Honey Singh

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Honey Singh

Hirdesh Singh, popularly known as ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh (short form for ‘Your Own’ Honey Singh), took the Bollywood music to another level with Bhangra, hip hop and Rhythm and blues, much to the delight of those who love rap music. The songs are such a hit with his fans that they helped in increasing the saleability of the movies of which they were a part. Whether it is the lyrics of his songs or the beat of the music, he has a huge fan following and is today one of the highest-paid music producers in Bollywood.

Born on 15 March 1983, in Hoshiarpur, Honey Singh’s love for hiphop music took him all the way to the Trinity School in the United Kingdom, to study music and perfect himself in this field. Although his parents were against him indulging in this field, Honey Singh was adamant. Typically, the parents gave in when he became a house-hold name.

Any form of bad publicity can also increase a public figure’s TRP. The very fact that there a number of cases against Honey Singh in the courts, filed by social activists because of the use of vulgar and abusive language in some of his songs, it has added to the rapper’s kitty of (negative)popularity.

Honey Singh has been a popular Desi Hip Hop rapper singer and song writer since 2005 and rose to prominence in 2011, with the release of his first Punjabi album, “International Villager”. No ‘rocking’ party was complete if the DJ didn’t belt out Honey Singh’s numbers.

When he disappeared from the public scene for some time, at the end of 2014, he left his fans in a limbo. But; who or what can keep a man away from his passion? Honey Singh was back with his song,”Birthday Bash” much to his fans relief. His song from “Gabbar Is Back”(2015), “Aao Raja” was an instant success.

Honey Singh belongs to the most sensitive of all the water signs. Being depressive is second nature for them. Water signs are, as it is sensitive; but while the Crab and the Scorpion have some kind of shell to protect them from the world, the fish is very vulnerable. It is not surprising to hear that Honey Singh suffers from a condition called “Bipolar disorder” and he was undergoing treatment for the same when he shied away from public all those months.

Being creative and imaginative, comes naturally to Honey Singh as he is a Pisces. It’s no wonder that he creates such a rhapsody of music. The zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune, which is a planet of dreams and creativity and we see plenty of it in Honey Singh.

Pisces make great friends and lovers and Shalini Talwar Singh(his wife), his childhood sweetheart, vouches for it. They dated for almost two decades and Honey Singh never gave any cause for complaint to Shalini. Being a private person, Honey Singh revealed his love interest to the public quite late.

The year 2018, for the Pisces starts with a few hiccups but will end on a high note. We look forward for more of Honey Singh’s famous and infamous rap music in 2018.