Importance of Rudraksha Mala in Hinduism

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Importance of Rudraksha Mala in Hinduism

It is believed that chanting just one mantra diligently can do such tremendous things to your life. However, it is also true that any mantra chanted countlessly without a mala would not bear the desired results. Chanting done wearing a rudraksha mala is considered to be thousand times more effective than chanting done without a mala or with any other type of mala. Rudraksha beads are known for their mystic healing properties that can help cure various physical as well as emotional disorders. Malas are used for keeping a count while chanting, reciting or repeating a mantra. Before going into further details about rudraksha mala, let us talk about rudraksha.

In Sanskrit, rudraksha means eyes (tears) of Lord Shiva as ‘Rudra’ is another name of Shiva and ‘Aksha’ means eyes or tears. The name rudraksha also stands for “under the protection of Lord Rudra”. The story of Tripurasura Samhara is related to the origin of rudraksha according to which there was a very powerful demon known as Maya. He built three towns with different metals such as silver, gold and iron, the towns being imperishable were called Tripur and therefore, the demon was also called Tripurasur. As arrogant he was, he started troubling the sages and Gods and since Brahma and Vishnu were unable to tame the demon, the Gods asked Lord Shiva to help them. Shiva decided to kill the demon and he entered into a deep state of meditation with half-closed eyes. Later, he used a fire weapon called Aaghor to kill Tripurasur which killed him but the weapon had a dazzling brilliance which temporarily blinded Shiva. When the Lord opened his eyes, tears came out of his eyes and also fell on earth. Since they were holy, they turned into seeds and grew as rudraksha trees.

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According to another legend, it is believed that Lord Shiva opened his eyes after a long period of meditation and due to extreme fulfillment, he shed tears. However, no matter what the version is about the origin of rudraksha, its connection with Lord Shiva is something that has been ascertained.

Benefits of Rudraksha                                                        

It is considered to be very good for people who travel a lot or who are mostly on the move as it helps create a cocoon of your own energy . There are times when you go to a new place and find it difficult to sleep even after being tired. This happens due to the situations around you not being conducive to your type of energy.  For instance, saints and sanyasis move around a lot from one place to another and rudraksha helps them and protects them from negative energies. Rudraksha ensures that you aren’t harmed due to negative influences. It has the power to protect you against such energies.

Why Does Rudraksha Have 108 Beads?

A healthy person breathes 21,600 times in a day. As per shastras, out of 21,600 breaths, if a person gives half of these breaths to worldly activities then he should give at least the half of it, i.e. 10,800 breaths to spiritual practice. But the same is not easily possible. Therefore, if we can remember the almighty in one hundredth part of 10,800 breaths, with devotion and fervour, they are a hundred-fold strong. On this basis, the Rudraksha mala has 108 beads.

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