If You Had To Choose Between Black Magic And Vedic Astrology

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If You Had To Choose Between Black Magic And Vedic Astrology

Black magic can be traced back to the priests of the Medes, though it received substantial attention during the 14th century. Though black magic claims to derive its powers of magic from within a man, it is practiced in a number of ways. You can find black magic branching out as Voodoo or Sorcery, Telepathy, Witchcraft and most importantly, Necromancy (which refers to the allegedly summoning or having conversations with the dead). It is a collection of rituals which uses the supernatural powers to influence or control events and people. Obviously when humans gain such tremendous control and power they tend to disturb the natural balance of good and evil, and try to manipulate things in their favor even if they are in the wrong side.

You may come across a number of people who either agree with the existence of black magic, or completely deny its existence. But still, in the end, since black magic and its powers cannot be explained scientifically, it hasn't gained much importance.

The practitioners of black magic, themselves, simply explain being able to perform the ‘dark arts’ through ‘God’s universal energy’.

Not only will you find the people practicing black magic, but there also exists a whole different area of spiritual practice called Tantra, practiced by people who call themselves Tantrics, which is the application of cosmic sciences which aims to attain spiritual ascendancy. It is claimed to be a scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread. One can also find various remedies for daily problems in the Lal Kitab which offers 3 different kinds of remedies; namely trials for quick relief, remedies for long- term relief, and good conducts for permanent affect.

Due to the low scientific reliability of Black Magic and low proof for the cosmic powers of Tantra, you will find more people relying on Vedic Astrology, a pure science, which studies and predicts horoscopes after analyzing the 27 Nakshatra, 12 signs and 12 houses of the horoscope. Vedic astrology doesn't rely on any of the unseen forces that Black Magic and Tantra rely upon.

Furthermore, Vedic astrologers can easily explain the ways through which they make a certain prediction, hence, also giving it more scientific reliability than Black Magic and Tantra.

Also, in addition to low reliability and scientific proof, people depend less on Black Magic simply because it scares them since black magic deals with the realms of the paranormal world, and practicing such a dark magic could even backfire. Thus, people tend to lean more towards Vedic astrology as it is far away from the paranormal world of spirits and other unknown forces, and simply assesses an ascendent’s house and the planetary position and the impact of that planetary position on the ascendent.

And even though the remedies of Lal Kitab may have some aspects of astrology, they can be differentiated from the remedies of Classical astrology and Vedic astrology. While the Lal Kitab states that the ascendant will always arise despite any circumstances, classical and Vedic astrology states that the actual position and  malefic or benefic effects of the ascendant is taken into consideration to predict future or to analyse how best to solve a problem in the native’s life.

Any practical and educated person can see how Vedic astrology is a pure science and is devised for helping people discover themselves; their weaknesses, their strengths and learn of ways to make their life better.

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