Karwa Chauth Katha

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Karwa Chauth Katha

During the festival of Karwa Chauth, the narration of the Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha adds a flavour of mystique and legend to the proceedings. The Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha tells the tale of a devoted wife Veeravati and the sacrifices she made for the sake of her love and devotion to her husband.

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Veeravati was born to a Brahmin couple in the city of Indraprasthapur, her parents Leelawati and  Vedsharma had seven other children who were all boys. Veeravati, being the only sister to seven brothers was much loved and pampered by the whole family.


Upon reaching maturity, as was the custom in those times, Veeravati was married to a suitable Brahmin boy. Veeravati was happily married and led a blissful life with her new family. Once, on the occasion of Karwa Chauth, Veeravati was visiting her parents. Though she was away from her husband, yet, being the loving and devoted wife that she was, she observed the Karwa Chauth fast and engaged in the festivities to pray for the long life of her husband. However, during the fast, Veeravati collapsed from hunger and exhaustion, and, fainted onto the floor.

Veeravati’s brothers were heartbroken and could not bear to see their sister in such a state. Knowing Veeravati’s devotion they knew that she would not break her fast until she saw the moon, so they devised a plan to trick Veeravati into believing that she had seen the moon and to make her break her fast.

One of the brothers climbed a distant tree and held a lamp high in the air. When Veeravati gained consciousness, the brothers then told her that the moon had finally risen. They brought her on the roof of the house, so that she may see the moon and break her fast.

Veeravati saw the lamp through the branches of the tree and was tricked into believing that she had seen the moon. She made her offering to the lamp, thinking it was the moon, and, broke her fast.

However, while having her food she encountered a lot of bad omens, her first bite had a strand of hair in it, her second bite of food made her sneeze, and, by the time she had taken her third bite, she was urgently called back to the house of her In-Laws. Upon arriving there, she was met by the sight of her dead husband. This misfortune shattered Veeravati to the core and she started weeping and mourning her husband inconsolably. Her mourning and pleas to the gods were heard by Goddess Indrani, the wife of the God Indra, and she went to meet Veeravati.

Veeravati asked the Goddess Indrani that why such a misfortune had befallen her and pleaded the goddess to bring her husband back to life. The plea of Veeravati moved the goddess and she told Veeravati that the death of her husband was the result of Veeravati breaking her fast without giving Argha (offering) to the moon. Goddess Indrani advised Veeravati to observe Chauthfasting each month throughout the year. She then assured Veeravati that her husband would return to her alive.

Veeravati did as she was told and observed the fasts that she was asked to keep. Eventually, due to the devotion and tenacity of Veeravati, her husband finally came back to life and they were reunited.

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