Karan Johar - Happy Birthday K’Jo

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Karan Johar: Happy Birthday K’Jo

Karan Kumar Johar’s real name is Rahul Kumar Johar, and he is lovingly called KJo by all his friends. Born in a filmy family, to producer Yash Johar, Karan has made a name for himself in the industry because he chose to move away from the stereotype. A man who was never hesitant in voicing his opinions on social media, his tweets carry as much message on the internet as they are entertaining in nature.

Karan Johar’s age on 25 May 2019 will be 47 years and this Gemini man has charmed his way into almost everyone’s heart. Being ruled by Mercury, Karan is one of the most intelligent and quick-witted people in the Bollywood fraternity. A totally ‘happening personality’ of the entertainment industry, Karan’s talk show, Koffee With Karan, is the longest-running talk show in Indian television.

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For someone who entered the entertainment industry in his teens, acting in a television series of Sci-Fiction and fantasy, Karan Johar has today become a Bollywood giant in less than two decades. The majority of Karan’s Bollywood films have quite a realistic script, which appeals to all age groups in the audience.

According to tarot card reader Poonam Beotra, Karan Johar’s horoscope Indicates that this year too, he will get deep fulfillment in his career, especially in the second half. This creative man will continue to find joy in his work.

Finance looks good for him this year, although he is being cautioned by the universe to not overspend money on wants instead of needs. His film, ‘Kalank’ sank without a trace in the beginning half of the year but SOTY 2, which fared decently at the box office, would have helped him recover his losses. His fans are now waiting patiently for his upcoming films, Good News and Drive, which are to be released in the second half of 2019 and especially for the trilogy, Brahmastra, the first of which will be released next year and also Takht.

Not one to hide about his sexual orientation, Karan has been in relationships with men before but the cards for this year are indicative of him being independent and not needing the support of a partner to be happy. Looks like his twins are keeping him busy. But it is the time that he again starts looking out for a partner who can provide him his emotional and physical needs.

Although Karan is in a good space now where his health is concerned, he still needs to watch his health and go easy with his nerves. He should pay special attention to the areas in his life where his health goals are not being met. Minor digestive problems like wind colic and flatulence are indicated.

According to the grapevine, Karan will celebrate his birthday without much ado at New York this year. We, at Astroyogi, wish him a wonderful year ahead and are confident that being a Gemini, Karan will be able to handle the ups and downs in his life with a positive attitude.


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