Health and Astrology

Thu, Apr 24, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Apr 24, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Health and Astrology

In Astrology each zodiac sign has a particular area of body that it influences. The problems and the remedies for each sun sign are different. Your stars tell you a lot about your health. The sixth house and its planetary ruler mostly govern health issues.

Aries:   Aries is associated with the head and that is why people born under this sign are susceptible to headaches and migraines. They may also suffer from heatstroke, eye troubles, baldness, hypertension and diabetes etc. Eat fresh salads and drink cooling juices as it helps you maintain balance. To keep that fiery temperament in check you need to avoid eating heavily spiced food and stimulants like liquor and red wine. Stress is contagious so avoid people who are stressed out. Make healthy food choices and find a quiet place to relax.

Taurus:   Taureans are vulnerable to sore throats and weight gain. Your love of rich food could lead to heart problems or rheumatism etc. Having a healthy diet is the key to good health for this sign. Include yellow fruits like bananas, lemons and melons in your diet and also eat vegetables like spinach, beans and peas etc. Stiff necks, backaches, earaches and knee problems are some common complaints for this sign. Take a break from work and have a nice warm massage to get some relief from your backache.

Gemini:   Gemini is associated with the lungs, nerve fibres, shoulders and upper arms. Abnormal or shallow breathing, stiff shoulders and leg pains are common in this sign. Orange coloured fruits like oranges, peaches and apricots are best for you. Drink plenty of water and avoid eating heavily before bedtime. You may even be susceptible to asthma and anaemia. You have a low mental focus and you need to work to achieve calmness of body and mind. Mental relaxation helps this sign immensely.

Cancer:   Cancer is associated with the digestive organs and stomach. Anaemia, indigestion and obesity are indicated for Cancerians. Avoid refined sugar, pastry, meat and beer etc, as they are not good for your stomach. Drink plenty of water when you wake up and at bedtime. Violet coloured grapes and fresh cabbage juice is very good for you. Knees, shoulders and arms are your susceptible areas and you need to take better care of them. You have a habit of turning to food whenever you are upset and this habit needs to be changed as it can lead to obesity.

Leo:   Leo is associated with the heart, spinal cord and liver metabolism. Meat is not at all good for you. Heart related issues are most common with Leos. A vegetarian diet suits your fiery temperament the most. Vegetables like spinach and wheat grass are important. Grapes, berries, coconuts, raisins, nuts and raisins are beneficial for you. Your head and lower back are susceptible areas and you need to take extra care of them. Reducing levels of bad cholesterol will help you have a better health. A low calorie diet containing of fresh fruits and vegetables helps you have a healthier heart and life.

Virgo:   Virgo is associated with the abdomen, the large and small intestines and liver. The common problem in this sign is digestion. To have a proper digestion you need to chew food thoroughly and eat at regular intervals. Spinach, tomatoes, green beans and bananas are beneficial for you. Your health conscious nature makes you want to stay physically fit and put some effort into your exercise routine. Constipation is a common complaint of most people in this sun sign and exercise is a must to relieve constipation.

Libra:   Libra is associated with the kidneys. Kidney diseases and skin eruptions are common with most Librans. Drink plenty of water to clean your internal system. Fresh vegetable juices like cabbage and cucumber keeps your kidneys clean. Avoid sugar and refined food, as they are not good for your health. By eating more fruits and vegetables you will have better energy levels and greater sense of well being. Skin diseases are highly common in most Libran teenagers and they need to take extra care of your skin.

Scorpio:   Scorpio is associated with the nose, reproductive and excretory system. Anaemia in women is common in this sign. Hyper sensitivity, bladder problems, infections, obesity and diabetes may occur in this sign. Headaches, fevers and infections are likely to occur in this sign. Scorpions must avoid rich, fatty food and also switch to a vegetarian diet. Cherries, oranges and lemons are good for your health. Drink lots of fresh vegetable juices as it helps clean up your system.

Sagittarius:   Sagittarius is associated with the areas around the hips and thighs. Take special care of these areas, as injury to these is common. Hyper sensitivity, nervous disorders, baldness, disorders of the arms and hips may occur. The pain of sciatica is also associated with this sign. Your fiery, hot nature is most suitable to a vegetarian diet. Avoid drinking intoxicants as much as possible. Bananas, oranges and berries are good for you. Too much salt should be avoided and intake of cabbages and apples should be increased.

Capricorn:   Capricorn is associated with the knee joints, hair, teeth and skin. They have a tendency to catch colds and have chest disorders. People born in this sign tend to have a poor metabolism rate, constipation and problems of indigestion. They benefit from heat producing foods and are mostly meat eaters. Eat food that contains iron as it enriches your blood. Almonds, eggs and fish are very good for your health. Drink plenty of water and fresh green vegetable juice as it helps detoxify your system.

Aquarius:   Aquarius is associated with the ankles and the bones of the lower limbs. This sign is also associated with blood and circulation and tends to have weak or impure blood. Rheumatism, spinal disorders, swelling of feet or ankle are also likely to occur. Intake of food that increases blood circulation like chilli, peppers, wheat grass, oats and barley is recommended. Beets, radishes and strawberries are also beneficial for your health. Regular breathing exercises like yoga helps you keep your blood pure.

Pisces:   Pisces is associated with the feet. Injuries to the feet and other related complaints are common in this sign. Your foot is prone to swelling, sores and ulcers. Overindulgence in rich food leads to impure blood and obesity. There is a tendency to get attracted towards drugs and alcohol. The emotional and oversensitive nature of Pisces makes you one of the most addictive signs. Stay away from intoxicants and drink fresh green juices. Milk and dairy products do not agree with your system. Eating fresh salads daily helps you have a sound health.


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