Friction is Bound to Happen If These Zodiac Natives Fall in Love

We have all experienced the fact that we get along well in love relationships with some people and try as much as we want, there are some who simply rub us the wrong way. While some couples hit it off like a house on fire, there are others who are perpetually squabbling.

The reason is simple. The squabbling couple belong to zodiac signs with personalities that clash. It’s why some marriages turn into a nightmare, while others encounter very few hiccups. There seems to be lots of truth in the adage,” It’s all written in the stars”! 

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Here are some zodiac signs that would make contradicting matches, if they got together-

Aries and Taurus

The classic example of men are from Mars and women are from Venus, is displayed by Aries( literally ruled by Mars) and Taurus(ruled by Venus) in their relationship. One is a Fire sign(Aries), the other is Earth(Taurus). While Aries is extremely strong-willed, Taurus, being a fixed sign, is obstinate. Aries will want to jump into the relationship while Taurus likes to be wooed and romanced. Aries is independent  while Taurus is possessive. Both the signs likes to dominate the relationship and so unless there is a compromise, they are headed for disaster.

Gemini and Capricorn

Fun loving Gemini will find it very frustrating paired up with workhorse like Capricorn, who likes to plan out every detail of not only their own life, but also every other persons. Capricorns hate spontaneous decisions while Gemini’s mostly act on a whim. While a Gemini can flirt happily without any qualms, a Capricorn finds that unacceptable. A Capricorn’s intellect is undebatable while although Gemini’s are great talkers, they hate to go into unnecessary details. Gemini’s ‘happy-go-lucky’ nature is a total contrast to Capricorns organised approach towards life.

Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer’s emotional and caring nature fails to understand an Aquarian who cannot express their inner state. While Cancer is sensitive in bed and needs to be handled gently, Aquarians have too much energy. Their sex life can be a disaster. Cancer, being a Water sign, is emotional while Aquarius being an Air sign, is logical. Cancers can be conventional and boring for the unconventional and rebellious Aquarius. They will hate to come to any compromise since Aquarius is too opinionated and Cancers are too bossy.

Leo and Scorpio

Leo’s enjoy getting complimented and expect people to fall for their charm while a Scorpio is the last person who would want to comply to a Lion’s wish. Scorpio’s themselves can be rather stubborn having strong view points. Together, these powerful personalities would just rub each other the wrong way, getting perpetually annoyed and irritated with each other. It will be difficult for compromise to reach between the positive and constructive approach of Leo to the negative, and sensitive approach of Scorpios.

Virgo and Sagittarius

Virgo’s will find it difficult to adjust to the perpetually ‘on the move’ nature of Sagittarians. While Sagittarius likes the chase, Virgos, being an Earth sign, likes stability. Both don’t see eye to eye about anything. The perfectionist Virgo, thinks Sagittarians aren’t serious enough and are critical of their approach towards life. On the other hand, Sagittarius hates any form of criticism. There is mutual distrust between the two signs.

Libra and Pisces

While Libra is carefree, quirky and known for their sociable aura, Pisces is sensitive, dreamy, a die hard romantic and will retreat into their ‘me’ corner at the drop of a hat. For a Libra, Pisces is boring and predictable. Since both hate conflicts and  dislike any confrontation, issues never get resolved. While a Libra is openly sexual, a Pisces likes to be slow and sensual between the sheets. They hardly ever see eye to eye about any activity.


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