Keeping A Sagittarius Happy

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Keeping A Sagittarius Happy

The ninth astrological sign, the Sagittarius, is the ‘Archer’, born between 23 November and 22 December. This ‘Fire sign’ has a strong ego, almost close to ‘stubbornness’, but a true Sagittarius is positive, extrovert, helpful and optimistic. Although affectionate and caring, Sagittarians are not apt to be too demonstrative. Not much cuddling, showering of gifts or saying it with roses-something that may be misconstrued as lack of warmth. However, they can make life exciting enough for their beloved-mountain climbing, horse riding, going off to exotic destinations; to name a few.


Sagittarians are free-spirited and afraid of commitments, but once they have children, they make good parents.Besides fellow Sagittarians, they will find ideal life partners in Aries and Leo, since these signs are closer to their temperament than any other zodiac sign, and will be able to share their excitement.


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A love-life of a Sagittarius can get complicated easily, since they are known to fall out of love faster than the rest of the Zodiac signs.So, what is it that will make a Sagittarius lover happy and remain loyal to the partner?

If you are dating a Sagittarius man; patience is what you need. This zodiac sign is one of the slowest to commit in a relationship. This is because they love their freedom. So, although you may have caught his attention quickly, remember, an Archer, loves the chase more than the booty. So, its good to keep him guessing. Be smart and keep the zing in the relationship, without losing your own sense of self. Once he commits, he makes a great partner and a parent.


A Sagittarius male can be blunt to the point of hurting, without even realising it. So, learn to take it in your stride. Read up on various topics as he loves to discuss things. Always be prepared to zoom off for an adventure. Having a partner who loves the thrill of an unplanned outing, will keep him hooked to you.


Your Sagittarius man will make up all his ‘annoying’ habits when in bed. He is a warm and considerate lover and you will enjoy lovemaking with him, provided you too love to experiment.


If you are dating a Sagittarius woman, remember to not go overboard with a flashy and public display of affection. Maintain some dignified behaviour and gear up for some intellectual conversation. She will be opinionated about most things. In the first few meetings, don’t completely bare yourself.Keep her guessing. If she wants to split the bill, allow her. She likes her liberties.


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She will love adventure and likes spontaneity. So, take her out camping and trekking. She is free-willed and fun loving and likes her liberties. Go with the flow. She likes to be seduced but would like the chase in getting together with a person she likes. So step back a little off and on.


Avoid playing any guessing games with a Sagittarius woman. They like complete transparency and would love you to say whats on your mind before she asks. So, learn to be bold with her. Involve her in your activities; it will keep her happy.


A Sagittarius woman enjoys sex and is passionate and erotic. Be prepared to please her in new ways and don’t be surprised at her exciting different details that she portrays in lovemaking too. Don’t rush these moments with her.


Keep these tips in mind about your Sagittarius lover and enjoy a great relationship with him/her.