Impact of Different Moon Phases on You

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Impact of Different Moon Phases on You

Moon is the significator of mind and emotions according to Vedic astrology.  You might have experienced significant drop and hype in your energy levels some days which were arbitrary, these fluctuations in energy levels and moods may be induced by moon. It is widely known that the Moon is linked with the emotional make-up of a person. The phases of the Moon affect our unconscious habits, memories and moods. 

The full moon phase is a time when we look deep inside and have a deeper understanding of who we really are. We gain a better understanding of our specific personality traits. During this time we let go of things that are unwanted and try to make some important changes in our life. This is the time when you must focus on your inner desires. A waxing gibbous moon appears a day or two ahead of the full moon and is often mistaken for a full Moon. As the moon waxes and wanes our bodies too react differently to each phase of the Moon. Your emotions will get back to normal and you feel much more determined now. During this moon cycle you have the energy to accomplish whatever you want and will accept and listen to other’s ideas. The waning crescent moon appears to be partly but less than half illuminated by direct sunlight. This Moon can be seen after the last quarter moon and right before the new Moon. This is essentially the time to think about what has gone by and what has been done. This is a chance for you to tie up loose ends, and prepare yourself for a new beginning. During this phase you will have a dreamy and contemplative personality. You look forward to your future and realize that your later life rather than your earlier years hold the key to your happiness. 

It doesn’t take much to realize the influence of these cosmic forces in our lives, you just need to observe the changes brought in tandem to the movements and transits of these planets. Vedic astrology is an advanced science which is based upon a knowledge base created from centuries old observations of planetary movements and its impacts on our lives. Consult our expert Vedic astrologers online to understand what the stars hold in your destiny.