Meditation hacks & tips for beginners while at home!

Fri, Apr 03, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
Fri, Apr 03, 2020
Team Astroyogi
  By Team Astroyogi
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Meditation hacks & tips for beginners while at home!

Hello hopeful tapasvins!


We all know just as fitness is to the body, meditation is to the mind. No wonder meditation is gaining popularity due to its countless benefits. Although, it’s important to emphasize that meditation needs the right technique and approach. So how do we start practicing meditation?


It can be particularly difficult for beginners to sit for hours with closed eyes and have an empty mind. But with the right approach and creating regular practice, meditation can work wonders for you. 


Also, it's not always the thing that you need to have serene surroundings of isolation just as the monks and ascetics do in a monastery or an ashram. You can easily find a way to meditate within your daily lifestyle at home or anywhere for that matter.


Here are a few useful meditation tips that can help you get started at home and keep you going.


1. Start slow and easy and work your things up

While learning meditation at home, beginners like you can get overwhelmed when trying to sustain a long session that may feel like forever. So, it’s important that you start out nice and easy. You can start with 2-3 minutes at first. Start with shorter practices, and when you are ready for more move it up gradually. Starting with small sessions will help you gain momentum.


2. Choose a comfortable time

Pick a time when you know you’ll have no distractions and disturbances. Usually, the hours of sunrise is the most preferred time since it is peaceful with fewer distractions. It's best if you do it first thing in the morning after you wake up. However, you can pick your own convenient time based on your daily routine.


3. Find a quiet spot

Finding a quiet place is most essential when you meditate at home. Make sure it’s away from noisy distractions. A peaceful place can make meditation a more enjoyable and relaxing experience for a beginner.


4. Find a comfortable position

While sitting up straight in a lotus position is considered the perfect position to meditate, however, the rules can vary. As long as you are not feeling sleepy, you can even lie down. You can optimize positions according to your comfort.


5. Start with a few warm-ups

One of the best meditation hacks to follow, especially for beginners. Few warm-up stretches or subtle yoga poses before meditation, and you are good to start off. Doing so will improve blood circulation. Besides, it will also help remove inertia and restlessness and make the body feel lighter. This will help you sit steadily for a longer time.


6. Take deep breaths and focus

For a beginner, it’s easy to lose focus when meditating at home. There will be distractions from sound, smells, sensations of discomfort, itching, tensions or even your cell phone. In addition, there will be mental distractions related to your daily life. So, focus on the process of breathing to train your brain to stay focused. It’s always a good step before meditation. This helps in steadying the rhythm and leads the mind to a peaceful meditative state.


7. Make it a routine

By meditating daily at the same or within the same daily routine, you’ll pick up a habit that becomes easier to practice every day. Make meditation a habitual routine so that you don’t find yourself forgetting to do it.


8. Try out different types of meditation

There are dozens of meditating techniques such as Zen meditation, mantra meditation, spiritual meditation and so on.  Try and see which one works for you the best. 


9. Take the help of guided meditation

If you are struggling initially to meditate at home, try a guided meditation. You’ll find plenty of free guided meditation videos online. You might find it helpful to follow someone else’s instructions to start with. 


10. End the session on a gentle note

An essential beginner's meditation tips! Don’t be in a hurry to open your eyes or move the body immediately after meditation. As you come close to the end of your session, open your eyes slowly and take time to become aware of yourself and the surrounding. Now you are ready for the day!


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