Is He Really In Love With Me or Just Fooling Around?

Mon, Jan 23, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jan 23, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Is He Really In Love With Me or Just Fooling Around?

A perpetual doubt in everybody’s mind is about how serious is the partner regarding their relationship. Instead of enjoying a good thing that’s going along well, they kill themselves worrying about the credibility of his every move. It can be very exhausting for a man to time and again keep reinforcing his love for the lady who has that questioning looks every time he makes a move in her direction.

So, ladies, relax and stop being judgmental. Look out for these tell-tale signs in your man. If your man is a Capricorn, then do remember he doesn’t go around sharing secrets easily. And if he is sharing any with you, he is in love with you. He can be very possessive and being very sensitive deep inside will love you like he loves his work. Don’t doubt him. He must’ve been really patient with you and given you enough attention.

If your man is Aquarian, he’ll be very caring and emotional. He’ll be going out of his way to keep you entertained because he loves to see you happy. If he considers you a good friend and seeks your advice, then he is in love. If he loves having deep conversations with you, you have to believe, he is in love. But in spite of his undying love, don’t push him into a commitment since he could take time for tying that knot. Have patience – he is not going to give up on you.

If you are in love with a Piscean, he must be doing the talking to you and if he is sharing his secrets with you, you are his girl. Period. They are incapable of faking emotions. If you are like-minded and have the same interests, stick to him. He will be perfect for you.

To know if an Arien is in love with you, see if he enjoys your challenging and ambitious nature. Being dominating, confident and impulsive himself, if he has found you intelligent, honest and feminine then he isn’t going anywhere. So relax.

If you are being smothered by a Taurean, don’t panic. That’s his bullish nature of assuming that if he is in love, there would be stars in his lady’s eyes too. For him. If he is all over you and loves to show you off to family and friends then he intends tying that knot with you. Enjoy his attention.

If the man is a Gemini then have patience. He may not be committing to his inner-most feelings for you, but if you see him taking an interest in your life and dropping everything to be at your side whenever you need him, then he is definitely very interested in you. If he makes the attempt to call you while you are still thinking about it, then he is in love. Don’t push him into a corner. He’ll propose himself.

If you are confused about a crab – the Canceriann, you are justified. He won’t commit easily to his innermost feelings. But if he has taken you to meet his mother, you may as well start shopping for your trousseau. The day he cracked his first joke with you was the day he was convinced he was in love with you. Look out for his smile.

There will be no confusion if you are in love with a Leo. He would be showering his attention on you, would be very generous with his gifts, very affectionate –even in public and at the same time would be very possessive. To test if he really loves you, try flirting with someone in front of him. If you hear a low growl from his end, he is your man.

If you have caught the attention of a Virgo and are confused about his commitment, check out a few things. A Virgo strives for perfection in everything which includes his mate too. He is not looking for just beauty but for a strong personality who has it made for herself. If he finds you that type and you gel with his thoughts, you are lucky to be in love with a Virgo as he will make sure about keeping you happy always.

If he is a Libra, you don’t even have to be thinking twice because the man is totally straightforward in love. He won’t be dilly dallying and playing with words. His sign is the scales and he would balance stability and harmony in his love life well. Most probably, he’s the one who would be making up after any discord.

If he’s a Scorpio…well...hang in there. Scorpios can be difficult till you get to know them. They could be all over you one day and then do the disappearing act. If they are doing this with you, they are in love with you. He can be sexy and confident or sweet and sensitive. He is a man who will help you shape your future. Don’t lose him.

If it’s a Sagittarius, don’t pursue him. Let him do the hunting. He is perpetually on the lookout for answers. Try and join him in his world to know him better. You may find him flirting with others but give him space. He is honest with his answers. Please learn to appreciate it.

If you still have doubts about his feelings towards you, do consult our counselors at astroYogi for a complete analysis of your relationship with him.

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