How you will be affected by Jupiter going retrograde on 5th February

Thu, Feb 02, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Feb 02, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
How you will be affected by Jupiter going retrograde on 5th February

Along with planetary movements and positions, retrogression is an important phenomenon in astrology. The retrogression of Jupiter on Virgo starts on 5th of Feb 2017. Jupiter is considered the planet which impacts your wisdom and decision making abilities. So its retrogression can cause some confusion and also impact your relationship with seniors and the elderly. Retrogression of Jupiter can bring in some unexpected fortune for those who have conviction about their goals and capabilities; at the same time it can prolong desired results for those who are deceitful to self and to those who are not fully convinced about their own capabilities.

The retrogression of Jupiter begins on 5th of February at 6.52 pm in Libra. Its impact across zodiac signs say Astroyogi astrologers, varies. For some it is a boon, but other signs are not as fortunate.

The Jupiter retrogression will be favorable for Aries as the Sun remains in Capricorn and the combined effect ensures a professionally excellent period for Aries natives. You will excel in your career and will be recognized and appreciated for the same. In terms of your personal life, everybody around you will be talking about your well-deserved success and will, in turn, improve your social acceptance. Astroyogi astrologers advise that you  simply be yourself, go with the flow as this would be a pleasant period for you. Your love life would prosper and you will strike the right cord in your partner the more time you spend.

The retrogression will work in your favor until 12th of the month after which Sun moves into Aquarius. There is a probability of you seeing profit from an inheritance and enjoy tremendous physical and mental happiness. On the 12th, the sun moves into Aquarius which may lead to some confusions and unnecessary delays in your life. You will have the courage and skills to overcome all the challenges thrown at you if you can just push yourself a bit. 

Gemini will benefit best from this phenomena as Sun and Mercury remain in Capricorn and there are probabilities of unexpected financial gains and promotions. You just need to capitalize on your skills and ideas and then ground your airy energy in something practical so that you can unleash tangible results,As the sun moves into Aquarius on the 12th, you’ll find yourself feeling like a ‘true Gemini’; social, curious and excitable 

Cancerians will feel the impact of this retrograde mostly felt on their romance and social life. If you are happy with your relationship then in all probability you would enjoy a great time with your loved ones. Our expert astrologers also heed the fact that on the contrary, if you are a bit skeptical about someone in life then there are chances of friction. The career you would be enjoying best results from all the hard work you have put in, but if you tend to be lazy things can backfire and you may land up in some unexpected trouble.

With Jupiter retrograding and Mercury in Capricorn, you will enhance your creative side during this tenure. You have good chances of reviving an old idea, and then tweaking it to a brilliant proposition, for which you can get appreciated. You will also enjoy good health. The valuable advice from astroyogi astrologers  is that you should not be missing out on those ideas which will keep bombarding you every now and then, save them for a rainy day.
Social and love life of Virgos will be very happening during this phase. You will have the ability to understand people well and will be empathetic to them, which will help you in establishing a deeper connect with your friends and partner. Career wise you may experience some delays in getting the much-anticipated promotion or bonus, but your pleasing and jovial personality will be appreciated and noticed by most. Romance would be in the air with all good probability of spending some great moments with your partner. Consult our expert astrologers personally for a detailed analysis of the effects of this retrograde.

You will have the chance to spend some quality time with friends and family and everything will work well for you on the career front. There are chances of friction with your parents or somebody who you regard as a mentor in your life, warn our expert astrologers. Mercury remains in Capricorn which is an excellent period for mothers. You will enjoy your responsibilities and excel as a matriarch. There are also possibilities of unexpected errands which you would actually enjoy.

You will be experiencing a lot of energy pumping inside to execute your brilliant ideas. The magnetism of Scorpio tempered by the empathy of Pisces makes for a strong and unstoppable force. You may even attract a new love. However, astroyogi experts opinion is that you will need to believe in your capabilities and this conviction would drive the results. Slightest inkling inside about what you are doing can prolong the results as that is a peculiar effect of Jupiter retrogression. 

According to Astroyogi astrologers you will be enjoying a positive period and will enjoy a financially awesome month. Although at times you can have a laissez-faire attitude to wealth, you’ll be able to make decisions that benefit and elevate your family. As well as being able to take responsibility, you’ll also enjoy health and a heaving personal life. On the 12th, as the Sun moves into Aquarius, you’ll find that those younger than you support you and add something to your world. Mercury in Capricorn empowers and emboldens you with innovative ideas that help benefit you financially. Venus in Pisces brings harmony to your home life. What you want is what you get! 

You will be a powerhouse and will be fuelled by the desire and daring to do something new and completely different. On the 12th, the Sun moves into Aquarius and the combined effect of Jupiter retrogression will help your financial condition improve and bolsters your confidence. Mercury in Capricorn spikes your imagination and brainstorming new ideas won’t be difficult for you. Find out more about the effects of Jupiter retrogression on your life, consult an expert astrologer personally.

With the Sun in Capricorn, and Jupiter retrograding into Virgo your focus should be on your work, you would find yourself working hard during this tenure. Experts at astroyogi see that after 12th as Sun moves into your sign results will start showing up. Chances are that you be jelling a lot with your father or some elderly person who has a special place in your life. 

The retrogression may bring in some conflict of ideas in the workplace. You may encounter some arbitrary arguments, but what astroyogi experts recommend is that you stay calm and be diplomatic. There are a plenty of romantic opportunity for you as Mercury remains in Capricorn and Venus in Pisces. You may have minor health issues due to the retrogression. But social and family life would be blissful and there are chances of a family vacation.

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