January Birthstone - The Entrancing Garnet

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Birthstones can be defined as precious gemstones that are worn by people who are born in a particular month. A birthstone holds special significance in a person’s life as they are believed to bring health and prosperity to the wearer. These gemstones are especially designed to fill the life of the wearer with extreme positivity. You may talk to an expert astrologer who will assist you in finding the birthstone that best suits your personality and is set to help you grow as an individual.

The birthstone for January is the ravishing garnet, a spectacular stone that reveals the beauty of the universe in a simple yet beautiful form. The stone stands as a symbol of everlasting friendship and unflinching trust and therefore, those born in January are considered to be excellent friends and loyal individuals. Garnet commonly occurs as a red stone but it also comes in an array of colors that range from bohemian red to violent greens. Garnet has a color for everyone but it must be chosen after consulting an astrologer because every color in the spectrum draws the energies of the universe in accordance with the law of attraction.

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The term ‘garnet’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘granatus’ that literally translates as ‘the pomegranate’ in English. The stone was given this name due to its natural red hue that completely matches the color and size of the seed of the fruit. According to Hindi terminology, the term ‘garnet’ means ‘the stone of the serpent.’ Garnet is also called the ‘gem of faith’ and it is believed that when a person wearing this stone commits good deeds then that goodness comes back to him in the form of peace and prosperity.


Garnet has been in use since the age of bronze but according to historical facts, it was first found in Egypt around 3100 BC. It is believed that the stone has spiritual significance attached to it as it was the stone of the archangel Gabriel who was a popular Biblical figure. It is possible that due to this reason, the stone was highly admired by the nobles and clergymen of the medieval era.

Garnet, the birthstone of January, actually refers to a group of minerals namely andradite, almandine, grossular, pyrope and spessartine, all of which are considered to be precious gems. These gems are available in a wide variety of colors. For instance, andradite ranges from yellow to green while almandine and pyrope are red to purple in shade. Spessartine can be found in bright orange and yellow but grossular tops all these and is available in transparent form, yellowish-orange and fiery red as well as vibrant green.

As on date, the largest supplier of the garnets is the African continent followed by India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Madagascar, and many other countries. Garnets are delicate stones that are not the ideal choice for daily wear because they are more prone to disfigurement as compared to diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Most of the garnets do not undergo any kind of treatment and therefore, these stones must not come in contact with direct heat or steam.

How to wear garnet: Garnets can be worn in different forms - as a bold necklace or a dashing set of ear-rings. It is also available in the form of dangling earrings, brooches, gemstone rings and pendants as well. These stones may also enhance the beauty of a tiara as was worn by the rich ladies of the Victorian era.

Effects of wearing garnet: According to the ancient legends, garnet is believed to provide protection to the wearer against the terrors of the night and the bad dreams that accompany it. When people undergo a long journey, then they carry along a garnet as it would save them from mishaps and injuries.

Healing properties: The Indian astrologers say that garnet puts an end to the negative feelings that directly affect the mental disposition of a person and helps in treating the problems of anxiety, guilt, and depression. Also, it helps in boosting up the confidence of an individual and builds up their self-esteem. It is said that garnet provides peace of mind to people and instills creativity into their being. It is also helpful in pacifying anger and eliminating the feelings of resentment. According to the ancient people, garnet has also proved beneficial in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

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