should, however, be careful not to commit to something you don't actually want, so assess new connections well.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2015
Gemini, this year for you could bring all of the ups and downs that love can possibly bring, which in a way suits your fleeting nature, but a change is coming to the way you think about your relationships. Pluto resides in your intimacy sector for the entire year which urges you to seek deep and transformative connections; perhaps a little out of character from what you have been seeking recently Gemini. Saturn adds to this impulse, with its energetic influence in your love sphere for 2015, begging you to strengthen relationships; especially if they are in the early stages.
If you don't actually want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, then this can cause tension, and a break up might be imminent; as you find they can no longer give you what you want. If this has to happen Gemini, then it will most likely occur in September or October, to coincide with Mercury's retrograde through your love sphere. If you are in a relationship that you want to deepen, then it will survive the year, if not, it could be crunch time.
The end of the year brings a new drive for change, and singles, or those that found their relationships couldn't gather momentum during the year, might find new love driven by Mars' influence. To find out how best to deal with the year ahead, get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!
All in all, a good year for deepening relationships Gemini; but only with the right person. You could drift apart from old love, and need to give space and freedom where there is tension.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2015
Cancer, the 2015 horoscope love prediction shows that tension is likely in your relationship in the coming year. Mars is in your love sector until mid-January, which influences you to become closer to your loved ones as the year begins, and you could find yourself seeking emotional security in a stronger way than you usually do Cancer. This is wavered by the retrospect of Mercury, which can cause communication issues, and feelings of distance between you and your partner. This can cause some dissonance for you Cancer, and the first couple of months of the year can be a very difficult time for your relationship.
Cancer, you are prone to emotional vulnerability at times, but this a time to come out of your shell, and be more attentive than ever to your partner’s needs. Your preoccupation at work could have you acting less caring than you usually would, and you need to make time for your loved ones, even if you are preoccupied.
The influence of Pluto has you craving deep connections all year, while the end of Saturn in your love sector signifies the resolve of intimacy issues, giving an overall positive influence as it passes out at the end of September. Despite the possible rocky start in January and February, the rest of the year is more uplifting and resolved. To find out how your love might develop in 2015, get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!
Cancer, stay strong and don't neglect your partner. If your relationship is worth saving then you should work hard to resolve issues at the start of the year. If you feel like cutting loose then take a step back and ensure you are thinking properly.

Leo Love Horoscope 2015
Leo, 2015 looks to be a great year for love, especially if you are looking for something more serious in your life. Neptune is present in your intimacy sector and in Pisces, bringing about a desire for a deep and spiritual relationship that might be different from the norm. This is finely balanced by Saturn's influence in your love sector, which controls your somewhat unrealistic expectations, and allows you to focus more seriously on real love. Love may not actually come for you in 2015, although it very well could do, but either way you will learn a lot about what love really means to you Leo.
From mid-January to mid-February could bring rockiness, as Mercury retrospects through your love sector. This could cause you to end ties that are not in your best interest, but of course Leo, this would only happen if you knew you had to walk away. You will never have your pride hurt by your partner. As the year progresses the Leo who favors a deep relationship may succeed, and all Leo will learn about what they want out of a relationship. To learn more about what new perspectives and opportunities might be in store, get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!
All in all this is a great year for Leo. You will learn a lot about love, and who knows, you might even find the perfect partner. If not you will at least start to know what you want.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2015
Virgo, you have some serious planetary forces driving your desires for love in 2015. Pluto is in your love sector, Neptune in your relationship, and Uranus in your intimacy. To put it mildly Virgo, you want nothing less than a deep connection with a dreamy soul mate, which includes a crazy and active sex life.
Maybe you will find what you are looking for, and if anything the time to do so is from mid-January through to March with March representing an especially powerful time, where Mars is in your intimacy sector, along with the additional charge of a solar eclipse. Virgo, you may get really close to someone really fast during this time, so be careful not to let your strong desires lead you down the wrong path.
Luckily Virgo, if you do make a bad choice during the powerful solar eclipse early on the year, the lunar eclipse will reverse this spell, and your relationship could end in September if it was not to be. You will know by then whether or not the strong feelings you have been having were really meaningful. To know more about your connections in the year ahead, get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!
Virgo, your desires for love and passion are strong, according to the 2015 love predictions, and the most likely time for you to meet someone, or to quickly deepen your connections, is early in the year. Be careful not to fall too deep unless someone is right for you.

Libra Love Horoscope 2015
Libra, the planets are mostly in your favor when it comes to love in 2015, that is, after the initial bump and crash caused by the retrograde of Mercury in your love sign in January and February, which will bring a test for your existing relationships.
Mars brings a force of action, which first affects your relationship sector during February and March, bringing about the possibilities of a new relationship. Mars then moves into your love sector Libra, strengthening bonds and deepening the connection as the year progresses. Despite the outcome of the early year dilemmas, you should see yourself developing loving relations as the year goes on.
In September, a lunar eclipse in your love sector will provoke an ultimatum, and your bonds with partners, old and new, will again be tested. You will know by then, Libra, whether your relationship is really right for you. To find out how balance can help to find what you are looking for, try a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh today!
Libra in existing relationships can expect strengthening of bonds, while 2015 is a great year for single Libra to find new love. September will bring clarity.

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2015
Scorpio, Neptune radiates a subtle energy all year round in your love sector, and causes you to desire the kind of transcendental love that you burn for. Be careful not to expect too much of your partner; remember that they are only human.
The year may start with a fling Scorpio, but this will not satisfy you as you continue to seek long-lasting depth. The passing of Mars in your intimacy sector from mid-June further influences this drive to seek a meaningful bond, but at this time Mercury is also retrograding. This can cause confusion, and prevent you from finding what you want; despite your actions and efforts towards getting it. Why can't you get what you want Scorpio? To find out more get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!
You should take care not to become angry and confused during the first half of the year. This might simply not be your time for love. The second half of the year brings more relief Scorpio, you will be happy to know. A more favorable prediction points towards a feeling of challenges having been resolved. Real changes will follow in your partner, who will become attentive to your needs. The love you desire might manifest following these resolutions.
A challenging first half of the year for you Scorpio, and not one that particularly encourages new relationships. Existing relationships will also be tested, but the second half of the year will uplift you if your relationship has the strength to survive.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2015
Sagittarius, the presence of Uranus has you desiring new and flaming hot love affairs; you crave passion and excitement. This could mean that you engage in several relations in the year to follow, so be careful not to give yourself over too easily to people that do not respect you. Your love sector in March is influenced by the driving force of Mars, and further enhanced by a powerful solar eclipse, making this an excellent time to find and engage in a deep passionate affair. Unfortunately this deep moment may not last, and the retrograde of Mercury from May to June can cause conflicts and clashes that will tear apart relationships that are not meant to be.
Old love could also come back into your life in these middle months Sagittarius, though again they are unlikely to last. Tough times could also come for the Sagittarius who is already committed to a relationships, so be prepared for tests to come in 2015. To find out how best to deal with love in 2015 get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!
You may experience several flaming hot loves in 2015 Sagittarius, but they are likely to be fleeting, though exciting none the less. Nonetheless, as a Sagittarius, you enjoy new experiences, but be sure to keep your emotions in check, and be careful not to damage anyone else's.

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2015
Capricorn, the beginning of the year can start off well for you when it comes to love. Venus- the planet of love- is positioned favorably for you. This is further propelled by the active force of Mars, which passes through your love sector from April until mid-May, and then your relationship sector from June until August. You may sometimes find it difficult to open your heart Capricorn, but the energies of the planets during this time may gift you with a greater sense of intimacy and emotion, and you will become closer and more committed to the people you already love.
There may be one rough patch for you in 2015 which starts in August. Confusion can arise between your desire for intimacy, and the perceived lack of it. Venus is on the retrograde at this time and you can feel distant from your partner, or if you are single you could feel particularly lonely, and bound not to find anyone. Take a step back at this point, and don't be too demanding of loved ones. To find out more about how you can come to find real love, get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!
For the most part 2015 can bring you intense and passionate relationships Capricorn, as Mars influences all of the related love sectors. Watch out for August, which might require you to step back and respect your partner's space.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2015
What a journey 2015 has in store for you Aquarius! With Jupiter in your love sector until August, you will find a much greater ease of comfort becoming close to people and expressing your feelings of love, and you are looking for real connections and deep bonds during the year to come.
Your desires may be counteracted in the summer months by the retrograde of Mercury, which makes it difficult for you to find new love, and can provoke arguments and miscommunications in existing relationships. During this time you will shed relationships that are not enough for you Aquarius; to make room for the depth that you truly search for.
This desire to search and receive love, and the drive to take action to get it, is influenced by the presence of Mars in your love sector. Mars then moves into your relationship sector, and then as the year progresses it moves into your intimacy sector. To be short, 2015 for Aquarius is no year for messing around. You seek meaning and you are going to find it! A solar eclipse in your intimacy sector in September may affirm to you that you have found what you were looking for Aquarius, and a strong bond will at this point be sealed. To know more about the changes in store for you, get a personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh now!

Pisces Love Horoscope 2015
Pisces, you may find yourself a little preoccupied for love, perhaps on a professional front. It is unusual for you to put work or travel before love, but 2015 might be the year where you do just that. The year might also begin with a hiccup, as a lunar eclipse encourages an ultimatum; either a letting go of a weak bond, or a strengthening of an existing love. Which one will it be? That depends on your relationship.
If you do seek a meaningful relationship then this is entirely possible for you in 2015. Your trouble may be your own indecisiveness. Overall it is not a bad year for you Pisces, as Jupiter enters your relationship sector as a powerful force from mid-August onwards. At this point you will find it much easier to strengthen old bonds, or to form new ones. You will also encounter great opportunities for strengthening bonds later in the year, as Mars passes first through your relationships sector, and then your intimacy sector. To find out more about whether or not you will fall in love in 2015, check out your personalized love horoscope by Alka Vijh!
Pisces, it is likely that your bonds with your current partner will strengthen this year, if they survive the initial test of the lunar eclipse. New partners are on the horizon too Pisces, and possibly the return of old loves.