How to make her want you?

Mon, May 22, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, May 22, 2017
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
How to make her want you?

Trying really hard to impress a special woman in your life? Want her to rave about you to her friends? Here’s a lowdown on what to expect from women belonging to the different sun signs.


Feisty and feminine, the Aries woman has a peculiar charm about her. Slow and steady is not how Aries women like things to be, fast and furious describes their style best, which is why taking your Aries sweetheart out or doing completely crazy stuff is bound to get her in the mood for more.  There can never be a dearth of choices to entice your Aries girl. Take her out to a movie, a short trip or even a pillow fight (its super fun with an Aries girl!). Surprise her with a kiss every now and then and she may just surprise you with more. Aries women have highly sensitive ears, and kissing and biting the lobes is guaranteed to get your Aries diva all ready for a great time.


Their exotic looks have quite a lot of men swooning over them. With their earthy charm they can get anyone they like to fall for them. Fallen for a Taurus girl? Pamper her with gifts and surprises and let her know you care. Women born under this sun sign are attracted to men who can make them laugh. Don’t worry if you don’t have a very good sense of humour, you can always take her out for a meal and she would be just as happy, if not more.  Anything that stimulates her senses is sure to get you some brownie points. The neck is the erogenous zone of women belonging to this sun sign. Kissing and tenderly stroking the neck can be your passport to their bedroom.


The Gemini woman must have talked her way into your heart. Didn’t she? They are so full of information that it’s almost impossible to ignore them when they talk.  Invite her over for a game of scrabble and she will love you for it. Gemini women will not tolerate men who do not match her intelligence levels; she is intelligent and wouldn’t ever settle for someone who is not as intelligent as her. They have very sensitive arms and hands. Hold her hands, kiss them and press them gently. You can also offer her a massage; it will not only relax her shoulders, but also brighten your chances of getting in bed with her.


Almost anything that she does oozes feminineness, the way she talks, laughs, pouts, smiles, and even the ugly faces that she makes will make you fall for her. Sing a song to your Cancerian woman and she will be ready to fall into your arms. They are incurable romantics and nothing gets them interested than a romantic outing. Delicate as a flower, treat them nicely and she will never leave your side. Here’s letting you on a secret - Cancerians love to kiss, so kiss her and let her know that it is something you share with her. Their breasts are the other erogenous areas.


The Leo woman is no plain Jane, so it would be anything but stupid to treat her like everybody else. She is a princess and will let you know that from the get go. And yes, you wouldn’t be the only one vying for her attention, so be prepared for some hard work. Compliment her and take her out, give her gifts (remember, no cheap gifts and places, only the fanciest ones). Since Leo women have very sensitive backs, stroking her back with a feather is certain to get her aroused.


Their ethereal charm will cast a spell on you. The best way to entice your Virgo partner is to take her out on a romantic outing, a fancy restaurant, to the beach or even your own house, just remember everything should be absolutely perfect, nothing out of order (double check everything before you invite her). Virgo women like things to be perfect and you will know how perfect you were if you manage to be invited into her bedroom. The abdomen is the erogenous zone; a little stroking on the belly will get your Virgo darling all charged up (again, only if you manage to pass the many tests she will put you through and get invited to her bedroom).


Most Libran women are aware of their charm and will use it to their advantage. Of course, you wouldn’t mind one bit. A flutter of the eyelashes and you will be mesmerized. They like to flirt, so go ahead and engage her with healthy flirting (no cheesy remarks, she is too intellectual for things like these).  The small of the back and the buttocks are the major erogenous zones of Libra women. A bit of spanking (and whatever comes to your mind) will get your Libra sweetheart raring and ready for more. Don’t say or do anything that is not fair and justifiable; she will never approve of it and will even walk out on you.


No she doesn’t sting, not unless you rub her the wrong way. Be nice to your Scorpion sweetheart and she will be a lot nicer to you (in the bedroom of course!). It might be extremely difficult or extremely easy to seduce a Scorpion woman. She can come across as pretty intimidating, but if you are confident, seducing a Scorpion woman will be like a walk in the park. Don’t be afraid just tell her how you feel and she will appreciate your boldness. Their genitals are their most erogenous zones (need we say more, you know what to do to arouse your Scorpion chick)


Free spirited and daring, Sagittarian women love romantic rendezvous, provided there is an element of surprise and adventure in it. And yes, a good sense of humour is very important. They can be mischievous and a bit naughty also (which is a huge turn on). Stroking her hair will get her in the mood for some action.


You thought you could seduce a Capricorn woman easily? Oh Really? Not the regular girl next door, Capricorn women are ambitious and would never settle for someone ordinary. But if she really likes you, she will lower down her guards and invite you into her world. If your sweetheart is a Capricorn you would have to work hard to impress her. However, they secretly love being pampered. You can take her out to a candle lit dinner or prepare a meal for her. Gently caressing the area near the knees will make the Capricorn woman want you more.


Enraptured by an Aquarian woman? Being with an Aquarian is like a breath of fresh air. You don’t have to behave a particular way; she will love you for who you are. Quirky and unusual, they will be your friend and you would love hanging out with her. But don’t cling onto her; it will only freak her out. Run away from her and she will run after you. A useful tip - when you take her out remember to touch her calves, its sure to get her aroused.


Her fresh and pleasing demeanor often causes men to go weak in the knees. Pisces women are gentle and caring. They will put your needs first and give you unconditional love. Holding hands and going to romantic movies is definitely a hit with the Pisces women. They live in a dreamy world and would want you to be a part of it too. Don’t rush into things, Piscean women like to enjoy every moment. Their feet are their erogenous zones and a foot massage may help you get to the next level in the relationship.

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