Drishyam - Box Office Prediction by astroYogi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Drishyam - Box Office Prediction by astroYogi

Nishikant Kamat’s Drishyam starring Ajay Devgn as the protagonist is set for release on July 31. This drama thriller about a common man’s struggle is a remake of the popular Malayalam film with the same name. Devgn plays the role of a cable operator who lives with his wife and two daughters; some unforeseen circumstances force him to take a drastic step in order to protect his family. Devgn is a versatile actor known for his intense roles. He does 2-3 films a year and most of them turn out to be very successful. Apart from Devgn, the movie also stars Shriya Saran, Tabu and Rajat Kapoor. Movies which depict the plight of a common man at its crux usually tend to strike a chord with the audience and fare well at the box office. Let’s find out from astroYogi astrologers if Drishyam will find favour with the audience. 

The movie is releasing with Virgo ascendant and Virgo is dual-natured, as a result of which, Drishyam is also likely to get a mixed response. Lagnesh along with Sun will be in the 11th house which might reflect in the good opening of the film but after some time, people might lose interest in it. 

According to our astrologers, Ajay Devgn’s lagna or ascendant is Gemini, and Jupiter’s placement in the ascendant doesn’t usually give good results. There is also Jupiter’s mahadasha in Devgn’s kundli due to which the response of the film might be average. Being unable to access data regarding the film’s director, we analyse his name and get an idea that his sign is Scorpio. This time isn’t favourable for Scorpios because they are going through Shani mahadasha. So, there is a possibility that the movie might not do very well at the box office and will prove to be an average affair. 

astroYogi wishes good luck to the team of Drishyam.