Love Compatibility: Bipasha and John

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bipasha Basu was born on 7th January 1979 and her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Being a Capricorn woman, she will love her man truly and will be quite emotionally attached. She is very practical by nature, calm and composed from outside but is capable of being more passionate than most women. She can be an excellent homemaker and loves simplicity and elegance.

John Abraham was born on 17th December 1972 and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Although affectionate and loving, he is not too demonstrative. Bungee jumping, horse riding or going to exotic locations is what he would love to do with his partner. Marriage with someone who cannot keep up with his pace might turn out to be a disaster.

John and Bipasha have very different temperaments. While one is optimistic the other is pessimistic by nature. The carefree and careless attitude of Sagittarius may prove too hard to handle for Capricorn sometimes. In this combination, the Sagittarian John might feel unhappy. His soaring imagination might not be in sync with her practical and calculating mind. She is sensible enough to not daydream about romance and might not appreciate this quality of his. Sagittarius men are known to speak their mind without ever thinking, which might sometimes hurt the Capri woman and she doesn't easily forgive and forget. The differences in their nature might prove too vast to be resolved. As a pair, they will face their fair share of problems and issues but will emerge stronger than most. The two partners have a direct approach that could be the foundation of compassion between them.

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