Holika Dahan - How to Worship? Holi Worship Method and Auspicious Time

Tue, Mar 16, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Mar 16, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Holika Dahan - How to Worship? Holi Worship Method and Auspicious Time

Holi, on hearing the name of this festival, many colors start spreading before our eyes. We also find ourselves in different colors. But this colorful Holi is actually called Dhulandi. Holi is a celebration of Holika Dahan, which is celebrated as the victory of good over evil. This festival strengthens our faith in God and inspires us to be more spiritually oriented. Because on this day, God protected his devotee Prahlada and, as Holika to deceit death and save him. Since then, Holika Dahan is done every year on Phalgun Purnima. In many places, this festival is also called Chhoti Holi. This year Holika Dahan will be done on 09 March 2020.

Let us know what the method of worship of Holi is? How to make Holi? When should we burn Holi?

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How to Celebrate Holi

Holi is made before Holika Dahan; its process starts a month before Magha Purnima. On this day, a branch of the Gular tree is buried in an open place in a village or locality; it is also called a Holi stick. After that, thorn bushes or wood are gathered around it. In densely populated villages, different holes are also made according to the locality. They also compete on whose Holi will be much larger. However, there has been a slight decrease in this trend due to children and youth being busy with other things. Then on the day of Phalgun Purnima, women of the village, girls worship Holi. Women and girls also make shields, barkale, etc., from cow dung seven days before; other toys are also made from cow dung, then make their garlands and put them in Holi after worship. In this way, Holika is ready for combustion. The stick that was earlier buried during Holika Dahan is taken out of the burning Holi and put in the pond. In this way, it is protected as Prahlad. The extractor is also rewarded. But this trend is also ending gradually due to the risk.


Holi Puja Vidhi

Holi is worshiped before Holika Dahan. Suppose a vessel filled with Ganga water is not available in the worship material. In that case, freshwater can also be taken, roli, garland, colored alphabets, incense for smell or incense sticks, flowers, jaggery, raw yarn, whole turmeric, moong, bache, coconut, And new crop grains like wheat earrings, ripe gram, etc.

Along with the pooja material, a shield made of cow dung is also kept near Holika. During the auspicious time of Holika Dahan, four garlands are kept separately, made from molly, flowers, gulal, shield, and toys. In this, a garland is kept in the name of fathers, the second for Sri Hanuman, the third is Shitala Mata, and the fourth is kept in the name of family. After this, a thread of raw cotton is wrapped around the Holi with full devotion. Holika is circled three or seven times. After this, other worship materials, including pure water, are offered one by one to Holika. Holi is worshiped by the Panchopchar method, and arghya is given with water. After Holika Dahan, Holi is offered raw mangoes, coconut, satnaz, sugar toys, new crops, etc. In Satnaz, wheat, urad, moong, gram, rice, barley, and lentils are mixed, and its offering is made.

According to the Narada Purana, on the next day of Holika Dahan (on the day of color Holi), one should wake up in the morning and perform the rituals for the ancestors and deities in the morning. Also, Holika's Vibhuti should be worshiped and applied in her body for the peace of all defects. The house's courtyard should be dipped with cow dung and made a square in it and decorated with colored axes and worshiped in it. By doing this, growth of age, attainment of health, and fulfillment of all desires.


When to Do Holi Dahan in 2021

According to Hindu scriptures and customs, Holika Dahan is said to be done during Pradosh Kaal on the full moon day. Without Bhadra, Pradosh Vyapini Purnima Tithi is considered to be good for Holika Dahan. If such yoga is not sitting, Holika Dahan can be done when Bhadra ends. If Bhadra is till midnight, then there is a law to do Holika Dahan during Bhadra tail in such a situation. But Holika Dahan is not done in any face in Bhadra Mukha. This belief has also been supported in Dharmasindhu. According to the scriptures, Holi Dahan in Bhadra Mukh hurts the combustion and is also harmful to the entire village, city, and countrymen. If Holika Dahan is not possible in Pradosh and Bhadra Tails under special circumstances, Holika Dahan should be done after Pradosh.

If Bhadra tail prevails before Pradosh and after midnight, it cannot be taken for Holika Dahan as the Muhurta of Holika Dahan is only determined between sunset and midnight.


How Long Will Holashtak Take?

Holika takes place eight days before Holika Dahan, during which no auspicious work is done, nor any religious rites are performed. Even for the last rites, it is necessary to worship peace. Holashtak will start from 03 March 2020.

Auspicious Time for Holika Dahan 2021

Holika Dahan Date - 28 March 2021

Holika Dahan Muhurta - 06:32 pm to 20:52 pm

Bhadra Tails- 10:12 am to 11:15 am

Bhadra Mukh- 11:15 am to 12:59 pm

Full Moon Date Start- 03:27 am (28th March 2021)

Full moon date ends - 12:17 am (29th March 2021)

Rangwali Holi - 29th March 2020


Astroyogi wishes you a very Happy Holi!



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