5 lesser-known spiritual practices one can practice at home!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
5 lesser-known spiritual practices one can practice at home!

The word spirituality sounds simple yet abstract. Often spiritual practices are connected with religion - prayers, holy chants, and meditation. But, it is more than that. So what are spiritual practices really then? The answer is, it’s deeply personal. It is connecting with your inner soul in moments when you are quiet, intentional or reflective. And it is in those moments that you communicate with your innate superior power and find meaning and answers to life.

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Let’s find out some of the lesser-known spiritual practices one can easily practice while being at home


Being helpful and giving

We can grow our spiritual development by being helpful and more giving to others. Donating to charity, volunteering, offering our skills to those who need them. Making efforts in our own way be it monetary, our time or physical effort reflects our spiritual development. Being generous in our actions, behaviors, and personality will help our spiritual upliftment.


Taking short spirit breaks throughout the day

Taking short breaks throughout the day can help improve health, wellness, and flexibility. That can mean a simple yoga stretch with deep breathing, soaking in the sunshine for 5 minutes, or mentally recounting a prayer will help you reconnect to your spirit.


Laughing more often

Don’t we feel good when we see someone laughing? We surely do. Laughter is central to spiritual well being. When we laugh it instills the energy of joy, happiness, fun, silliness, playfulness, and content. The simple remedy of laughter helps deal with trying circumstances and brings us closer to our spiritual self. Definitely, the best spiritual practices examples that anyone can adopt.


Keeping a gratitude journal

It may sound cliche, but counting your blessings does send a powerful message. Gratitude works like an antidote to negative emotions like anger, greed and envy. Keeping a gratitude journal or simply reflecting on the good people or events going well in your life represents a simple daily spiritual practice that can help in harnessing the many benefits of being thankful.

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Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Some of you might not think healthy living is a way of spiritual discipline. But the fact is that it is. Spirituality is not just our mental state or our soul but also our physical body which is directly interlinked to our mind. And to improve your spiritual state of mind and spiritual development, you need to care for our physical body as well. Eat better and healthy. Exercise more. In general, live a healthier lifestyle. You can contemplate your spiritual health with your physical health.


Learning to forgive

Whether we realize it or not, but we as human beings tend to hold onto so much trauma spanning our whole lives. Instead, we must learn to forgive which is extremely crucial for spiritual growth. Learn to let go of people who must have wronged you at some point in your life. Forgive them as it can lighten your spirit and bring inner peace.


Being open to new experiences

You’ll make your journey toward spirituality more difficult if you don’t let new experiences or emotions enter your life. Don’t close yourself off and start being more open-minded and accommodating. Start each day with the intention to be open and receive all inspirations coming your way.


Reading books about spirituality

Reading spiritual books will set you off to some soul-searching. No doubt about it. It will introduce you to new spiritual practices and ways of thinking. And works like a retreat for your mind, body and most importantly your spirit. It will give you a fresh perspective to look at the world around you. For instance, “The Art of Happiness” by Dalai Lama or “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck can be a good pick to start with. Learn new wisdom each day!


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