Kiss Day - Seal the Deal with a Kiss!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Kiss Day - Seal the Deal with a Kiss!

Valentine’s Day and the build up to it are full of surprises. The extremely romantic Valentine’s Week seems to be accompanied by a romantic background score, heart shaped balloons and confetti. To exemplify this romantic scenario, the intervention of the Kiss Day is just perfect!

Kiss Day, without a doubt, is the most awaited day of the entire Valentine’s week. However, this eagerly awaited day might get more romantic or ruined by the way your partner kisses you. So let us dig deep and find out more about the varied kissing styles of the Zodiac Signs.

Aries - The Passionate Kisser

Aries itself dictates extreme passion, lust and aggression which are translated into their kissing style as well. Nothing beats getting it hot and heavy with an Aries. Their charm lies in their desire to satisfy you, and themselves. However, they finish just as fast as they begin. Hold on tight to not only keep up but to also prevent them for escaping too soon.

Taurus - The Gentle Kisser

Taureans express their love and affection through their kisses. They are gentle and tender with their kisses, thus, making their partner feel loved. If you are dating a Taurean, then do not let them go. Their loveable kisses will make you forget all about the fight or the hard times in your life that you were having prior to the lip locking. What more could you ask for?

Gemini - The Quirky Kisser

Gemini is the quirky zodiac sign in respect of their kissing style. They are full of surprises. So, if you are in a relationship with a Gemini, then enjoy every moment of it. They might stop to smile, make a witty observation or simply confess their feelings during a kiss. However, they can never initiate intimacy which might be frustrating at times. Work around and through it.

Cancer - The Dreamy Kisser

Cancerians are the kind of romantics who could take you to the outer space when it comes to kissing. But for that to happen, they must be pampered at first. They want to be loved and give back unconditionally when they get what they are looking for. They are capable of making you travel to another world through their kisses without any intention of ever letting you escape back to reality.

Leo - The Fiery Kisser

Leos, represented by the Lion, are unrestricted and wild, yet generous with their kisses. They have ferocity and some bite (literally) to them. They extremely enjoy making their partner feel loved but landing them into a commitment is the big challenge. You have to put everything in you in those kisses to even slightly woo them. Be yourself and definitely do not try to overpower them.

Virgo - The Unique Kisser

Virgos are one of a kind in the zodiac cycle, keeping their kisses unique too. They like to be subtle, romantic and surprising, all at the same time and thus sometimes ruining the moment altogether. Virgos need to remember that their kisses keep their partners craving for more, so they need to lay off the pressure and let it come to you naturally.

Libra - The Apprehensive Kisser

There’s always that one person in a group of many who worries, panics, and is apprehensive. The Librans fit this character description perfectly when it comes to their kissing style. They forget to be in the moment while kissing their partner and worry more about inconsequential factors. If your partner is a Libran and he/she seems concerned while kissing you, then his/her mind is probably worrying about their absolutely fine breath. Do not let them question the effectiveness of your kissing, ever!

Scorpio - The Irresistible Kisser

A Scorpio’s kisses are hard to resist. They are heavenly, passionate and soulful; the kind you will remember long after you have stopped. They enjoy making you feel loved, trying to please you through it all. However, Scorpions are also rather hasty individuals. They get caught up in the moment, forgetting the planned out route and instead head out on an adventure. Do not let them wander and you have an irresistible kisser at your disposal.

Sagittarius - The Unpredictable Kisser

Sagittarius is definitely the tease of the constellations. They are unpredictable, and their kisses are dictated by their mood. They are highly spontaneous and it is impossible to determine their timings and frequency. They love to make you wait and that’s why they keep you lingering. With a Sagittarius, you are always left craving for more.

Capricorn - The Intimate Kisser

Capricorns’ kisses are intimate, deep and long-lasting. Intimacy with their partner, through lingering kisses, is a way for them to get rid of their worries. They de-stress and relax through their kisses. Their foremost quality is making their partner feel relaxed and in-sync with them. They are the ones who neither leaves you behind nor surges forward themselves.

Aquarius - The Sensitive Kisser

Aquarians are very sensitive and choosy when it comes to kissing. Only individuals capable of connecting emotionally with an Aquarian are privileged to receive their kisses. They require their partners to open up to them in order to be romantically inclined towards them. They are sloppy, messy and wet with their kisses indicating towards their lack of inhibitions and extreme affection.

Pisces - The Slow Kisser

Pisces personify the phrase ‘still waters run deep’. They are usually not the ones who take initiatives and often need someone to spur them on. They might be slow and difficult to start with but once they are in their zone, there is no stopping them! Being with a Piscean requires high amount of patience and perseverance, but rest assured you will be highly rewarded.

So, go out there and surprise your beloved with your romantic and intimate kisses. We wish you all a very passionate Kissing Day!