It’s A Piscean Thing

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
It’s A Piscean Thing

Natives of this sign are the most impressionable of the whole twelve zodiac signs. They are extremely empathetic and show a gentle and patient nature. They always look for inspiration in even the smallest details. Natives really get imbibed and absorbed into their environment which affects them in a huge way. They are highly creative, imaginative and can bring out of the box ideas to the table. Their soaring imagination can help them achieve great success in life. As empathetic as they are, they are also very soft people who treat others exactly how they themselves want to be treated and also are extremely helpful 24/7. Pisceans are very intuitive and they rely on their own intuition alone when taking a decision. They would not even look into rational reasoning, facts and figures while making a decision except their intuition. Natives will go all out to help others in dire need. That being said, their selfless actions are not always recognized by others. Because of their greatly vivid imaginations, they make profound artists of all types. Their powerful creativity can be seen expressed in literature, music, drama and even art. They are true lovers of exotic places and are always ready for new adventures and enjoy best of both worlds by even enjoying modest and indigenous settings. They are also vastly knowledgeable and have the uncommon ability to respond purely based on their instinct to demanding situations while being compassionate, understanding and sacrificing as and when required.

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Although it is just like how fish are wiggly and slippery in reality, natives of this sign will run at the first sign of trouble. If they do get into trouble, they will always blame it on something else or their bad luck and whatnot, instead of facing the music. Pisceans are purely idealistic which can affect their vibe at the workplace because even the best work that is presented to them will be warded off as mediocre. They can be quite finicky for that matter. Pisceans are mountainously sensitive which allows them to get hurt and demoralised in a snap of a finger. Despite their vivid imagination and immense creativity, their low-esteem becomes an impediment. They also tend to overelaborate on even the silliest matters. Everything goes to their heart and they tend to become extremely emotional. If the plan does not go accordingly to their plan, then they lose their motivation and drop the plan. Most times, they are easily more pessimistic than optimistic. Pisceans are one the laziest signs amongst the twelve. Their energy levels are shortlived. Due to their imaginative and creative minds, they are not suitable for regiment based or structured lifestyle thereby military, police or even teaching may not be their cup of tea in professional life. They can be pretty unreliable and can be very easily duped due to their empathetic attitude. They are quite melancholic and can be an encumbrance with regards to their emotional behaviour to their loved ones.