How The Moon Impacts Women

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How The Moon Impacts Women

From ancient times, the Moon is referred to as a Goddess and we find her depicted as a feminine figure on ancient sculptures of many civilizations. The main reason for the feminine personification of Moon is because of their similar monthly cycle i.e, the cycle or phases of the moon and the monthly menstrual cycle of a woman are similar. They both last for approximately the same number of days. In fact, even today, some women refer to their periods as being in their ‘moon time’. Even though it is a fact that the moon doesn’t exclude men from its impact and influences, the effects on women are distinct. We will be elaborating on the moon’s impact on women in this section, please check out our article about moons impact on men to learn more about it. 

This connection between the phases of the moon and a woman’s cycle of the womb along with her changing moods have been written about from time immemorial. It is observed in scientific studies that certain body processes were impacted by natural light. The menstrual cycle is one of them, this explains the basic connection between menstrual cycle and moon phases. Some studies also show that many women have their periods around the full moon. A woman can feel her mood swing from being pleased to angry and then unhappy, in just a few hours during this tenure. This is part of the pre-menstrual syndrome(PMS). It can sometimes result in aggressive behavior and volatile tendencies. Increased violence is also noticed during this time. Some women experience the state of PMS every month when the moon is in a certain phase.

The changing moon phases also seem to affect a change in the bodily fluids and the basal body temperature which in turn effects conceiving and delivery too. The famed sex manual, Kamasutra, claims that since a woman’s sexuality is liquid, her different body parts could react differently during sex, depending on the phase of the moon. It gives us a chart of the shifting erogenous areas on a woman’s body, where she could be highly receptive, depending on the phase the moon is in.

It has also been observed that more babies are born when the moon is closest to the Earth and exerts its maximum gravitational pull on the Earth. The full moon also seems to affect the sleeping patterns of women and they have a disturbed sleep around this time. They also seem to sleep a little less on a full moon night.

Thus, it is not wrong to conclude that this celestial body has got a lot to do with a woman’s physiological and mental state.

Therefore your mental, emotional as well as physical well –being is very interconnected to the moon and its position.  The shifting of the moon has a different impact depending on when and where you were born. It is precisely the reason why expert astrologers refer to the moon when talking about your state of mind, and what you should or should not do to overcome its impact. 

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